How Much Should Your 10 Week Old Baby Weight?

Your baby’s weight gain and physical development mean a lot when it comes to taking the proper care of the newborn, right? As newborn kids are completely dependent, it is so natural that you will remain engaged round the clock doing lots of things for the baby as well as for yourself.

And, all these tiresome efforts pay off when we come to know that the little one is having a healthy growth, isn’t? Not sure how much should your 10 Week Old Baby Weight? Hang on for a moment and keep scrolling till the bottom of the page. Let’s jump right in!

How Much Should 10 Week Old Baby Weight?

By the time your kid hits it 10th week, it is expected that it will have a considerable average weight and height. Though it varies from kids to kids, in the first three months, your baby is more likely to gain around 150 to 300 grams on average per week.

10 Week Old Baby Weight

Considering this, your 10 week old baby should weight around 5.00 to 5.50 kilograms if it is having a healthy growth. Wondering, how would you know that your baby is growing healthy? Check our another content about best baby scale that help you to monitoring your baby weight!

Here are a few things that indicate proper physical growth as well as mental development. Let’s check them out in the following;

Physical Development of 10-Week-Old Baby:

Newborns see the light of the world with limited vision. However, as they grow up, their vision improves with the passage of time. And, by the time they reach 10 week milestone, kids can see things up to 180 degrees.

It means that your baby at its week 10 will be able to follow objects side by side. Besides, it will also be able to see the objects held just in front and can follow them even when you move the objects.

Along with visual skills, your child will develop eye-hand coordination at the 10 week stage. When born, kids merely discover their hands and become capable of putting them together in the first few weeks. At this time, you will notice that your kid is attempting to reach objects you hold in front.

If your kid is having a proper growth, it is likely to gain more control over movements as well as over their bodies. At 10 week age, kids usually start to flex legs and push the feet against the bed as their hip and knee joints develop. You may even notice that your kid is turning sideways when lying on its back. However, it will take a couple more weeks to develop and complete a full turning.

With the passage of time, the digestive system of your little one will improve for sure. At this stage, your kid will be capable of absorbing more nutrients from the foods it intakes, and as a result, you will see less dirty diapers than the first few weeks.

Along with all these physical developments, your kid is more likely to develop some social skills as well. One of those most satisfying things is- smiling back. Yes, your little angel may start to smile back at you when it reaches the 10th week timeframe.

Besides, it will start blowing bubbles, coo, cackle, and interact with the attendees. Apart from that, it will start imitating your facial expressions and respond back to your eye contacts. In short, your baby will try to communicate, make noise, and get into your attention.

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Now, let’s have a look at the things you need to do to ensure a healthy development of your little one;

Feed the Baby in Time:

Feeding the baby in time is the most important task during baby nursing. As newborns consume too little at a time, they require frequent feeding sessions most of the time. As a mom, you might find it time killers and tiresome job, but the truth is- you are to go through all these to ensure a healthy development of your little one.

No matter, whether you breastfeed the kid or going with formula feeding, make sure to feed your baby in time. Also, try to get acquainted with the signs your child shows when it’s hungry. Check our another article Ultimate Guide for Successful Breastfeeding for getting more information about breastfeed!

Develop a Healthy Sleeping Pattern:

Newborns usually develop their sleeping patterns themselves, and you can hardly bring any change in their routine. However, as the baby grows, you may notice some changes in the sleep patterns, and you need to adopt these within the shortest possible time.

Make sure to sync your daily routine with your baby’s sleeping pattern, feeding schedule, and other jobs related to newborn nursing. Remember, newborns that sleep well develops well, and at the same time, they cry less.

Get to Know What Your Baby’s Cry Means:

You will be surprised to know that different types of baby cry mean different things. However, there is a similarity among all these cries and fussiness. Yes, they convey your kid’s different emotions. If you pay keen attention, you will notice that the hunger sound your baby makes is different from the sound it makes when it’s bored or worried.

As your kid is entirely dependent on you, you need to learn what different cries mean and act accordingly. The sooner you become able to interpret the meaning of various sound patterns your child makes, the better it will be for the kid to communicate with you.

Keep Communicating with the Little One:

Long before kids learn to speak, they can actually start communication. Yes, you read it right! Kids can respond to your eye contacts, smile back, and move hands and legs in response. So, it is advised by the nursing experts that you should keep talking to your little one whenever you can manage. It will encourage your child as well as improve its verbal skills.

Keep Your Eyes on Baby’s Needs:

As a grown-up kid, the needs of your 10 week old baby will change with time for sure. Along with feeding, diapering, and soothing sessions, you have to take care of its playtime, sleeping patterns, and so on.

To meet all your kid’s needs, you should keep your eyes on and if possible, make sure to adjust your daily routine as well. This will keep you organized, make parenting more comfortable, and at the same time, your child will be less fussy.

Involve Papa and Ask Him to Play with the Baby:

Playing with the kids is indeed one of the most rewarding jobs of parenthood, right? You can involve your husband to play with the little one while and it will allow you some time to take care of yourself as well. Again, papas can contribute a lot to newborn nursing as well.

Get Some Toys for Your Baby:

Toys are always fun things for both kids and adults as well. You can buy your kids some toys time to time. Ranging from baby rattles, you can also go for Baby Bouncers, Baby Activity Tables, and other fun toys for your kid. Apart from these, you can also DIY some toys for your little one as well. However, remember to check out the age restrictions before purchasing any toy for your child.

Take Your Baby Out:

No matter, whether you are a working mom or spend most of your time taking care of the kid and household, remember to take your baby out whenever you can manage.

Again, taking your baby out can benefit it in many ways as well. Yes, it can help your kid developing how to interact with the people and improve your child’s language skill at the same time.

When we are about to conclude our post today, we expect that you read between the lines and come to know How Much Your 10-Week-Old Baby Should Weight.

We also tried to cover some most efficient ways that can contribute to ensuring a healthy development of your child. Now, it’s your turn to keep these in mind and introduce them in your newborn nursery. Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!

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