About Us

A warm welcome to Angelica’s parenting blog. It’s a pleasure that you are interested in knowing more about Childhoodist!

This is Angelica, a full-time mother of two cutie pie who created this blog to make parenting easier and has been publishing parenting tips, tricks, and guidelines that she believes a parent needs to know.
Like so many moms out there, if you too are tasting motherhood for the first time, you probably came to realize what it takes to give birth to a child.
But the fact is- it’s just the first chapter of the book and your duty doesn’t end with merely giving birth! Instead, it’s just the beginning of the journey we call Parenthood.

Why Was This Blog Created?

Well, first of all, the sole aim was to make parenting easier. And, keeping this motto in mind, I used to publish all sorts of tips, tricks, and guidelines related to parenting.
And, now, I take pride in publishing the step-by-step guidelines here that already made parenting more convenient for many moms around the world!

What's NEXT?

Since I created the Blog, all I cared for is- no mother should face unwanted situations (many of them though do) during pregnancy and later on as well.
So, apart from guiding parents, I also provided hands-on reviews of various baby gears, toys, accessories, etc. to add a new dimension to the parenting experience, especially for first-time moms!
And, as of today, I want to focus more on this platform and share more parenting resources in the upcoming days.

​Want to Share Your Story?

If you are looking for a platform to share your parenting story to be of help to new parents, do not think twice to write to us at [email protected]
If you believe your parenting journey might help the readers in any way, it will be a pleasure to share your insights here with proper citation. No matter, be it a parenting tips, guideline or accessories review. Check out Zina’s Week-by-Week Pregnancy Journey as she shared with readers.
Anyway, if you have any query or suggestions that you think may improve user experience on this site, do not hesitate to get in touch. Your constructive remarks will be highly appreciated, and I really love to hear from conscious parents like you. Happy Parenting!