12 Amazing Play Activities Tips for Babies Aged Between 1 to 12 Months

Being a mom, I know what it takes to manage all the household chores, ensuring proper care of the baby, and keeping some extra time aside to play with the baby. First-time moms may find it a bit difficult to keep pace with all these at the very beginning.

However, time teaches everything, and you’re not alone on the way. Anyway, it’s your responsibility as a mom to involve your kids in activities and explore the multifarious horizons of motherhood yourself. Stuck? Don’t have any idea what to do with your little one to ensure healthy physical and mental development?

Activities Tips for Babies

Here are Top 10 Amazing Play Activities Tips for Babies Aged Between 1 to 12 Months for new moms. Let’s check them out in the following;

Play Activities Tips for Babies:

While you’re stuck, we have enlisted the top 10 Play Activities Tips to try and make your parenting experience even more convenient. The following baby play activities will help your 1 to 12 months baby to develop motor skills and logical thinking ability.

First Three Months:

At this stage of your kid, it is more likely to spend all its time trying to get to know the surroundings, staring at things and objects. Newborns at this phase have vision limitation and can only see things close to eye line.

As a conscious parent, you can do things that can stimulate kid’s visual and auditory system. Here are some baby play activities tips you can try at this stage of your little one.

Eye Contacts:

Long before kids learn to speak, you will be surprised to know that they can actually communicate with eyes. Yes, you read it right! Your little one can carry an active communication with merely gazing at you.

Eye Contacts

And, you need to do the same. Besides, try to introduce your baby with funny sounds, nonsense rhymes, and various facial expressions as well. In response, your child will also try to carry out the conversation with adorable gurgles that’ll make your day!

Hang A Rattle in the Baby Crib:

Probably, a Rattle is the very first toy in the case of most of the babies. Newborns also love the rattling sound and respond with eye—soothing giggles.

Again, the little sound generated from the rattle can also contribute to improving your kid’s auditory system. Before your little one become able to grasp a rattle, you can just hang a rattle in the crib and place the object at the eye level of your baby.

You too can shake the rattle slowly while talking to your baby with eyes and introduce it to various sound patterns. As your kid begins to throw its hand around, try with a small rattle and teach your kid to hold and play with the rattle.

Tube Telephone:

You have probably guessed from the title what it’s going to be! Yes, you’re absolutely right! Tube Telephone can be another amazing baby play activity to have fun with your kid.

It’s extremely easy and exciting both for the baby and the parents. All you need to do is- giving anything (cardboard, paper towels, even paper roll) a shape like a tube, placing one end to your baby’s ear and you softly talk to the baby from the other end of the tube. It’s simple, funny, and engaging.

Four to Six Months:

At this stage, your baby is more likely to progress towards the next level of communication. It will start to crawl, and the motor skills and balance of your baby will also be improved by this time. Here are some interactive fun activities you can take part with your little one.

Bathtub Fun Activity:

If you have already introduced your baby to tub bathing, you probably noticed whether your child is interested in water sports or not. If yes, you can surely take part in this baby adventure and have fun yourself as well.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend extra time from your busy mommy life. For this particular baby activity, you can utilize baby’s bath time and introduce it to a new fun activity.

Before you bathe the kid, fill the bathtub with 3-4” of water and take it into the water holding in upright sitting position. If your baby enjoys the water, it is more likely to start kicking and splashing water around.

Hide n’ Find:

It can be another exciting baby fun activity you can introduce to your little one. For this, nursery play therapist always suggests using child-friendly soft and light things. You can use a soft paper box, paper wraps, or small pieces of clothes.

To do the hack, simply take one of the baby’s favorite toys and hide it before the child with several layers of boxes or wraps. When you’re done with hiding the toy, give the box to your baby and ask it to find out the toy. I guess you will love to see your kid’s energy and enthusiasms exploring the hidden toy.

Building Blocks:

Block games can be both exciting and educational for the kid. And, by the time your little one hits this stage, it will probably be able to hold, lift, and drop colorful little blocks. You too can take part in the game and demonstrate to your child how to make shapes using the blocks.

Seven to Nine Months:

At this phase, your little one will be more active, especially when doing any fun activities. As the verbal and auditory skills of your little one will be improving with time, at this stage, you can introduce to the baby activities that do the same.

Shower Games:

Shower games can be a little extra fun for the kid during bath time. If your kid loves playing in the water, introduce your baby to various shower games like Splashing Water. This type of fun activity can help your kid learning response to causes and effects.

Kicking Games:

It can be an effective baby activity that can contribute to developing your kid’s skills. For this, just hold your baby from the back ensuring full support or you can put your baby in the baby jumper. Now, place a colorful ball in front of your kid and help to kick the ball. Remember to use encouraging words when your child attempts to kick the ball.

Kicking Games for baby

Make Some Noise:

Starting from the crib, you probably have noticed that babies like sounds. And any pleasant sound delights them, Ok. Why not make some noise then and allow your kid to make sounds himself and explore different sound patterns?

This baby play activity doesn’t require any added effort and accessories but a spoon or stick. If you are looking for a safer way and give your kid a room to explore more, you can simply buy some sound making toys as well. Provide your little one with any of these items and encourage to make sounds and noises.

Story Boards:

At this stage of life, your little explorer will love doing things of different types. And, you will hardly find someone aged between 9 months to 90 years who doesn’t like stories.

So, telling or reading stories to your little angel can be another baby fun activity. For this, you can simply purchase some readymade storyboards spending a few bucks or make your own downloading free templates online. However, make sure the storyboard is full of colorful objects that will entice the kid.

Nine to Twelve Months:

At this phase of life, your kid will be just a few months away from hitting a milestone of its life! Yes, it will be of 1 year soon. You can introduce your child to the following baby play activities at this stage.

Baby Activity Table:

By the time your kid reaches this stage, it is more likely to be able to crawl, stand, walk, and hide itself or things. You can get the best baby activity table for your kid and take the fun activities to a whole new level. Besides, you can buy some soft, adorable toys of the type your baby likes and spend quality time with your little one.

Baby Activity Table

Cushion Climbing:

It is one of the safest and easiest ways to improve your kid’s balancing and climbing skills. For this, you can simply place several cushions of different shapes, sizes, and colors on the floor or bed and make the kid climbing them.

Don’t forget to encourage the kid with your sweet words when trying its best to climb the cushions up and down. Along with this most popular baby fun activity, you can also introduce singing, reciting, etc. to your little one aged between 9 to 12 months.


While concluding our post titled “Top 12 Amazing Play Activities Tips for Babies Aged Between 1 to 12 Months”, we hope you read between the lines and come to know some of the most popular baby fun activities.

Now, it’s your turn to get started with any of these kids play activities based on the age of your baby. While doing any of these activities, remember to make sure your child is not unattended, and you’ve considered the security measures before you conduct any of the play activities as mentioned above.

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