Top 10 Baby Birthday Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

As your kid’s first birthday knocking on the door, it’s expected that you will are occupied with lots of things centering the event. If I’m not wrong, you are spending most of your time caring for the baby, planning the event, sending invitations, preparing for every little thing, right?

Amidst all these, it will not be a wonder if you are having a hard time choosing the best birthday gift for your little one like I did a few months back.

Luck that you have landed to this particular post where I’m going to share Top 10 baby birthday gift ideas for baby’s first birthday and beyond. Let’s jump right in without any further due!

Top 10 Baby Birthday Gift Ideas

Well, it was on the eve of my younger child’s birthday a few months back, I was at a loss and couldn’t decide what to give my little Cathie.

I searched on the Google and ended up with a lot of ideas and suggestions from anonymous blogs and advertisements. All these resulted in more confusion. And, I was passing a tough time deciding on so many available options to be honest.

baby birthday gift ideas

However, I tried my best to make a checklist by sorting things from all available options like I did my newborn nursery checklist. It’s a pretty bitter experience so far.

Anyway, if you are one of those fellow parents looking for practical as well as pocket-friendly birthday gift ideas for your little champ or someone else’s, this post is absolutely for you. Let’s check them out by turns in the following without delay!

01. First Year Photo Frame:

If it’s your kid’s first birthday, personalized photo frame can be a lovely option to go for. You will find hundreds of first-year photo frame available in the market that allow framing 12 pictures.

Each of them means to cover your kid’s journey of a month through the time it reached the first birthday. You can also make a DIY first-year photo frame for your little angel using cart board and color papers as well.

Apart from that, you can also design a photo frame of a collage of your child’s photos in different moods, funny faces, funny and colorful clothes and your family members on different occasions. These types of photo frames serve a great purpose to save beautiful memories as well as expose your depth of love for the kid.

02. Framed Word Art:

If you are searching for something creative and super personal, Framed Word Art can be the best matched birthday gift for sure. A lovely frame with beautiful typography and your message to the little one combined can be an extraordinary birthday gift.

03. Personalized Story Books:

As a conscious mom, you probably have started reading and reciting to your newborn, right? Now, when your kid is about to kick its one year on the earth, it’s time to set out for the next step! At this time, introducing your kid to something creative and colorful can contribute a lot to its development as well.

Again, personalized storybooks can serve great purposes from introducing the value of knowledge to the thirst for knowing the unknown. The colorful illustrations on the book can also help to improve your kid’s visual skills to a great extent.

04. Toy Collections:

Toy collections can be another rewarding gift to present your baby on its first birthday. As a grownup baby, be it a boy or girl, it is more likely to love any toys under the sun.

However, while purchasing any toys for your little baby, make sure you have checked out the safety issues as well as the age restrictions for the particular toy at first.

One more thing to remember, kids love to play with new toys. And, it happens so often that kids hardly play with a toy for months, no matter how much it does cost.

So, I would like to suggest you go for toy collections offered at a reasonable price other than looking for some pricey toys that will break your bank.

05. Baby Growth Chart:

It can be another funny yet very useful birthday gift for one-year-old kids. Your little one is more likely to start standing on its own with or without support at this stage, right?

And, it’s the right time to start charting your kid’s height bi-yearly or yearly. A baby growth chart, in this case, can be the perfect baby birthday gift for sure. If you prefer, you can also go for a personalized baby growth chart as well.

06. DIY Birthday Crown:

If you are a DIY lover and want to do something amazing on your kid’s first birthday, a DIY crown can be the best option. You can design the crown with the name of your kid, its age, or anything you like.

Personalized birthday crown is my all-time favorite gift for my little angels, and they look really adorable in the birthday photos. Anyway, if you cannot manage, you can surely go for some cute birthday crowns available in the market.

07. Baby Jumper:

By the time your little one is about to reach its one-year milestone, it is more likely to be ready for having fun on a baby jumper. This one is my personal favorite birthday gift for proactive babies. The best baby jumpers are designed to keep your little one engaged as well as entertained as long as it’s in on the jumper.

Again, they can contribute a lot to make your parenting experience smoother and more enjoyable for sure. Apart from that, you can have some free time to manage the household while your child will have fun rocking on the activity baby jumper featured with lights and music.

On top of all these, baby jumpers are a great tool to burn your kids’ extra energy which ultimately promotes better sleep during the night. Considering all these, baby activity jumpers can be a decent choice as your kid’s first birthday gift.

08. Baby Essentials:

As a growing up kid, your little one will need countless things with the passage of time, okay? At this stage, you can purchase some baby essentials like a baby humidifiers, baby walkie talkie, nursery monitors and so many to name. You can offer these baby gears as the birthday present as well.

09. Baby Activity Puzzles:

Puzzles are always cool and colorful, especially when it comes to baby activity puzzles. Yes, you can present activity puzzles to your little one on its first birthday without a second thought. These puzzles are colorful, eye-catching, and at the same time, they can contribute a lot to your child’s mental development as well.

Apart from that, these little chunks will keep your baby preoccupied while you will have some time for yourself as well. One of the most notable reasons why I personally like puzzles is- they provide a room for growth and learning while enhancing problem-solving skills as well.

10. Baby Play House:

Price hardly matters when it comes to purchasing a gift for your kid’s birthday, right? I too feel the same for myself as well. So, if you have enough budget for the baby birthday gift, you can consider a nicely decorated baby play house for sure. You will find both indoor and outdoor baby playhouse in the market at a reasonable price.

Best Outdoor Playhouse


By the time you scrolled down to the bottom of the post, hope you read between the lines and came to know my personal baby birthday gift ideas for baby’s first birthday. It was really tough to come up with only ten items when you have thousands to choose from, right?

Anyway, these are the best picks to me for the first birthday so far, and I expect that you already made up your mind to go for the idea or ideas as mentioned above. Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading. Happy Parenting!

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