Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper Reviews

If you have a child and you’re looking for a great way to entertain them throughout the day and give them something to do, then a jumper is a great way to do so. Read Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper reviews and pick a jumper for your baby!

When it comes to this particular jumper, you’re going to love the fact that it is a standalone jumper so it does not need a door frame to work. You can bring this jumper with you in any room to keep your child busy while you do the things you need to get done. 

12 Different ActivitiesBaby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

If you’re buying a jumper for your kid to use, then I would say that the chances are good you’re looking for one that is going to give them plenty of different activities and keep them entertained for a long period of time.

When it comes to this particular jumper, you and your child are going to love having 12 different activities to choose from so that you can easily find something different to keep your kid busy each time. With so many to choose from, they’ll continuously find new toys to play with.

Padded High Back Seat

When it comes to placing your kid in a jumper, you want to know that they are going to be comfortable at all times and properly supported.

With this particular jumper, you can rest easy knowing that it features a padded high back seat that will support your child the way they need to be supported in the jumper. Additionally, the comfort is second to none and will ensure your child enjoys their time in the jumper.

360 Degree Adjustable Seat

With a jumper like this, you’ll quickly realize that there are a ton of different toy options and each one is going to give your child a different experience no matter what they play with.

The problem, however, is that a lot of jumpers make it hard to reach every toy. This jumper has a 360-degree swivel so your child can easily reach all of the toys. Additionally, the adjustable seat can go to five different heights so it will grow with your child as they grow.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper Reviews

Three Different Languages

When it comes to finding a jumper, it can be tough to find one that speaks a couple different languages. If you want your child to be exposed to a language other than English or they actually speak a language other than English, then it can be beneficial.

This particular jumper comes with three different language features so that you can get the language that you want your child to be exposed to.


-01. Made of polyester, plastic, and metal

02. 12 different activities including 3 play modes

03. Light up piano with volume control

04. Padded high back seat for extra comfort and support

05. Seat rotates 360 degrees

06. Baby has full access to all of the toys on the jumper

07. 5 different height adjustment settings

08. Over two hours of battery life

09. Uses 3 AA batteries


01. The seat provides maximum comfort and support to your baby

02. Plenty of different activities for them to enjoy

03. 360-degree swivel seat lets the baby access all of the toys on the jumper

04. Uses only 3 AA batteries for minimal cost to use it

05. Five different height settings means it grows with your child

06. Polyester, plastic, and metal make for a strong jumper


01. The seat is way too big for the majority of children

02. Cheap plastic makes the toys break easily and leave sharp points

03. Takes up a ton of space in a room

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a setting to continuously play music for my kid or do they have to make sure they’re doing something?

A: Unfortunately, the only way for music to keep playing from this product is for your child to continuously press buttons or jump to play the music.

Q: When is the appropriate age for my child to start using this particular jumper?

A: In order to use it safely, it’s important that your child is able to support themselves when sitting, so probably around 5-6 months old.

Q: Is there any way that the cloth seats can be interchanged so if it is washing, I can replace it with another one?

A: Unfortunately, it does not appear that there is a way to buy an extra cloth seat and change it out with the other.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a baby jumper for your baby to use on a daily basis, hope these Baby Einstein musical motion activity jumper reviews help to shop your new jumper for your little babies that help your baby learn to walk.

Not only is it going to give you plenty of great features that your child is going to love to stay entertained with, but it also gives you the ability to bring it with you wherever you need to go with it.

If you want a portable jumper with plenty of features for your kid to enjoy, this is one of the best choices for you. If you fell any others question, Contact us.

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