Is Baby Jumper Safe for My Baby

It is a million dollars question to almost every single parent nowadays. Also, as a concerned parent, I heartily appreciate that kind of queries, especially from the parents who recently blessed with parenthood.

There is no point talking about the usage of the baby jumper, one of the most popular parenting tool in recent times. Still, as a concerned parent, you must consider the safety issues of a baby jumper or any particular baby gears you are going to buy for your dear little baby.

Now, let us see what pediatric development specialist remarks regarding your query is baby jumper safe for my baby

Is Baby Jumper Safe for My Baby?

When you are trying to prepare a standard environment for your newly born baby, it is your duty to make sure that your efforts will not go vain due to safety issues.

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Yes, baby gears are originally designed to make your baby smarter whereas you will enjoy an easy parenting. However, you should never overlook the safety issues just to have a hustle free parenting.

According to a journal published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the unconscious use of various baby gears might even hinder the development of a baby.

So, it is pointless to describe the importance of checking safety issues before buying any baby jumper. Baby jumpers can be helpful if you can manage to use it maintaining all safety concerns. 

Here are some most crucial factors that you need to ensure for a safe session on a baby jumper for your baby.

Age & Ability:

Newborn babies usually start with jumping long before they are capable of crawling or walking. Putting your baby inside a safe and secured baby jumper may increase its efficiency. Besides, it is indeed a moment of great joy to see your child jumping and having fun.

However, it is not a good idea to put your baby on a baby jumper without considering the age and ability of your baby.

You need to make sure that your little champ is old enough and ready to go jumping and have fun on a jumper.

According to Bridget Boyd, an infant safety expert, your baby needs to have a good control over the movements of its head before you put him or her in a jumper. Yes, most of the child usually gets that control around the age ranging five to six months.

Size & Comfort:

By size, I mean both- the size of your newborn baby and the size of the baby jumper you intend to purchase.

Along with ensuring the age and ability to control head movements of your child, you need to buy a right-sized jumper for your baby. A wrong sized baby jumper- both smaller and bigger might increase the safety risks.

Make sure your baby is not just flying inside the jumper; its toe is touching the ground when you put in. A right-sized jumper certainly reduces the safety risks as well as creates a jolly environment for your baby to enjoy the moment and jump and have much fun.

Baby Jumper Safe

No matter how much money you spend to buy a baby jumper, if your child is not comfortable inside the jumper, it is totally a wastage of money. Again, discomfort may make your child scream while you put him or her on the jumper to enjoy the time and have fun.


If you are putting your baby several times a day and for longer periods than 10-15 minutes, you are doing WRONG! According to a study, excessive amounts of time within a baby gear might delay the development of your child.

Personally, I like to let my baby play in a baby jumper for around 10-12 minutes a day. No matter how much engaged I am, that is all I am doing for past few months.

Other Accessories:

Many parents like to buy a jumper featured with added toys that keep your child engaged. Yes, I too liked it until I came to know that some electronic toys like music and screen might cause harm to my child.

Make sure the toys added with the jumper are children safe. Though jumper manufacturers always ensure children safety with their products, it is your duty to ensure maximum safety for your little kiddo.

In the end, what I have to say is- very SIMPLE! Take the things mentioned above into consideration, and I hope you will be able to provide your baby with a safe jumping session with a baby jumper.

Remember, your child takes a bit more or less to learn walking, you should never pressurize on him or her to be on the jumper for a longer period. Safety is always a major concern, and you need to ensure the maximum amount of it.

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