Balance Bike Safety Tips for Kids Safe Riding

Learning how to ride a bicycle is very interesting to all of us. People usually learn to ride a bike, be it a balance bike or a pedal one, during their childhood. So, it becomes a headache for the parents to ensure bike safety for their kids.

Here in this post, we are going to present you some most effective bike safety tips for kids. By the end of the post, we expect that you will develop a crystal clear idea regarding the safety issues while your kid is riding a balance bike. Also, you will come to realize how to teach your child riding a bike safely. So, let’s jump right in without delay!

Balance Bike Safety Tips for Kids:

Balance bikes are the best to teach your children riding a bike. These bikes come with safety nuts and lack extra nuts and bolts so that the kids do not get hurt often. It helps to develop the major riding skills, balancing and steering, to the children.

Once they are used to riding a balance bike, they can learn to ride a pedal bike easily. Here are some essential tips you can follow to teach your child the safety issues of a balance bike.

Balance Bike Safety Tips

A Safe Area to Learn:

It goes beyond saying that you need to ensure a safe area to teach your toddler riding a bike, right? You should take care if other kids are playing nearby to avoid any inconvenience.

Choose paths that are covered with grass so that your child does not get hurt if he or she falls. Also, you need to avoid slopes at first. However, you can take the kid to small slopes and rolling roads nearby when it has already mastered the basics of riding a balance bike.

Size of the Bike:

The size of the bike is indeed a crucial safety issue for your kids. You should not buy a bike that is smaller or larger than his or her height as it will be hard for your baby to sit down and balance properly.

Buy a balance bike that is suitable for your kid’s age, height and weight. This will comfort your child and help him or her to learn to ride quickly.

Always Teach to Put the Helmet On:

Getting injured in the head, knees, elbows, etc. are one of the most common injuries during bike riding because parents are not often conscious of giving safety precautions to their kids.

You must buy a high-quality helmet so that it provides your child with a better protection if s/he falls down the ground. Remember to keep an eye on the activities of your child while s/he rides a bike.

Ensure Safety

Teach Bike Signals:

It is needless to explain the importance of teaching bike signals to your child. Teach the kid about road signs, traffic signals that are essential to follow in our everyday life whenever we go on the road.

It is indeed a good habit, and practicing these at an early age is very fruitful for future life. Also, tell your kid not to lose hands from the handles. Always remember that the more you teach your kids, the more they learn, and promote safe riding.


Teaching balance is the most important thing while proceeding to ride a bicycle. It is said that “learn brake before you learn to ride a bike”. When a child first rides on a bike, s/he may fall and shiver in fear.

Let him fall, let him get up by himself but you should make him believe that you are by him and will protect him from getting hurt. Take the pedals on and off several times. Thus, the child will learn to keep balance day by day.


Kids are the best learners. They remain in such a stage that they can learn almost each and everything you want to them to learn. Teach your toddler to grab the steering correctly.

Tell the kid to sit in a position it finds most comfortable for riding. Set the handlebars in proper position so that your child can reach it without much panic. Double check the height and let him move, That’s it!

Striding and Gliding:

When the child gets to learn balance and steering, it is time to teach how to stride and glide. First of all, find a place that is smooth and contains soft landing. Take your child to your neighbor’s garden or to the local park.

Put your hands around his shoulder and the back of the bike and move slowly. Always remember that you are with her or him, but s/he must not be dependent on you every time.


Teaching your kid how to use break is another crucial task to do. There are two types of braking: foot braking and hand braking. Both are used to avoid any kind inconveniences.

Kids need to learn how to slow their bikes down or stop when necessary. In some cases, handbrake is more efficient than foot brake. Also, it is safer, and the kid will have more control over his or her movements. They may need to get off the bike and walk along with the bicycle. In this case, handbrake will be his best friend!

Seat Height Checking:

Always double check the seat height. It is essential to sit comfortably, or your child may feel neck pain, shoulder pain, and even back pain sometimes. Buy a bike that goes with the height and age of the child so that he can manage his sitting. So, it will be great if you buy a bike that has an adjustable seat.

Buy Colorful Clothes or Attach Flags/Lights:

It might sound somewhat silly but you need to ensure your kid’s safety first. Buy colorful dresses for your kids so when they ride the bike among other kids, you can keep an eye on yours.

You can attach a bright-colored flag to the bike or a bright neon light to the helmet. It will make a difference, and you can find your child easily and thus protect him or her from danger.

Avoid Open Toe Shoes or Sandals:

Always take care of the child’s shoes. Don’t let them wear open toe shoes or sandals. Grease or bruises can easily stick to the toes if it is all open. Always ensure that the child wears closed toe shoes, jogging shoes or sports shoes.

Take Him to a Course:

It is better if you can take your child to a bike riding course. Here s/he can learn with other children which will give him/her confidence.

Children love to learn in a friendly environment, and that is why a bike riding course will be the best for your kid. He will learn cooperation, sharing, caring and other human qualities in this course so don’t hesitate to take him to such a course.

Be the Teacher:

If you are the one who is teaching biking, be the teacher even if you are the parent. If you cannot be so, your child will not follow your orders and make mistakes while riding.

be the teacher

Make a friendly relationship with your children and be strict when needed. Children also love to learn from a third person so you can appoint a teacher in this case.

Ensure Safety, Have Fun:

Bike riding is a fun above all. Have fun with your kids while riding but ensure safety as well. Pay attention to the areas he loves the most. Buy some chocolates and eat them together to make the time happier. Take him to his friend’s house and let them ride together as well.

Always remember that kids are fun loving. So, be the teacher while teaching your kid learning a balance bike but don’t forget the parent within you. Enjoy a happy riding journey with your child!

If you are planning to teach your kid riding a bike in the safest way, the best balance bike is the good option to start with. And, when your child masters the ride and biking basics, you can easily introduce him or her to a pedal bike. Riding bikes is always a good form of exercise and a simple way to keep the heart healthy.


At the end, we expect that you read between the lines and come to know the safety issues associated with balance bike. Also, you have realized how to ensure proper safety during ride if you have read the tips stated above. Now, it’s your turn to take out the balance bike in the ground and let your child enjoy the thrill in the safest way.

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