best baby bottle warmer in 2019

One of the things that bring the feeling of comfort and security to babies is sucking on delicious, warm milk. Thanks to the advancement of today’s technology and the invention of baby bottle warmers, babies can enjoy their milk at the perfect temperature, no matter if they’re breastfed, mixed, or bottle fed.
To some, baby bottle warmers are a total necessity but to others, it’s more of a luxury that they can live without. Are they really a must-have for babies? Or are they just one of those baby feeding accessories that end up gathering dust in the corner after a few weeks of trying to incorporate it into your baby’s schedule and lifestyle?

Are Baby Bottle Warmers Necessary?

I’ve always had mixed feelings about baby gadgets, no matter their purpose, price, or brand. I always think twice before purchasing them and my logic always goes like this: “If my old folks were able to do it without these gadgets before, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do it gadget-free now.”
Somehow, this thinking has saved me a few hundred bucks and has kept me from buying gimmicky baby gadgets and accessories that apparently don’t work. However, it’s undeniable that some baby gadgets actually do work and a lot of them can make our lives better and easier. One example that I can think of is a baby bottle warmer.
If you’re thinking about getting one, be sure to take these things into consideration first.
  • The number of kids you have - How many kids do you have at home and how many of them still take a bottle? If you have two or more babies that still feed on a bottle, a baby bottle warmer might be a wise buy since it will let you heat the milk up more quickly and efficiently.
  • Usage frequency - How often do plan on using your baby bottle warmer? If you’re confident that you’ll be using it every single day to warm up your baby’s milk, then it might be a great addition to your baby gadget collection. If your baby is old enough to eat solids or drink cold milk, though, it might just end up stashed away behind the counter.
  • Cost per use - One of the best ways to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck is to ensure that you’ll get the optimal cost per use. You can calculate that by clicking here.
  • Duration of use - If you’re certain that you need a baby bottle warmer in your life, it’s best to get it as early as possible so you can get as much use out of it as possible.

How to Choose a Baby Bottle Warmer

Now that you’ve taken things into consideration and you’ve finally decided that you’re getting a baby bottle warmer, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting the best one that will fit your budget, preference, and lifestyle. Here’s what you need to look for in a baby bottle warmer:

Even heating

You’ll want to make sure that your baby bottle warmer has even heating. Cold spots and hot spots are a no-no so test it out in the store if you can or, if you order online, test it out as soon as you receive it and don’t hesitate to return it if it doesn’t heat the milk up evenly.


Not all baby bottles are made the same so it’s important that you get a baby bottle warmer that will fit the bottles you use, no matter their shape or size.

Heats up quickly

Babies get fussy when they’re hungry and crying only makes the situation worse so you’ll want to get that bottle of milk to them as quickly as possible. Aside from that, baby bottle warmers also consume electricity. Less time to heat the milk up means less energy consumption and more savings for you.


Though most baby bottle warmers are quite small, some of them have a more complicated design with tons of parts and attachments that could get lost during travel. For your convenience, it’s better to just go for something compact and travel-friendly, even though you’re not on-the-go.

Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers Reviews

1. Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Make hot spots in your baby’s milk a thing of the past with the Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer
We like
  • Multifunctional - Aside from evenly heating your baby’s milk in a bottle, this baby bottle warmer can also warm up baby food.
  • Defrost feature - Pumping moms will appreciate the defrost feature. It thoroughly and evenly warms up the milk so you don’t have to worry about hot spots or cold spots.
  • Easy to use - All you have to do is add water, put the bottle in place, turn the dial then sit back and relax as you wait for your baby’s milk is warmed up.
  • Simple design - Its simple design is foolproof and easy to understand. If you often leave your baby in the hands of another caregiver, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t mess up the process of heating your baby’s milk when you’re gone.
  • Lightweight and portable - Always on the go? This one is lightweight and portable so you won’t have problems bringing it with you wherever you need to be.
We don't like
  • Long wait times - When your baby is hungry, three minutes is a long time to wait for the milk to warm up. Unfortunately, there’s no timer on this unit so you’ll have to make do with the standard three-minute wait time.

2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

Need a simple and straightforward bottle warmer for your baby’s milk? Check out this one.
We like
  • No batteries required - This unit is fully electric which means you won’t have to worry about finding batteries in the middle of the night when it stops working.
  • Can be used with breast milk bags - Got frozen breast milk that needs to be warmed up but it’s still in its bag? This baby bottle warmer can accommodate most breast milk bags so you can defrost it and warm it all at once by just throwing it in the warming chamber.
  • Auto-shut off function - It has an auto shut off function so you don’t have to be continuously anxious about whether you turned it off after getting your baby’s bottle out.
  • Fits most bottles - Aside from Tommee Tippee bottles, this baby bottle warmer can also take bottles for other brands (as well as breast milk storage bags) which is very convenient if you’re bringing it on trips and sharing with other moms.
  • Even heating - This baby bottle warmer ensure you that your baby’s milk is heated evenly all the way through so you don’t have to worry about upsetting your little one over hot spots and cold spots.
  • Easy to use - The design is simple and easy to use. It also has a temperature control dial that helps avoid overheating and underheating the milk.
We don't like
  • Slow heating - Four minutes to warm five ounces of milk seems too long, especially if you have a hungry baby desperately waiting for the milk to come.

3. The First Years 2-in-1 Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

Foolproof your feeding sessions with your sweet little baby with The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. This baby bottle warmer is simple, sleek, and sophisticated — a true must-try for moms in search of the best baby gadgets to make life easier.
We like
  • Value for money - Baby gadgets aren’t cheap so if you’re splurging on one anyway, at least make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. With this unit, you get a pacifier sanitizer, a baby bottle warmer and food warmer as well.
  • Fits most bottles - This warmer can accommodate almost all kinds of bottles which is great because it means you won’t have to buy specialized bottles anymore.
  • Easy to use - Warming up your baby’s milk is not a complicated process and The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer ensures that for you.
  • Quick heating - This unit can heat milk and food up in less than five minutes which is pretty reasonable considering how thoroughly and evenly is heats up its content.
  • Affordable - Comparing the price of this unit to the other units, I’d say it’s quite affordable.
We don't like
  • Plastic-made - Despite being BPA-free, it’s undeniable that plastic isn’t really good for your baby’s health.

4. Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

This baby bottle warmer takes the guesswork out of warming your baby’s milk. Just let it know how many ounces you’re heating up and it does everything else for you.
We like
  • Automatic warming time calculation - not all baby bottle warmers let you set your preferred warming time so when I saw this one, I was impressed! It takes the guesswork out of setting your milk’s warming time and it gives you evenly warmed milk all the time.
  • Detachable insulated cooler - it comes with a detachable insulated cooler that can hold up to two bottles and keep them warm for up to eight hours. This is great for traveling or even just for making sure you have a warm bottle ready at all times.
  • Water reservoir - with the Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler, there’s no need to measure how much water to put in the baby bottle warmer unit. Just fill it up in the morning and replace it the next day.
  • Super easy to use - it’s design and sleek techy looking exterior may be intimidating at first but it’s actually quite easy to operate.
  • Reliably consistent - another impressive thing about this baby bottle warmer is that it gives you the perfect milk temperature every single time.
We don't like
  • Mold build-up - because the water is only replaced and refilled once a day, it often becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and molds to grow.

5. 2019 Fast Baby Bottle Warmer 6-in-1 BPA-Free Bottle Sterilizer

This baby bottle warmer takes the guesswork out of warming your baby’s milk. Just let it know how many ounces you’re heating up and it does everything else for you.
We like
  • BPA-free - Despite being made out of plastic, more and more moms trust this brand because they use BPA-free and phthalate-free materials for their products.
  • Easy to use - Just pop your baby bottle in, add water, select your desired temperature and watch it heat your baby’s milk.
  • Heat options and settings - This baby bottle warmer has 4 heat settings: fast warming, slow warming, food heating, and sterilizing. This makes it super easy for you to choose how you’d like to warm up your baby’s milk or food.
  • Touch screen display and interface - The design on this unit is clean and simple and the touch-screen interface is awesome. The screen display also lets you know when your baby’s food/bottle is ready.
  • Easy to clean - The unit’s design is pretty simple, so it’s quite easy to clean.
We don't like
  • Slow heating - Sometimes it took over more time to heat a bottle

6. Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer

One of the most technologically advanced baby gadgets this time is the Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer.
We like
  • Multifunctional - This baby bottle warmer does so much more than just heating up baby milk. It can sterilize bottles and pacifiers, brew formula brewer, defrost meals, and even boil eggs.
  • Dual bottle design - Got more than just 1 baby waiting for that warm bottle of milk? This baby bottle warmer has a dual bottle design that lets you speed up the heating process so you can have 2 warm baby bottles in record time.
  • Personalize it with the preset function - Never miss another feeding again! The Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer has a preset/delay start function that lets you choose the time and temperature for your next feeding session. Just make sure your baby has a schedule set in place before using this function to avoid wasting milk.
  • Easy to use - It comes with pretty easy to understand instructions but, even without those, it would be super easy to operate this baby bottle warmer.
  • Warm milk round-the-clock - Babies inevitably go through a phase where they have an erratic sleep schedule which can catch you off-guard and without any warm milk on hand. This baby bottle warmer can keep milk warm 24/7 so you can rest easy knowing your baby won’t go hungry.
We don't like
  • Takes some getting used to - Because it’s multi-functional, it can be a bit tricky to get used to the controls.

7. New 2019 Bottle Warmer 5-in-1 BPA-Free Premium Quick Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

From The Best Industries comes this awesome multifunctional baby bottle warmer. Warm your baby’s milk in it, defrost frozen milk, sterilize bottles, or just straight up heat baby food with it — the choice is entirely yours.
It is a great bang for your buck. Getting this baby bottle warmer is like getting four to five different baby gadgets for the price of one. If you’re a practical mom who appreciates getting the best bang for her buck, this is a great option you can consider.
We like
  • Accommodates most baby bottles - This one works with most baby bottles regardless of brand, shape, and size.
  • Easy to use - Everything works at the press of a button from the unit’s LCD touch screen control panel so it’s easy to control.
  • Quick Sound Reminder - The Quick Sound Reminder function lets you know when your baby’s food or bottle is ready so you can give it to your little one as soon as possible.
  • Auto shut off - A lot of other baby bottle warmers get destroyed when they’re left on long after the water has run dry. With this unit, though, it won’t be a problem because it has an auto shut off feature that turns the unit off when it runs out of water. This helps prolong the life of your bottle warmer.
We don't like
  • Pre-setting is a must - This does not instantly warm up milk/food so if you don’t want to make your little one wait, pre-setting is a must.

8. Bable Multipurpose Smart Bottle Warmer

This on combines convenience and functionality in this easy-to-use yet reasonably priced unit.
We like
  • 5-in-1 bottle warmer - This unit has five different settings you can choose from constant warming, keep warm, fast heating and defrosting, heating food, and sterilizing. It’s definitely something that you can use for whatever feeding need your baby requires.
  • Remote control - Tt comes with a remote control that allows you to control the unit from a distance to save you a bit of time.
  • Temperature adjustment - Most baby bottle warmers don’t let you set your own preferred temperature so you’ll have to make do with the pre-set temperature on the unit. With this one, however, you can set it to the temperature of your choice and you’ll see real-time updates via the LCD screen.
  • Constant warming feature - The constant warming feature ensures you that you’re always halfway ready for your baby’s feeding demands. You can either keep breast milk or water in the chamber while the constant warming feature is on so whenever your baby wakes up, it won’t take too long to prepare his/her food.
  • Easy to maintain - Cleaning and maintenance for this unit are fairly easy. Just make sure to empty the chamber and let it air dry once a day and you’re good to go.
We don't like
  • Big and bulky - If you’re looking for something that you can bring with you on trips, you might as well look somewhere else.

9. OMORC Baby Bottle Warmer

Not too good at waiting? The OMORC Baby Bottle Warmer is one of the faster baby bottle warmer options we’ve had and it’s got other competitive features as well.
We like
  • BPA-free - This baby bottle warmer uses food-grade PP material so you can rest assured knowing that there are no harmful chemicals leaching into your baby’s milk.
  • Overheating protection - One of the most common reasons why baby bottle warmers stop working is because they overheat. With the OMORC baby bottle warmer, overheating won’t be a problem. It has an audio warning feature that serves as an early warning device so you can turn it off, unplug it, or solve the issue as early as possible.
  • Time and temperature control - You’re in total control of how warm you want your baby’s milk to be and for how long because this unit has a time and temperature control feature that can be accessed easily via the dial.
  • Fits most bottles - Got wide-neck baby bottles? Or skinny ones? No worries, this baby bottle warmer fits most baby bottles so you don’t have to buy special ones to use with the unit.
  • Ultra-fast heating - Other baby bottle warmers boast of being able to warm milk up in as little as five minutes but the OMORC Baby Bottle Warmer can do it in three. If you’re not good at waiting or pre-setting your bottle warmer, this might just be the one for you.
We don't like
  • Quick heat gets too hot - The quick heating option tends to get too hot too quickly. You’ll have to play with the settings to avoid boiling your milk.

10. Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer

Super quick, easy, and affordable — if you’re looking for a baby bottle warmer with these features, be sure to check out the Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer.
We like
  • Travel-friendly - This unit is small, compact, lightweight, and doesn’t require tons of attachments and accessories to work, making it a great travel companion for moms and babies who are always on the go.
  • Affordable - This is one of the more affordable baby bottle warmers we’ve tried. It’s quite basic so it’s only reasonable that it stays towards the lower end of the price spectrum.
  • Easy to use - It’s one of those baby bottle warmers that don’t have a lot of customizable controls so all you need to do is pop your baby bottle and pour some water in, press the button and wait as it warms up.
  • Even heating - This machine circulates the water evenly so your baby doesn’t get hot spots and cold spots in his/her milk.
  • Avoids dry heating - This one has an auto shut off feature that turns the unit off when the water reservoir is empty to avoid dry heating.
We don't like
  • No temperature control - It would have been nice to have a bit of control over the temperature at which you warm your baby’s milk. This unit just doesn’t have this feature.

The Winner

The winner for this round-up of the best baby bottle warmers is the Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer. It’s small, compact, and lightweight so you won’t have a problem finding a place for it in the nursery or in your bedroom. You can also take it with you on trips if needed so your baby can continue enjoying warm, delicious milk even when you’re away from home.
It may not be the fastest, but it does a superb job of heating milk evenly so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting hot spots and cold spots. The unit itself can also heat up baby food which makes it great for moms who want something that will really give them their money’s worth.
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