Best Baby Scale in 2020 for Monitoring Your Baby Weight!

Monitoring a baby’s weight from time to time is necessary. A child’s weight gain or weight loss is an indicator of its healthy growth. A baby scale can help you to monitor your baby’s growth consistently. As the title suggests, we’ll discuss baby weighing scales here.

Every child sees the light of the world through their parents. An infant, when it is born, needs a lot of care and affection. Most babies weigh about 6 to 10 pounds when they are born.

After their birth, they lose a little weight which is natural. According to medical experts, it varies from 5% to 10%. After that, they should start gaining healthy weight.

For the first few weeks of a baby’s birth, you’ll most likely have to fix a good number of appointments with your doctor to keep records of the baby’s health and development.

If it is about measuring the baby’s weight, going to a doctor for it will require your precious time and money. Buying a baby scale can be a relief from all the doctor appointments and all the anxieties about baby’s weight development.

An infant’s weight gaining is necessary for it to be in good health. Measuring a baby’s weight from time to time is important. Babies cannot understand any health issues they are undergoing.

Parents need to keep the record of their actions and states to maintain their healthy life. There are a lot of brands who have introduced their baby scales to the markets for parents. So, which one is the best?

There are many baby scale in the market which are good in service as well as durability. In this baby scale reviews I have covered top 10 products. These items that we have got covered have excellent features and capability.

10 Best Baby Weight Scales in 2019

The necessity of weighing a baby regularly is beyond description. If you look up how a standard growth chart of a baby is, you’ll understand why your baby needs to gain a few pounds as it grows bigger.

A baby weight measuring scale allows you to keep track of your baby’s weight gains. Thus you can be able to consult your doctor knowing if you see an inappropriate change in growth.

If you are providing your baby with necessary nutrients, the baby will grow and develop in a healthy way. A baby scales give us the opportunity to judge if we are providing our babies good food and nutrition.

Below are top 10 baby weighing scales that we have listed for you to have less confusion while choosing one.


Product Name

Weight Limit

Product Dimensions


Health O Meter Baby Toddler Scale

60 Lbs

12.6 x 9.1 x 23 Inches

Salter Digital Baby Toddler

44 Lbs

23.8 x 13.9 x 10 Inches

Grow Smart Changing Pad


29 x 16 x 3.5 Inches

Beurer Digital Baby Scale

44 lbs

22 x 2 x 12.2 Inches

Electronic Digital Smoothing 

44.09 lbs

22.1 x 2.1 x 13 Inches

Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

40 lbs

13 x 22 x 5 Inches

Ultrababy Scale

55 lbs

12.4 x 24.1 x 5.6 Inches

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby

44 lbs

21 x 13 x 2 Inches

MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale


25.3 x 19.1 x 8.2 Inches

Ozeri All-in-One Baby Scale

55 lbs

24 x 14 x 3.8 Inches

01. Health-o-meter HDC100KD 

This baby scale comes with a good number of wonderful specifications and it's one of the top weight scales in the current market!

It is highly suitable for your sweet baby. You’ll definitely like this one. The features are given below:

Good Weight Capacity

This scale can effectively handle up to 60 pounds or 27.27 kilograms. It can measure a minimum of 0.5 ounces. So, you can measure your baby’s weight till it turns to the age of 5 or 6 maybe if he or she doesn’t outgrow the capacity.

The upper cradle or tray of the scale can be removed. So, when the baby outgrows, you can remove it, and the scale then converts into a toddler scale.

Digital Display

It has a large LCD display. You can read the measurement from any angle. You can switch the scale unit into pounds and grams.

Hold and Zero Feature

The hold feature ensures accurate weight for a baby that is moving or active. A baby moving about on the tray is difficult to measure accurately. The hold feature of this scale enables you to get an average weight measurement.

Zero feature minimizes any extra weight added by clothing, diapers or blanket. You can thus be relaxed about the accuracy of the scale.

Includes Book of Healthy Growth

The whole package of this scale includes a book as well as the scale. The book features growth chart for babies. So, you can measure your baby’s weight and match it to the growth chart. This way you can be sure of the baby’s getting proper nutrients.

This Health-o-meter grows with me scale can beat all other baby scales available in stores. There is no doubt it is an amazing baby scale. You can definitely choose this one for your baby.

02. Salter Digital Baby Weighing Scale

Any parent who is in need of a best baby scale can go for this one.

This scale has some amazing features that will impress any parent. Let’s take a look at them.

Zero Function

A baby with its clothing and diaper on will gain a little extra weight due to these objects. The zero function of this scale efficiently removes the additional weight and gives you the exact weight reading.

Hold Function

This item also has a hold function. So, you can measure the baby’s weight without the need of stopping it from moving around the tray or a little wiggling. You can simply press the hold button when the baby is stable, and the scale will record the weight.

Accurate Reading

The scale measures a baby’s weight with 0.5 oz increments. So, you do not have to worry about getting the inaccurate reading. This scale can measure your baby’s weight up to 44 pounds.

Removable Tray

Unlike most baby scales, this scale has removable tray option. You can remove the tray and convert the scale to a toddler scale.

Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Weighing Scale can be used for weighing other objects too as long as anything doesn’t exceed the weight capacity. This can be a good choice for parents with infants.

03. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Scale for Baby Weight

Anyone who is looking for a more technology-touched device other than all other digital scales, this item is for them.

The scale has cool and incredible specs that will stun you undoubtedly. Below we have presented those features for you.


This scale has a smart changing pad. The pad is made of foam. The scale looks like a baby bed. It looks good, and the foamy pad relaxes the baby’s body and makes him or her feel comfortable.

Smart Technology With an App

The scale is designed with an app. The installation of the app is absolutely free. When you put something on the tray to measure, the app shows the results. The app also keeps the records of the results.

Accurate Reading Capacity

The scale measures every .25 ounce increments. You can measure baby’s feedings per meal with this scale. The results are reliably correct.

Tracking and Recording

The app keeps the records every time you measure something. So you can keep track of your baby’s feedings. Also, between doctor’s appointments, you can record the baby’s growth and development yourself sitting at your house.

Hatch baby grow pad is an amazing item with built-in wireless smart scale. The scale steals the mind with its exterior look as well as its performance. It is a perfect scale for parents looking for a good baby scale.

04. Beurer Digital Baby Scale with Comfortable Curving Platform

The Beurer digital baby scale is another outstanding baby scale that effectively measures your baby’s weight with maximum accuracy.

This scale can amaze anyone with its nice weighing platform and the large LCD display. Let’s take a look at the features of this scale.

Curved Weighing Platform

This scale has a nice looking, bed like measuring platform. It has child-friendly paintings on it. You can simply lay your baby down on the tray and the measure him or her.

Maximum Accuracy

The scale can measure .18 oz increments. So there is no chance of getting a completely different result. You’ll get maximum accuracy with this scale.

The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 44 lbs. You can change the units of measurement. There is a button underneath the scale beside the battery compartment for it.

Hold and Tare Function

As we know, babies are active and energetic when they are awake. This makes them difficult to weigh on a scale. To provide the exact result in spite of these, Beurer digital baby scale has hold and tare function.

You can measure a moving, squirming baby without any doubt of getting an error in the results. The tare or zero function will subtract any clothing or diapers weight that the baby might be wearing.

Large LCD Display

Below the curved platform, there you’ll see a large LCD display. The display is easy to read. There are two buttons beside the display for hold and zero functioning.

This item is a good choice for pet owners too. Go for this one, and you won’t have to regret.

05. AFENDO Electronic Digital Infant Baby Scale

Another good item this is! The scale is perfect for an infant as well as a toddler.

The specs and features of this scale are given below. Continue reading to know more about them.

Good Weight Capacity

The scale can effectively measure weight up to 44 lbs. So, you can use the scale for babies aging from 0 to 2 years. You can also weigh pet or kitchen stuff on this scale.

Hold and Tare Function

This scale also has hold and tare function for an accurate result. A playing or humping child is no more difficult to weigh.

You can press the hold button anytime you think the baby is stable and the display will show the weight. The tare function is for not adding the weight of diapers or any other clothing the baby has on him or her.

Large LCD Readout Display

The scale has a large LCD display of 2.79 x 1.1 inches. It makes it easy to read even from a good distance.

The streamlined grooves shaped the bearing surface of the AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant Baby and Toddler Scale makes it a comfortable weighing scale for a baby. No doubt it is a right baby scale. 

06. Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Weighing Machine

Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale is another good item from a trustworthy manufacturer. The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 20 kilograms or 44 lbs.

The item has some other stand out features that we have covered below. Keep reading to know more.

Large LED Display

With the 0.9 inches display size the results are easy to read. The display consumes less battery power. You can read the results from different angles with ease.

Lightweight and Portable

The scale itself weighs 5.4 lbs which is very light. This feature makes it an easily portable scale. So, if you are going on a vacation, you can take the scale with you. Also, the scale comes with a carry bag. So, it can be carried anywhere without any trouble.

Large & Deep Tray

For the babies’ comfort, the scale has large deep measuring tray. The tray is deep enough for you to lay your baby down and measure him/her. The tray is removable. Thus you can clean it easily.

Tare Feature

The scale has a tare feature. It works to measure only the baby’s weight while not adding the additional weights like the diaper or a towel’s weight.

This one is Tanita’s one of the best one. The portability adds up to its excellence. You can weigh your pets with this scale. It is, definitely a good go for a parent looking for a good baby scale. 

07. Ultrababy Weight Scale for Baby

The Ultrababy scale is a good item having all the good specs an outstanding baby scale must have. The scale has a unique design, and it works efficiently.

It is a perfect scale for a newborn baby or a toddler. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this item which make it stand out more.

Removable Cradle

The measuring tray or cradle is removable. You can remove it to clean the scale. The cradle is large. A baby can lie down comfortably in it.
Detachable display

The LCD display is detachable. You can detach it and mount in on a wall or in a remote place. If you find any problem while reading the results when the display is attached, you can easily detach it.

Includes Hold and Tare Function

This one also has hold and tare functions. This ensures the accuracy of the results. The Ultrababy scale is a spectacular item. An infant’s growth record is very important. And, this scale can really help the parents with that purpose. 

08. HOMEIMAGE- Digital Newborn Scale

This one is a lot like some other items we have covered here in this guide.

The scale has good features. Let us jump in the below section to know more about the terrific specs.

Extra Large LCD Display

The scale has large LCD readout display. The display is in the middle front side of the scale. It is easy to read. It has hold and tare feature on alternate sides.

Auto-off System for Overload Protection

The scale can handle a maximum of 44 lbs or 20 kilograms weight. If anything or your baby exceeds this capacity, the scale automatically turns itself off. The auto-off system the scale’s not being damaged due to overload.


The scale itself is very light. It weighs only 4.4 pounds. Thus, it is a good option for someone who is looking for a more portable baby scale.
As the name suggests, we can use this scale to weigh our pets too.

This scale is indeed a good item. The item is durable. It is easy to use. Definitely, it’s worth considering if you are in search of a good baby scale.

09. My Weigh Ultrascale MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale

This one can hold up to 55 pound or 24.95 kilograms. The tray is 2o inches large and 3 inches deep. Also, it is removable. This makes the scale easy to clean.

The features are spectacular. Carry on with the reading to find out more about them.

The LCD readout display of this scale is detachable. It is connected by a cord with the scale. You can detach it from the scale and place it wherever it might be suitable for you. You can hang the display on walls too. The cord is 2 feet long for that purpose.

Tare and Hold Function

This too has tare and hold function. So, you won’t have to worry about getting an inaccurate result if your baby is not stable or has a lot of clothes on.

High Accuracy

This scale efficiently shows results by 0.10-ounce increments. You can have absolute peace of mind about getting the most precise results.

No Batteries Needed

This My Weigh Ultrascale baby works with the direct electricity of your home electric line. So, no batteries needed. Most other baby scales need batteries to function, and you need to get a pair of batteries very often. With Ultrababy scale, you won’t have to take on that trouble!

Water Resistant

The scale is water resistant. It has no such material as foam or cloth that can be affected when it comes with the contact of water.

The Ultrascale Baby, as you see, has a good deal of amazing features. The scale is durable and easy to use. It also has an auto-off function. It is a must-try item for parents with sweet babies.

10. Ozeri All-in-One Infant Weight Scale

Ozeri All-in-One Baby and Toddler scale has impressed customers with its weigh as well as a height measuring feature. Are you in need of a good baby weighing scale?

You need a baby height measuring scale too? This one is for you then! Keep reading to know more of its cool features!

High Weight Capacity

This scale can weigh a maximum of 55 lbs or 25 kg. So, you can easily use it for babies or toddlers. You can use it for 2 to 3-year aging babies.

Height Measurement

Unlike most other baby scales, this item has height measurement feature. As long as the baby’s height is between 18.1 to 31.5 inches, the scale accurately gives you the results. It also shows you the net change in height between the last and most recent takes.

Maximum Accuracy

The scale can measure weight in 0.1 oz or 0.005 kg increments. As a result, you get maximum accuracy with the results. It measures height in 1 mm increments. So, you get accurate results of heights too. 

Built-in Memory Function

The scale has a built-in memory function for both heights and weights. It can store up to 8 infants’ data. Every time you measure an infant, the data get stored in the memory.

The scale also has the feature to show the net change between latest and previous height and weight measurements. This helps you to get updated on the developments of your baby.

Hold and Tare Function

The scale has hold function to measure the weight of a moving infant. It has tare function. This function zeroes out the extra weight added by baby’s clothes or the tray or blanket.

This one is, no doubt an excellent item for any parent with a baby. The incredible features not only impress anyone but also make this item stand out to be one of the best scales. It can definitely be a good pick for anyone. The item is, thus, highly recommended for babies.

Weight Capacity of Baby Weighing Scale

You must check the scale’s maximum weight capacity while buying it. You might want to use the scales for your kid’s and toddlers too. In that case, you need to have a scale that can handle a baby’s weight as well as a toddler’s.

Most baby scales in the markets can handle a maximum of 45 to 60 pounds. Search for the one that best suits your purposes. The baby scale should be easy to understand and use buttons on the scales for anyone to operate them correctly.

How to Choose the Best Baby Scale for Breastfeeding

A good and handy baby scale is hard to find. There are specific features and specifications that one need to keep in mind while buying something for a baby.

A baby’s items need to be child-friendly and comfortable. It’s not like you’ll read some baby scale reviews and go to the stores to buy it. No matter how cheap or how expensive a baby scale is, you need to look out particular things to get the best product.

Our buyer’s guide will lead you to that knowledge. After reading it, you’ll be able to buy a baby scale all by yourself. So, keep reading the features you need to consider while buying a baby scale.

01. Hold Function

Babies tend to not sit anywhere stably. You cannot wait the whole day for the baby to sleep to measure his or her weight. Most scales have a hold function to measure a moving infant’s weight.

This feature can efficiently take the correct weight measurements of an active baby and show you. Look for baby scales which have this option.

02. Zero Function

Zero function subtracts the weight of any extra things the baby might have on it. The clothes, diapers, towels, blanket or even the tray itself can add a bit extra weight to the baby’s actual weight. The zero feature subtracts the extra weight gain due to these and shows you the correct result.

03. Accuracy Level

A scale’s accuracy level is important. Some scales can show results measuring it in 1-ounce increments, and some can show them in 0.10-ounce increments.

The smaller the amount, the more accurate the result is. If you want to record your baby’s growth regularly, you’ll like to have most accurate results. So, it is good to look for the scales having a high accuracy level.

04. Weighing Tray

The shape and size of weighing tray vary. Most scales have flat trays whereas some have cradle-like or bed-like trays. The ones which are more like a bed or a cradle are comfortable for a baby.

The tray should be large enough for the baby to lie down or stand comfortably. You should check the tray materials too. A few baby scales have a foamy weighing tray. Those are really cozy for babies.

05. Changeable Unit

The scale must have changeable units. You might be comfortable with a unit but if your doctor measures with a different unit, it will become difficult for you to keep track. That’s why the feature of the changeable unit should be checked out.

06. Additional Considerations

While the above-discussed features are must-consider ones, some features might be of your concern. They are discussed below.

07. Added Technology

A baby scale might come with added technology. Some scales have a feature that plays music while you measure your baby’s weight. This is to make an active baby stable.

Some scales might operate with an app for extra convenience. You can record and store the baby’s development results in the app’s storage. Also, these apps might provide extra features.

08. Direct Electricity or Batteries

Most baby scales operate with removable batteries. Some operate directly on your home electricity lines. Search for whichever might be suitable for you.

09. Removable Tray

Most baby scales have this feature. This allows you to turn the scale to a toddler scale when the infant grows into a toddler. This feature also makes the scales easy to clean.

10. Portability

Though you might only use the scales in your house, portability is a thing to consider. If the scale is lightweight and portable, you can easily bring it to the infant and measure it.

You won’t have to take your baby to a specific place of your house every time to measure its weight. Also, going for a long vacation taking your baby with you will require you to take a weighing scale. So, you might consider looking for a portable scale.

11. Durability

Who doesn’t go for long durable items? We do not like buying a similar new item once in a while. So, check and double check any scale for durability.

Go for the sturdy ones. You might want to use the scale when the baby grows into a toddler. And the scale must be that much durable to function properly till then.

Final Verdict​​​​

A baby’s healthy development is something any parent wants most. For this, their growth and weight gains must be recorded. Any progress in the results can bring great happiness for parents.

Science and technology has enriched our life with enormous blessings. The regular tracking and measuring an infant’s weight and height doesn’t require going to a doctor anymore.

Parents can do it absolutely sitting at home, without the need of fixing appointments with a doctor. 

The items we covered here keeping in mind that we are doing it for your baby. We tried and found the best items on the market and presented them to you.

After you read our whole baby scale review, you should have now got a precise idea about baby scales. You understand how important it is to keep track of a baby’s growth.

And so, now you need a baby scale for your baby. This whole article was to help you out with of all the confusion you might have been having about buying a scale for your baby.

You can buy any of the 10 baby scales we enclosed here in this article. All of them are highly recommendable. Every single penny you spend on them won’t be a waste. So, try one and be sure not to regret your choice.

Have you bought your baby scale? Or haven’t you yet? Have you bought one of the ones we discussed here? How do you like it? Do you have any suggestions for us? Do you think any other item should be there on the list? Which one is it?

Please let us know through the comment option below if you have any question and suggestion. This will help other parents to make the right decision. Spread the happiness!

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