Best Baby Thermometers To Check Sick Baby Temperature Quickly

Are you a first-time parent & worried about your child’s health? A baby thermometer can help you to check your baby's body temperature quickly. Read our expert guide & find the best baby thermometers for your kids that you can use to check your baby's temperature effortlessly without going to a doctor!

Being a mom, I realized what it takes to ensure proper care, especially when it comes to take care of a newborn. As a mom, I also understand how important it is to give care, love, and attention keeping the baby healthy and hearty.

For the proper care and growth of the baby, it is truly important to ensure the best health care for them. I think having a baby thermometers seem to be the must-have baby care products for every moms and dad.

According to many baby health journals, most babies will get sick in their first year, but sorry to say that they cannot express their feelings that they feel sick. Except crying, they don’t have any way to tell if they have affected by flu or fever.

One of the best ways to understand your baby sick or not is by using a baby thermometer for checking temperature. It helps you ascertain between a trip to the ER and a dose of a cold drug.

So it is important for every parent to buy a baby thermometer for caring their loving child. But there are plenty of products out there that make you confusing to choose the best one for your kids.

That's why I have researched a lot time and make a list of the best rated baby thermometer. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 collections of baby thermometers and their reviews.

10 Best Baby Thermometers in 2019

When it comes to the child’s health, temperature seems to be the most important consideration. For super moms and dads, it is important to check out the temperature when a kid is feeling sick.

Thanks to the modern science as it discovers the best thermometer for measuring the temperature of your child. Here are my recommended top 10 baby thermometer reviews for you to choose one for your baby , So read it & pick one for your lovely child's.


Product Name




Quick Read Oral and Rectal Thermometer

1.3 Ounces


Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

11.2 Ounces

1.5 x 1.9 x 5.8 Inches

FDA Fast Digital Medical Thermometer

0.6 Ounces

5.4 x 2.2 x 0.7 Inches

Easy Home Infrared Thermometer

7.2 Ounces

8 x 3.5 x 2.8 Inches

Braun Thermoscan 7 Thermometer

10.4 Ounces


Clinical Digital Thermometer FDA

1.6 Ounces

5.8 x 2.1 x 0.8 Inches

Iproven Ear Thermometer

4 Ounces


Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer

8.5 Punces

7.1 x 1.7 x 4.5 Inches

Body Temperature Thermometer

7.8 Ounces

5.1 x 2 x 1.2 Inches

01. Quick Read Oral and Rectal Thermometer

Are you looking for the quick read thermometer for your child? If yes, why not you buy the iProvèn DT-R1221 thermometer for measuring the temperature of your child.

There are plenty of features that make it one of the best rectal thermometer in the current market.

Quick Read Thermometer:

The iProvèn DT-R1221 thermometer can detect the child’s body temperature within 10 seconds. You can apply this thermometer both orally and rectally. This thermometer is accurate and highly functional as well.

Easy to Use:

The iProvèn DT-R1221 thermometer is very easy to use. It is also highly convenient for both adults and children as well. It does not slip in your mouth due to its softness. A child can hold it easily with just a simple bite.

Easy Indication of Fever:

You can easily see the temperature level throughout this thermometer. When fever is detected this temperature level also let you know the condition is good, high or too high.

There is also a fever alarm sound which is the advanced feature of this thermometer. It also comes with a memory system which keeps the record of temperature. So you can see the last recorded temperature.


This iProvèn DT-R1221 thermometer is waterproof. So you can clean this thermometer easily with water, soap, and alcohol. It is also easy and hygienic to use for your whole family.

Finally, this thermometer is one of the most popular for quick reading temperature. I highly recommend this thermometer due to its many beneficial features.

02. Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer

Checking the right temperature of a body is quite easy unless you are dealing with a child who would not stand still for a moment. In this case, you need a thermometer which is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Fortunately for you Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer comes with all of you need. Let’ see the top-notch features of this thermometer.

Preheated Tip:

Thermoscan 5 ear thermometer plays an important role in checking the increased temperature of your family members. It comes with a preheated tip which measures the body temperature accurately.

Infrared Technology:

The thermoscan 5 ear thermometer features an infrared technology which helps you to read the temperature within seconds.

Exactemp Positioning System:

The thermoscan 5 ear thermometer comes with an exacTemp positioning system which positions the thermometer in the right place in the ear. It will show you the measured temperature once you place the thermometer in the right place.

Memory Function:

The thermoscan 5 ear thermometer has a memory backup system. So you can recall your last measured temperature reading which helps you to keep track of the temperature.

It has a large and digital display where you can see temperature easily. It also comes with 21 lens filters, 2 AA batteries and protective case included.

Finally, this thermoscan 5 ear thermometer is all that you could expect from a thermometer. For this reason, this thermometer is also suggested by pediatricians for children. I also recommend this thermometer due to its affordable price and easy to use. 

03. FDA Fast 10 Sec Reading Digital Medical Thermometer

Are you feeling confused about getting a baby thermometer? Then the FDA Fast 10 Sec Reading Digital Medical Thermometer is the most reliable and accurate unit for you.

Today it becomes the ultimate healthcare products for the modern family. Let’s see what makes this thermometer best among others.

Accurate Temperature Readings:

The FDA Fast 10 Sec reading digital medical thermometer provides a correct temperature reading to the users. It seems to be the most reliable unit for the whole family as well.

Durability and Comfort:

The FDA Fast 10 Sec reading digital medical thermometer comes with extreme durability and comfort which makes this unit ideal for many medical clinics, hospitals, veterinary clinics, schools and sports clubs.

The soft and flexible tips make this thermometer comfortable enough for taking the reading of kids, babies and even your pets. 

Fast Readings:

This thermometer can take the temperature readings easily and quickly (within 10 seconds). It comes with a digital display where you can see the temperature readings. Anyone can use this thermometer as it is safe to use and free from Mercury.

Storage Case:

This thermometer comes with a plastic storage case which makes this unit protected and clean. There is also an extra probe covers which keep it safe from bacteria and germs.


The FDA Fast 10 Sec reading thermometer comes with a waterproof design which makes it easy to clean unit. This thermometer gives you an accurate and effective reading.

Overall the FDA Fast 10 Sec reading digital medical thermometer is suitable for rectal, oral, axillary body temperature taking. I highly recommend this thermometer for the whole family and pets. 

04. Easy Home Infrared Thermometer

The Easy Home Infrared Thermometer is the easy and fast way to measure the temperature.

This thermometer is known as the best unit around the market due to its advanced infrared technology. Let’s discuss the ins and out of this Easy Home Infrared Thermometer.


This thermometer is highly designed for checking the temperature of human body. It is a non-contact thermometer which can take the reading at the distance of 3cm to 5cm. This is also an FDA approved and highly suggested thermometer by Pediatrician.

Infrared Technology:

It features a stable and dependable measurement. It comes with an advanced infrared technology which displays accurate readings within seconds.

Sound/silent Button:

This thermometer can measure the temperature silently. So you can take the reading of a sleeping baby. It beeps and LCD backlight blink alarm when the temperature is over 38 degree. It can memorize the last reading of 32 temperatures.

Digital Display:

The Easy Home Infrared Thermometer comes with a digital LCD display. There are 3 colors shows based on temperature. So you can read the temperature easily in the dark.

The 3 colors indicate different ranges. The red display indicates high fever (38°C), the yellow display indicates low fever (37.4°C~37.9°C) and the green display indicates normal temperature (37.3°C).

Temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit; Automatic power-off (30 sec) to conserve energy; Longevity use (40,000 reading).

Lifetime no hassle replacement guarantee. I would highly recommend this [email protected] 3 in 1 Thermometer due to its high accuracy and non-contact infrared feature.

05. Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer

Having a good thermometer is important to get an accurate reading. The Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer is one such good unit which gives you an accurate reading.

It also comes with some quality features that are given below:

Pre-warmed Tip:

The Braun Thermoscan is important for checking the increased temperature of child and adults. It comes with a pre-warmed tip which measures your body temperature accurately.

Easy to Use:

The Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer is easy to use. This will also give you a reliable and fast reading.

It can take the reading within seconds. It comes with handy instruction guide which helps you to use this thermometer easily.

Exactemp Guidance System:

This thermometer also comes with ExacTemp guidance system which helps you to place a thermometer in the right position. With the beep and light, it gives you an accurate reading.

LCD Display:

This thermometer comes with a large color-coded LCD display. You can see the reading temperature in this LCD display. When you use this thermometer at night, you don’t need to turn on the light to see the reading.

The Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 Thermometer is also suitable for many little children. I would recommend this one during flu season. 

06. Clinical Digital Thermometer FDA Approved 10 Sec

If you are looking for the top rated digital thermometer, then you can buy the Clinical Digital Thermometer.

It comes with some amazing features that make this thermometer best suited for the users. Let’s discuss…

Digital Thermometer:

This is an ISO approved, CE approved, and FDA approved thermometer. This thermometer is highly tested by FDA. It is also known as the high-quality thermometer due to its accuracy and safety.

You can use this thermometer for adults, kids, infants, and pets. It can be used for rectal, oral, basal, Axillary and Armpit for measuring fever. 

Fast Reading:

The Clinical Digital Thermometer gives you a fast reading within 10 seconds. It provides you faster reading than any other normal digital thermometer.

Easy to Use:

The Clinical Digital Thermometer is easy to use. You can power on this thermometer with just a single touch. It beeps once when the temperature reading is complete.

LCD Display:

This thermometer comes with digital large LCD display. You can easily see the reading through this display system. It has a fever indicator with auto power/off system.

Waterproof Design:

This thermometer comes with a waterproof design. So you can clean this thermometer easily. It comes with disposable prove cover which lowers the chance of germs spreading.

Overall, this Clinical Digital Thermometer comes with a great shape which makes it easy to hold. I would highly suggest this thermometer to anyone.

07. Iproven Ear Thermometer

Are you looking for a one-stop solution for measuring the temperature of the whole family?

If yes, then buying the iProven DMT-489 ear thermometer is right for measuring the temperature of all ages. Read more to learn more features in details.

Compatible and Dependable Thermometer:

The iProven DMT-489 is one of the most dependable and compatible ear thermometers which come with forehead function. You can measure your body temperature more practically and easily with this thermometer.

Clinical Thermometer:

The iProven DMT-489 thermometer provides you a unique performance. It is made with a revolutionized calibration technology. This is a clinical thermometer which is ideal for medical use. This will also provide you an accurate and fast reading.

Professional Medical Tool:

This thermometer is highly suggested by medical professionals and pediatrics. This thermometer is also as the number one product which is clinically tested and safe solution for all ages.

Easy to Use:

This is an electronic thermometer comes with ear and head, 2 buttons which make this unit easy to use. It can check the reading within a second. It beeps loudly once the fever is detected. It does not need any cover and it can recall last 20 readings.

The iProven DMT-489 thermometer beats any other products around the market. Overall, I recommend this thermometer. 

08. Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer

You may check your temperature for several reasons such as feeling ill and want to check your fever.

It doesn’t matter why you may need to check your temperature, the Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer will get the job easily and quickly. The amazing feature of this thermometer is given below:

Compatible and Dependable Thermometer:

Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer is a compatible and dependable device out on the market. You can practically and easily check your body temperature through this thermometer.

Clinical Thermometer:

This thermometer comes with a modern calibration technology which provides unmatched performance. This thermometer provides you an accurate temperature reading within short times.

Professional Medical Tool:

The Withings thermometer is tested by medical experts and pediatrics. It is the number one clinically tested and safe solution for both kids and adults.

Easy to Use:

This is an electric thermometer which comes with 2 buttons, ear, and head. It is very easy to use a device which checks readings just in 1 second.

When the fever is detected, it beeps loudly. It has a fever alarm, and it does not need any cover. You can also recall the last 20 reading through this thermometer.

The Withings Thermo - Smart Thermometer comes with a color-coded LED which helps you to know the temperature level is high or normal based on the age of the user. Overall it works great without skin contact.

09. Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer

Would you love to have the best forehead thermometer for your child?Then you can buy the Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer which is easy enough for measuring the temperature of your sleeping child.

It is ideal for all ages except newborn which is known as the best non-touch forehead thermometer. Let’s take a look at the other features of this thermometer below:

Infrared Technology:

The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer comes with advanced infrared technology. Through this infrared system, you can detect your body temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Battery Life:

This thermometer comes with 2AAA batteries. It has an auto power off system which stops after 30 seconds. So it preserves your battery life and saves your money. It has a silent button which does not awake your sleeping baby.

Multi-function Temperature:

It is a multifunctional thermometer which can detect the temperature of water, surface, body and air temperature. This thermometer can store your last 32 temperature readings.

The Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer is suitable for both professional and home use. This is highly used thermometer by many healthcare experts and Pediatricians. It is also highly suggested by a pediatrician as it is CE and FDA approved. 

Baby Thermometers - Buyer’s Guide

It is important to know what features are highly considered before buying a baby thermometers. Different parents want to have different thermometers according to their choice.

Some may like forehead thermometer where others want ear thermometer for their baby. Below I will discuss some important features which make your buying process easy. 

1. Placement

You can check the temperature of your older child easily by placing the device under tongue or arm. But it is definitely difficult for an infant. Infants may feel annoyed in these areas.

You may also measure the temperature by placing it in the ear region. But some infant is also feeling upset and uncomforting in the ear region. So you need to avoid this area as well.

2. Technology:

If your thermometer is equipped with modern technology, then you can read the temperature more accurately. You need to buy a thermometer which has high-quality sensors, silent mode and app connectivity by WIFI or Bluetooth.

These features make the temperature reading much easier as well. The quality sensors provide you an accurate temperature reading.

The app connection let you know the temperature reading of your baby when you stay away. And the silent mode helps you to measure the temperature reading without disturbing your child.

3. Display

You need to buy a thermometer that has digital display system which helps you to see temperature reading clearly. There are also some models that have colored lighting system for different readings.

So you can easily read the temperature easily. You should also buy a thermometer that can display your reading in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

4. Shape/style:

You need to consider the size and shape of your thermometer. If you buy a large size thermometer, it may difficult to use for a newborn baby. Though the large size thermometer works well for an older baby, it is better to buy a round shape device which has a sensor.

The thermometer with sensor system can read the temperature without touching your body. On the other hand, you should also consider the shape of the thermometer. If you are in traveling, then you need to buy one that has a small shape for easy carrying.

Also, you should remember that how much space you have to carry this thermometer in your bag. You can buy a thermometer that has different colors and designs according to your choices. Overall, you need to buy one that meets your needs. 

5. Budget:

You should also consider the budget before buying a thermometer for your baby. Thermometers with advanced features are little expensive to buy. There are some thermometers can read the temperature quickly and accurately.

Nevertheless, modern or advanced thermometers are not too costly. It would be better if you buy a quality one under your budget limit. Do not compromise the quality of the budget.

6. Additional Considerations:

  • Accuracy: One of the most important features is the accuracy of the thermometer. You should confirm that the detected temperature reading of your child is accurate. So buy the one with accuracy that is recommended by a medical expert.
  • check
    Consistency: It is difficult to take the temperature reading of your child. If you can use the thermometer accurately, then you will find the readings same repeatedly which is called consistency. Buy a thermometer that has better consistency.
  • check
    Suitable for Babies: There are some thermometers can be used for both kids and adults. But there are some others only designed for infants to work. Before buying you need to ensure that the thermometer is suitable for your child.
  • check
    Fahrenheit or Celsius: You need to ensure that which unit you feel comfortable to measure reading? Buy the one that gives you a reading in the right units to avoid any doubt.
  • check
    Speed: Babies are too impatient for poking. It is difficult to hold them for a minute to take the reading. So you need to buy one that can take the temperature reading within seconds.
  • check
    Complexity: If you are looking for an easy way to measure your child’s temperature, then I suggest you that simple is best. It relies on your personal preferences. You will find some thermometer that is worked by your single touch. There are some models with extra buttons which saves your readings.
  • check
    Sound: I suggest buying a thermometer which makes a sound after completing the reading cycle. Some parents also complain that noise is disturbing to their baby while they are sleeping. So buy one with or without sound depend on your personal likings.
  • check
    Backlit Display: Sometimes babies get sick at night for several reasons. So you need to ensure that your thermometer comes with a digital readout system including a backlit display. So you can see it the next morning and give them proper medication.
  • check
    Easy to use: You need to buy a thermometer which is easy to use and can read then temperature within seconds.
  • check
    Easy to clean: You need to clean your thermometer after use as it comes into contact with your baby. So a thermometer with easy to use makes your cleaning process a lot easier. Do not buy a thermometer with ridges or others that can hide germs.
  • check
    Large screen: Always buy a thermometer with a large screen which helps you to read the temperature easier.
  • check
    Memory: If you buy a thermometer with memory, it will help you to recall the last few temperature readings. It is best for one to compare everyday temperature changes.
  • check
    Temperature warning indicator: There are some thermometers with screens that change color based on warm. This feature helps you to understand your baby’s temperature reading is low or too high.
    The thermometer comes with a wide range of features. The above-mentioned features are the most important considerations that you need to follow before buying. So follow these considerations and get the best thermometer for baby.

Final Verdict:

You may feel the warmth on the forehead of your child which can alert you a problem. But does it tell you the whole story? No, it does not. This is why you need a baby thermometer which is an important first aid device for moms and dads. 

Having the best baby thermometer is basic needs of parents with a baby. This is because the baby comes with a low immune system, so there is a high possibility of fever.

If you want to make you adequately prepared in such conditions, you need to have the reliable and good thermometer. The best thermometer with accurate reading allows you to quickly deal with any emergency situations with your baby. 

We have listed here our top 10 selections out on the market. All of the thermometers that we discussed above are tested to give you an accurate reading. 

You can buy any one of the thermometers mentioned above for your baby. You would never go wrong with anyone of the thermometer. All these are well worth the money.

I hope after reading this article, you will get the proper knowledge which would be helpful to you. We are eager to know deeply what you consider about thermometers for your baby.

Have you bought any of the thermometers we discussed? Which one did you buy and how did it work for your baby? Or what do you know about the even better thermometer?

Please leave a comment below or contact us page! And help your fellow customers to make the right decision. Over to you!

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