Best Basal Thermometer (BBT) of 2020 To Track Ovulation

A BBT thermometer will come in handy when you are trying to conceive in vain. The signs of ovulation are not always so apparent, at least not for everyone. 

Basal temperature refers to the base temperature after a period of rest. This temperature is the same every day when a woman is not ovulating. However, there is a significant rise, between .4 and .6 when the woman is ovulating.

So, where do you take this basal temperature from? You can take oral or vaginal basal temperature. Either way, you will get good results. However, when testing for ovulation, vaginal temperature is the most accurate.

Basal thermometers are either glass or digital. While the digital thermometer is more accurate, it is relatively costly.

You will agree with me that choosing the best basal thermometer for ovulation can be challenging when you are first charting! Not all specifically designed for fertility charting.  

One that you do not want to get into if you know nothing about basal body temperature thermometer. Read on to know more about basal thermometer & pick the right one that meet your needs!

Best Basal Thermometer in 2019


Product Name

Battery Type



iBasal Digital Thermometer

Replaceable 3v Lithium


BBT-113Ai by iProvèn

Replaceable 3v Lithium


Guard Basal Thermometer

1 Nonstandard Battery

0.96 Ounces

MABIS Basal Thermometer

1 LR44 Battery

0.8 Ounces

SANPU Digital Thermometer

1 Lithium Battery


01. iBasal Digital Thermometer - Best Fertility Thermometer

Digital basal thermometer tell you more than your temperature, they can predict fertility.

This is what iBasal does. The unit is able to measure your BBT, detecting small shifts in temperatures to tell when you are ovulating.

Besides taking your temperature, the unit interprets the data it receives after two cycles to predict your fertility; a very cool feature.

It is fitted with a reminder alarm, ensuring that you consistently take readings and read the charts. It measures up to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit.

This means you get up to 2 decimals in the readings, making it highly accurate. On the LCD screen, the thermometer will display your cycle day and a graph showing previous ten readings.


  • Allows you to record important details about your cycle including bleeding and cramping
  • Uses symbols to display important details
  • It is an FDA approved thermometer
  • Runs on a replaceable battery, ensuring you never run off power


  • The screen is not easy to read in light

02. BBT-113A2A by iProvèn - Ovulation Thermometer

This is a simple BBT thermometer created to offer great accuracy like any of the basal temperature thermometer models.

It offers readings up to 1/100 of a degree Fahrenheit , making it highly accurate. The unit takes up to one minute to take your body temperature, but the preciseness of the thermometer is worth the wait.

Unlike other digital thermometers, this is a company unit with a wide handle end and a narrow temperature recording end. The gray LCD screen on the wide end displays your temperature.

Given the simple nature of this thermometer, it is easy to use, taking vaginal or oral temperature. It is designed for those who know what to do with their basal temperature, and do not need other readings such as fertility thermometer ratings.


  • Highly accurate, giving readings in 1/100 of a degree
  • Gives consistent results when you are ovulating
  • Great price performance ratio
  • Simple and easy to use design


  • The screen is not easy to read in light
  • Missing on some features present in most digital thermometers

03. Generation Guard - Best BBT Thermometer

If you are looking for the best basal body thermometer for the money, this might be it.

It allows you to take your basal temperature with confidence. It is a highly sensitive thermometer with readings in Fahrenheit up to 1/100 of a degree.

The unit is FDA and European CE approved, giving you peace of mind when you are taking temperature measurements.

The thermometer will give a beeping sound, alerting you when the test is complete. It features a narrow measuring end, letting you slip it into your mouth or your vagina with ease.

On the wide end, the unit features a wide LCD display, showing clear readings. It is ideal for use during the day, in maximum light and at night.


  • Compact and fits in your mouth or vagina with ease
  • Offered with a beeping sound alert
  • Easy to use with clear LCD display
  • Relatively low price


  • Does not offer Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion

04. MABIS Digital BBT Thermometer - Best Basal Thermometer

This unit allows you to easily track your basal body temperature to know when you are ovulating.

The thermometer recalls your last reading, letting you keep track of your progress.

It is the ideal unit if you are using a basal thermometer for the first time. It is accompanied by a manual to get you started.

The LCD display is wide enough for use during the day and at night. This display gives you clear readings in Fahrenheit up to 1/100 of a degree. It is a clinically accurate thermometer approved by FDA and registered with ISO.

On purchase, you will be given a plastic storage case, a long-life lithium ion battery and ovulation charts to use for the next 12 months. It features the conventional simple digital basal body thermometer design with a narrow end and a wide end.

The unit performs excellent in basal thermometer reviews and is offered in a relatively low price. It is recommended for budget buyers.


  • Offered with charts for those who are taking their basal temperature for the first time
  • Long life battery offered with the unit
  • Relatively low price
  • Easy to use


  • Simple design looks fragile

05. SANPU Digital Oral Basal Thermometer

If you need a thermometer that will take your readings in less than 10 seconds or less, this is an ideal choice.

It is unlike most digital thermometer that take up to 1 minute to take accurate readings. You can use it in the mouth, armpit, rectum or vagina.

Either place, it will give accurate readings. I recommend this to those who are pressed for time.

It is offered with a large backlit LCD display, giving temperature readings accurately. When the body temperature is normal, the back light is green, and when the body temperature is higher than normal, the back light goes red. This shows you when you are most viable to conceive.

You can even use it to diagnose illnesses and seek medical attention. It is offered with a plastic waterproof design that allows you to use it anywhere.


  • Waterproof for use in most parts of your body
  • Compact and ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Large LCD display with green and red lights
  • Offers relatively fast readings
  • Highly accurate


  • Temperature readings might vary when taking consistently

Why Should You Buy The Best BBT Thermometer?

Unlike the regular thermometers, digital thermometers have some particular features that made them worth purchasing. Yes, some significant features are there that regular thermometers hardly have.

To specify, digital thermometers are featured with memory recall option that enables them to record the last measured temperature. It means you will not need to log your temperature manually.

The thermometer itself will record the temperature and display the latest recorded temperature as soon as you turn it on.

One more thing that is very crucial is- the beep! Yes, digital thermometers have the beep to indicate you that it is done with the measurement and you now put off the mouth.

Keeping these aside, digital thermometers can help you measure the temperature more accurately than a regular one. Moreover, you will have the option to measure even one-tenth of a degree when you are using a digital thermometer.

Apart from all these, digital thermometers can predict fertility. Yes, with its sharp sensors it can indicate when you are going to ovulate detecting the smaller temperature change in your body. What’s more do you want from such a tiny kit?

Not convinced yet? Want to know more about the fantastic features of a digital thermometer to replace your older one?

Here you go! Have a close look at some of the most notable features of a digital thermometer before you proceed to buy one and replace your older one. 

  • The digital thermometer is a lot easier to read and handle
  • It takes comparatively less time to measure temperature
  • More reliable than the regular one and provides more accurate readings
  • Features last measured temperature memor
  • Waterproof, easier to clean, and re-use

What to Know Before You Buy a Basal Body Thermometer?

When shopping for a basal temperature thermometer. You will need to consider the following factors:

Do you need a digital or a glass thermometer?

Glass thermometers are being faced off by digital thermometers thanks to the accuracy that the latter offer.

The digital thermometers are easy to read and take relatively less time to take your basal temperature. They are also less fragile, making them last long.

The glass thermometers, on the other hand, are fragile. However, they are less expensive, making them ideal for budget buyers.


Most digital thermometers show readings up to 1/100 of a degree. This makes them very accurate. However, there are units that offer a tenth of a degree; this means they only show one decimal point.

The latter are less accurate and may not record minimal changes in body temperature. I recommend you buy one that shows readings up to a hundredth of a degree.


If you are pressed for time, obviously, you will need a unit that works fast. Some digital thermometers can take readings in less than 10 seconds while most take up to a minute. Those that take relatively longer time are more accurate.

Other Considerations

Comfort: If a thermometer does not feel comfortable when in use, reconsider buying it. The narrow end of the thermometer determines how comfortable it feels.

Accessories: There are units offered with long lasting batteries, ovulation charts and user manuals. These accessories will help you get started.

Ergonomics: While a compact unit is preferred due to the comfort of use, a very narrow thermometer might present a handling challenge. Choose the right size to use the unit with ease.

Best Basal Thermometer

How to Use The Best Basal Body Thermometer?

Using a BBT temp thermometer is a straight forward process. You just put it into your mouth, vagina, rectum or armpits and you will have your readings within one minute.

The design of the thermometer will determine how hard or easy it is to use. While most units have a narrow width, some have a relatively uniform width that may confuse users. Digital thermometers with many features are great, but are comparatively challenging to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting a massive response from the readers every day since we published this particular post on Childhoodist Blog. It’s true that some readers ask very personal questions sometimes, however, most of the mails we receive here contain some common questions.

So, instead of answering almost the same questions individually over and over, including an FAQ section will be the most convenient for all of us, we guess.

However, you are always welcome to Contact Us for any query related to parenting. And, don’t hesitate to remind us if we’ve missed anything in this section that you think will be helpful for the readers. 

Well, here are some most common questions people ask us over mail most often.

Q. How would I know I’m ovulating?

A. Well, if you are charting your BBT accurately every day for the last few months, you probably have noticed your BBT slightly rises at certain days during every cycle and then gets back to the average temperature. When ovulating, you may experience a slight rise (usually 0.4 to 0.6 degrees) in your basal body temperature

Q. What is the BBT when ovulating?

A. For most women, BBT registers 96 to 98 degrees before the ovulation while it rises up to 97 to 99 degrees after ovulation.

Q. What is the normal basal body temperature?

A. It’s true that BBT varies from individual to individual; however, normal non-ovulating basal body temperature registers between 96 to 98 degrees for most women.

Q. When should I start charting BBT?

A. You need to start charting your basal body temperature from the very first day of your menstrual period and continue throughout the cycle. Remember to measure your BBT every morning immediately after waking up without leaving the bed, even before walking to the washroom.

For a more accurate charting, you are advised to take the temperature at the same time every single day. Also, remember to chart the temperature without delay.

Q. Can Basal Thermometer help me getting pregnant?

A. Though BBT thermometer cannot help in getting pregnant directly, it can certainly contribute to conceiving for sure. Unlike regular thermometers, BBT thermometers are more sensitive and are capable of providing a more accurate temperature reading. It helps women to chart their basal body temperature accurately and track ovulation.

So, after charting BBT for a couple of cycles, women naturally can guess when they are more likely to ovulate and when is the best time for having sex if they want to conceive. And, that’s what the best BBT thermometer can do to help you conceive.

Final Thoughts

While choosing a bbt thermometer might be as easy as picking a popular brand, I suggest you take your time and choose the best.

The above reviews show the best units like iBasal Digital  and Generation Guard thermometer. It's highly accurate with readings up to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit! But again, you will still need to choose the one that meets your needs without breaking your bank.

All thermometers offer you a way to track your cycle and know your fertile days. But the above are among the leading in the industry.

If you direly need that pregnancy pick one of them. If you have any further questions about BBT thermometers, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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