Best Bottles for Preemies in 2020 – Unbiased Reviews & Comparison!

Feeding a preemie baby is not the same as feeding a baby that was born at a healthy weight. You have to give extra consideration to the type of bottle used. Why? Because the right bottle will make a big difference to how well your baby feeds.

Some bottles are specially designed for preemie babies and are often outfitted with suitably sized nipples for smaller mouths as well as nipples that make the flow easier.

Just as preemie babies need a bit more care, they also need extra nurturing and the type of feeding bottle you use will reflect this care. These bottles are designed to help them with feeding because they often have trouble sucking and swallowing at first.

My third baby came 2 months early and I was distraught. But when I realized that the problem was my lack of organization, I quickly got all the preemie baby essentials to help care for my little one.

Best Bottles for Preemies in 2019

After a lot of research, several trials and errors, I found the right one. So, I’ve put together the best bottles for preemies to help save time on researching!


Product Name




Dr. Browns Pink Bottles

11.2 Ounces

BPA Free

Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Fun

15.8 Ounces

BPA Free

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, Preemie

4.8 Ounces


MAM Baby Bottles for Breastfed 

8.8 Ounces

BPA Free

GoGlass Glass 4 OZ Baby Feeding Bottles

9.6 Ounces

BPA Free

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Specialty Feeding Starter Kit

1.2 Pounds


AVENT Natural BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle

0.8 Ounces

BPA Free

MAM Anti-Colic Baby Feeding Bottles

7.2 Ounces

BPA Free

Wide 3 Piece Neck Glass Bottle

1.8 Pounds


Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn

1.2 Pounds


01. Dr. Browns Pink Bottles

The Dr. Brown 'Pink bottle' sounds like a generic name for a solid preemie bottle set. It is a great choice for parents that don't want their baby to suffer from the dreaded colic.

You most definitely don't want your baby going through any more discomfort than they may already be experiencing, so an anti-colic bottle like this one should be your number one choice. 

Natural Flow

The natural flow design can help reduce spit-up and gas while making it easier to burp the infant. It also helps to prevent fluid buildup and the vacuum effect created while the infant is sucking on the bottle.


These bottles are BPA-free and every new parent should really be thinking about the chemicals they expose their infants to; especially preemie infants.

Easily Cleaned and Dishwasher Friendly

It can be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy maintenance. But remember to use a dishwasher basket for this so that you don't lose or damage small parts.

Smooth Transition

Easily used from infancy. Parents can choose from various nipple sizes and flow depending on the age of the child to make feeding easier as they develop.

02. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle has been designed to mimic the experiences that come with breastfeeding.

From the texture of the nipple that is attached to the bottle, - mimicking the softness of the breast - to the shape and tone of the nipple. This bottle is designed to completely imitate the shape and the appearance of the breast.

Easy Transition

Great for mothers who are concerned about the infant bond and the latch that is developed in the early stages of infancy. This breastfeeding friendly’ bottles will not cause nipple confusion in the infant.

Wide Bottle Opening

The bottle is easy to open and clean. The wide neck of the bottle allows you to fill the bottle without worrying about spilling liquid into a narrow opening like traditional bottles.

Slow Flow Nipple

The bottle comes with an anti-colic valve nipple suitable for preemie infants. It can be replaced once the baby becomes older and a medium flow or fast nipple becomes more suitable for their feeding needs.

Compact Size

The small shape of Closer to Nature Fiesta bottles make it easy to feed your baby in the most natural position possible. This will promote bonding with mom or dad.

03. Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, Preemie

Dr. Brown's Original preemie bottles are free of BPA, Phthalate, Latex, PVC, and Nitrosamine. It is the premier choice for parents who are keen to keep their preemie infants healthy during the initial growth period.

The vented system also reduces the colic symptoms that are common in infants suffering from the illness, including gas pains, bloating and stomach discomfort. 

Easy to Clean

Venting systems in other brands have multiple small parts which can make it difficult to clean. But this preemie bottle was designed specifically for easy cleaning. You can wash, clean and sanitize the bottles without having to worry about the multiple small objects.

Natural Flow

The natural air flow of the bottle can help to soothe and settle infants suffering from colic and other digestive conditions

Convenient Dual Pack

The pack comes with two bottles so that you don't have to buy multiple single bottles. As your baby grows out of this preemie bottle, you can purchase a more age-appropriate set.


These preemie bottles are a great choice for parents seeking versatility as standard nipples from other brands can be combined with the bottle to create a different feeding experience for infants.

04. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Boy, 9 Ounces, 2-Count

MAM bottles are a great option for parents looking for an affordable option for feeding. It is available in single or twin packs for just over ten dollars.

Buying the multi-packs, parents can save on the cost of bottles without sacrificing the quality of the bottles used for the baby. The bottle is created from BPA free plastic and is a traditionally-sized bottle that will accommodate nine ounces of liquid. 

Wide Opening

The wide opening of the bottle makes it easy to clean and fill. This feature and the breastfeeding-friendly nature of the bottle makes it one of the most popular breastfeeding bottles on the market.

For Easy Natural Feeding

Suitable for both breast milk and formula, the versatile bottles are a great choice for parents that want a healthy choice for their baby.

Vented Base

The unique venting base system can reduce colic, ear infections and other digestive conditions the infant may suffer from

Skin Soft Nipples

Soft nipples are used to prevent hard suckling and available in a wide range of options to suit all of the stages of infancy.

05. GoGlass Glass 4 OZ Baby Feeding Bottles for Preemie

GoGlass Glass feeding bottles are one of the most popular choices for parents. The design is functional but also stylish and comes in a plastic and glass structure (silicone sleeve and glass bottle).

The 4 OZ size is the perfect choice for parents that are searching for alternatives to larger sized bottles. The bottle is perfect for easier portion control.

Modern Design

The modern design and color make this perfect for any sex. Allowing the parents to buy bottles for girls or boys, or even as part of a baby shower gift.

Small and Medium Flow

There are 2 soft nipples (small and medium flow) included preventing hard suckling. The two options will suit all of the stages of infancy.

Durable Silicone Sleeve

The durable silicone sleeve acts as a protective layer and is made of strong, durable plastic. It is a great way to protect the bottle against the occasional toss by the infant or toddler, and a way to stay protected from glass bottles that have become a little too warm to the touch after being placed in the warmer.

06. Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown developed a revolutionary bottle that features a "patented internal vent system" designed to reduce colic.

The nipple in this set was created to imitate the breast’s normal flex, movement and development, this bottle set is perfect for preemies and makes feeding time less demanding for mom and baby.

Mimics Breastfeeding

The positive-pressure flow which mimics breastfeeding ensures that the liquid from the bottle is flowing easily, reducing the symptoms and pain of colic in infants and reducing indigestion.

Versatile Use

When your baby is ready to transition to a larger sized bottle, you can easily switch the size of the bottles and continue to use the same rings, covers, and nipples if they are the right stage for the infant.

Easy Transition

Dr. Brown's newborn set of bottles are a great choice and can be used for infants from birth to toddlerhood, allowing parents to save on the cost of buying new bottles.

Clear View Bottles

Clear bottles allow parents to easily see how much breast milk or formula has been consumed by the infant.

07. Philips AVENT Natural BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle for Newborns

Philips Avent Natural BPA Free Polypropylene bottles are a convenient choice for parents who want a healthy feeding option for their preemie baby.

This practical plastic bottle is available in two-ounce sizes for infants and offers many features that are designed to ease the common feeding troubles associated with preemie infants.

Varied Options

The Natural BPA Free Polypropylene bottles are convenient and versatile. You can choose from bundles of two or four bottles, including accessories like bottle brushes, and even formula containers for parents on the go.

Reduces Colic

These bottles can help reduce the symptoms of colic and are therefore one of the leading options for parents with preemie babies. The vented system reduces the amount of air that is being swallowed while feeding and subsequently any pain resulting from gas and colic that babies often suffer from.

Slow First Flow

It is sold with first flow nipples which help to regulate milk flow, depending on the growth rate of your baby. The first flow technique is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of colic and the pain that comes with it.

Friendly Design

The design of the bottle makes it easy and comfortable for parents to hold the bottle. It has a contour that helps prevent spills and ensures that the bottle cap stays put while being tossed around in the diaper bag.

Easy Transition

With so many options, parents can easily transition from breast to bottle – and you can be sure that the child is being fed with ease, the entire time.

08. MAM Anti-Colic Baby Feeding Bottles

MAM’s venting system has one of its most amazing features which is located at the bottom of the bottle. The anti-colic system moves air out of the back of the bottle as the baby is feeding.

The nipple is unique and slightly flat due to the company’s “patented silk surface.” It is always a good choice for babies who have rejected a few bottles because of its more traditional nipple design.

Perfect Preemie Bottle Gift

Parents can stock up on the bottles for their own baby or buy the bottles as a gift for new parents as they are available in different sizes and accessories.

Anti-colic Bottle

Sensitive response design to create even airflow throughout. This will help reduce colic and keep your baby healthier.

Easy Transition

Can be used from newborn to toddlerhood by parents introducing the bottle from birth. This feature means that your preemie baby never really misses out on the breastfeeding experience.


MAM's anti-colic bottles is a self-sterilizing bottle with a design that enables you to sterilize the bottle in just 3 minutes. This is done in the microwave with no messy sterilizing equipment required.

09. Dr. Brown's Options Wide 3 Piece Neck Glass Bottle, 5 Ounce

The Dr. Brown's Options glass bottle is a first-rate preemie feeding bottle that has been designed with several beneficial features while keeping the convenience of both babies and moms in mind.

It is made of high-quality BPA free borosilicate glass. The clear glass enables parents see the level of the food being consumed as they feed their baby. 

This also prevents the baby from drinking from a bottle that is already empty. It is the first convertible baby bottle that can be used with or without the vent system. 

Wide Opening

It comes with a wide mouth that allows mothers to fill the bottle very easily. The innovative nipple design gives the bottle an attractive look, besides making the bottle easy to clean.

Eco-friendly Bottle

Dr. Brown's Options Glass Bottles are designed to offer real value for the money as they are perfect for parents who are looking for an eco-health bottle within their budget.

Easy to Clean

The bottle is easy to clean, as it comes with a wide mouth that allows a cleaning brush to clean every nook and corner of the bottle easily.

BPA-free Glass

As the bottle is made from BPA-free glass, it does not produce any bad smells and won’t be scratched while using and cleaning the bottle.

10. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set

The Philips Avent Natural bottles are well designed, ecologically friendly bottles which will satisfy parents who are trying to avoid possible risks related to other bottles.

The ergonomic shape, wide-mouth and the nipple of the bottle are easy to use for both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding babies.

Mimics Breastfeeding

The delicate silicone nipple feels like skin, and tenderly prolongs and flexes amid encouraging to copy characteristic breastfeeding activity.

Advanced Anti-colic Valve

The nipple comes with a double valve design that reduces stomach pain in babies by allowing the air into the bottle. Furthermore, the narrow design of the nipple offers a comfortable and easy fit for the mouth of the baby.

Flexible Spiral Design

The bottle has a flexible spiral design, plus it comes with unique comfort petals that are flexible allowing for a more natural feeding experience for your baby without the nipple collapsing.

Natural Latch on

Wide, breast-shaped silicone nipple that encourages natural latching. This makes it easy for your baby to combine bottle feeding and breastfeeding.

Best Baby Bottles for Preemies - Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have a list of my 10 best preemies bottles, you may probably be wondering how I came up with this list. I found out early that there are too many different baby bottles on the market, which made it a difficult task to choose what was best for my baby.

I wanted a baby bottle that won't leak in the diaper bag, something that was safe and looked presentable - at the time, my needs were simple.

During my research, I quickly discovered the important include:

  • Material 
  • Health
  • Comfort
  • Safety 

The whole process of buying my preemie's bottles became easier once I prioritized these factors. Hence this buying guide was born.

1. Bottle Material

The type of material you choose should be a key consideration. Preemie bottles come in common different materials - glass and plastic are the most common materials.

Glass - Glass bottles are heavy, breakable and more expensive than other types of bottles. In most cases, you will find silicone sleeves on a glass bottle which is supposed to prevent breakage and heat. The upside is that glass bottles are always BPA-free and last longer than plastic bottles.    

Plastic - Plastic is lightweight, affordable, unbreakable and everywhere. The major worry here is whether or not it is free of BPA or other harmful materials. One thing to remember is that plastic bottles deteriorate with time and will have to be replaced regularly.     

2. Nipple Material

Nipples generally come in either latex or silicone varieties. Latex teats are softer and more flexible, while Silicone teats are firmer and temperature-resistant so that direct sunlight will not cause the material to age.

Latex is more nipple-like than silicone, so if you are planning on combining bottle and breastfeeding, latex teats may make this easier. Silicone, however, lasts longer and holds their shape for a long time. 

Babies may initially reject a new latex teat because of the way it tastes, so it is advisable to place it in boiling milk for 3 minutes, as this will neutralize the taste. However, the fat in the milk will make the teat age more quickly. 

Choosing between latex and silicone is completely up to you and will depend on your baby’s needs. 

3. Venting Systems

Bottles with vents are called anti-colic bottles. Some have straw-like components that fit into the bottle so that air bubbles can escape, others may have venting systems inbuilt for the same purpose.

When your baby is sucking from a bottle, a vacuum forms. This vacuum creates air bubbles that get trapped inside the nipple and is swallowed by your baby. Swallowing air can result in colic or gas hence the need for vents.

An air venting system can help stop air from being trapped or mixing with the milk. It enables air bubbles to escape or pushes it to the base of the bottle. Let' look at the different venting systems and how they really work. 

Bottles with No Vent: - These types of bottles have no vents and allows your baby to swallow air when feeding.

Top-vented Bottles: - These types of bottles come with nipples that have small holes and allows air to pass through the milk. It isn't 100% effective as your baby will still swallow some air.

Straw-vented Bottles: - In a straw-vented bottle, air is drawn into the bottle through slits in the nipples and passes through the straw to the bottom of the bottle. It is effective because the air does not mix with your baby’s milk.

Bottom-vented Bottles: - This venting system is usually located at the bottom of the bottle. During feeding time, as your baby sucks the bottle, air goes through a valve at the bottom of the bottle. Because of the negative pressure, your baby’s milk will practically be air free.

If your baby is usually restless after feeding and experiences colic or gas frequently, then it is really important to try a bottle with a venting system. While these bottles don't work in every situation, there are a lot of parents who feel that venting systems are a life-saver. 

4. Does It Contain BPA

For a while, there were major concerns about plastic bottles that contained polycarbonate (BPA) because of its possible harm to infants. But today, that chemical has been banned from all baby bottles.

So when choosing a bottle, you should check whether it is free of BPA first. You can do this by checking the recycling symbol on the bottle’s bottom. If it displays a #7 or PC, it most probably contains BPA. 

If it displays a #1, #2 or #4, then it is made of polyethylene and if you #5, then it is made of polypropylene. These are all safe and BPA-free.

5. Other Considerations

  • Is the bottle shape suitable for handling and cleaning?
  • check
    Bottles with wide opening make it easy to pour in baby food.
  • check
    Bottle with drop-in insert come really handy when you are on the go.
  • check
    There are a variety of nipple shapes and sizes so give this some consideration as well.
  • check
    There are many accessories available and if you choose bottles that can be used with other accessories, you will greatly enhance your preemie's feeding experience.
  • check
    Baby bottle recalls are uncommon but do happen. Use the list from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to check any bottle you plan to purchase.

Final Verdict:

Up to 25% of all babies from 2 weeks old to 3 months of age experience colic. It is temporary and causes gas, bloating and other symptoms in infants making it difficult to settle a baby. All of the bottles I've listed above are designed specifically to regulate flow and reduce the occurrence of colic in infants.

Also, buying sets of bottles rather than individually packaged products can help new parents save on costs. Sets of bottles like Dr. Brown's Feeding Set or the Philips Avent Natural Baby Gift Set are as much as forty percent less than the cost of a single bottle and are often packed with convenient accessories and additional components to simplify the feeding of the baby. 

You also want to avoid products made with chemicals or products with toxins. Some research has found that BPA can penetrate food or beverages and this exposure has been a major concern because of BPA's effects on the health of the fetus and infants.

Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that BPA is safe at low concentrations, responsible manufacturers are staying off the chemical completely and so should you! 

All the above-recommended bottles are BPA-free and will keep your preemie safe from harmful toxins. These bottles are the go-to bottles and make moving from the breast to bottle-feeding is less demanding. 

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