Best Car Seat Protector in 2020 – What Need to Know Before Buy?

If you have small children and pets, your car seat may take a beating. Investing in the best car seat protector is the ideal way to protect your vehicle and keep your seats looking new. Car seats are usually the first parts a car’s interior to be damaged.

Most people do not think to protect their car seats until something actually happens and in most cases, car owners find that they need to either cover up or reupholster frayed, torn or stained seats even before the car’s warranty expires.

Why Car Seat Protectors Are Important?

Baby car seats can leave rub marks or little children could spit up or drop their bottles on your car seat. And that's not the end of it when you are traveling with your baby!

Again, if you own a dog you could end up having pet hairs all over your seats which can be a real problem. It can be such a problem that a lot of dog owners don’t allow their pets in their cars.

Car seat protectors are the answer and will pay for themselves in a very short time. By not having to replace your seats or car detailed every so often, you will save money.

Car seat protectors come in all shapes, colors, size, and quality. They go on your child’s seat and not under. Check out this post about the dangers of car seat protectors that go under a child safety car seat.

Most manufacturers sell seat protectors as accessories that go with particular car models so, if you purchase one from your car manufacturer, you’ll know that they are made to fit the size of your original seats. But are they of high quality?

Quality pertains to the material used to make the car seat protector and the craftsmanship. Choosing car seat protector will ensure that you get to pick the material, the color and pattern design you want and you trust that the manufacturing process is of the best quality.

Best Car Seat Protector in 2019

A car seat protectors come in all sizes and colors from a small mat that you would put under a baby car seat to a cover that would go all across the seat. They also make car back cover to protect the front seats from your child kicking and leaving dents or scuff marks.

We’ve done the research and taken the guesswork out of your search for car seat protector. Here are our top 10 recommended products.


Product Name




Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

1 Pounds

21.4 x 9.3 x 3.3 Inches

Car Seat Protector and Kick Mat Seat 

4 Pounds

19.1 x 9.9 x 4.8 Inches

Kick Mat Auto Seat Back Protectors

14.4 Ounces

11 x 9.5 x 1.3 Inches

Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

3.2 Pounds

0.9 x 18.6 x 26.5 Inches

Ohuhu Auto Car Seat Protector

1.5 Pounds

10.1 x 3.5 x 10.1 Inches

Car Seat Protector and Mat

1.68 Pounds

19.5 x 9.2 x 2.6 Inches

Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

1 Pounds

11.2 x 9.7 x 2.5 Inches

Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seatsaver

1.7 Pounds

18.4 x 0.2 x 30.6 Inches

Car Seat Protector - Car seat Auto Cover

1.35 Pounds

18 x 8.5 x 1.5 Inches

ROYAL OXFORD Car Seat Protector

13.6 Ounces

16.8 x 9 x 2 Inches

01. Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector is the number one choice for parents who want to prevent damage to their car seat and also keep their kids safe.

The product has an extra long back panel and is particularly designed to suit today's large car seats. The product is affordable and the color will not bleed onto seats.

Wide Coverage

Even if you have a truck, the Brica car seat protector will cover all of the seats where your child's car seat is placed.

No Indentations

It's also padded so that the protector does not make indentations on your car seat.

Good Grip

It is a car seat protector that is perfect for leather seats. It has a rubber on the underside and a dual-grip traction that stays fixed to the car seat. You can expect a good grip that will not allow your child's car seat to slide when the car is moving.

Easy to Clean

It catches all the crumbs so if you are feeding on the go, expect that it will protect your car from the morsels.

02. Car Seat Protector and Kick Mat Seat Cover

Keep the interior of your car more organized and your child safe with this car seat protector and kick mat.

It will save you time on cleaning juice, food, and mud from your car's upholstery. Not only that, it’s easy and fast to remove.

The addition of adjustable straps and a waterproof material makes it ideal for protecting your upholstery. 

Also, the product comes with a dual grip and non-slip backing to reinforce protection.

2-in-1 Set

The set comes with 2 car seat protectors and kick mats to protect the back of your seats. The set is a budget collection for the price.

Easy to Install

This car seat protector and kick mats are easy to install and will suit all car types. It's easy to take off as well if you want to do a quick switch.

Adjustable Straps

It comes with adjustable straps that go around the headrest and an extra tab for the back seat which helps secure the mat.

Heavy Duty Construction

The product is made of heavy-duty material and thick padding that offers users the best protection for their car upholstery and kids.

03. Kick Mat Auto Seat Back Protectors

Enhance your car care with a Kick Mat car seat protector that was created to extend the life of your car seats.

The product comes with a waterproof material which has a smooth finish to complement the interior finishing of your car.

It was also designed for an easy stress-free setup and is made of durable straps for a secure fit. 

The addition of mesh storage slots provides a safe storage space for your items and will keep you organized.

Value Pack

Comes in a value pack of 2 kick mats. Features include 4 mesh slots and extra large back seat protectors so that both driver and passengers can be protected.

Double layered fabric For durability and longevity, the kick mats are made of a double layered material that will keep your car seats clean no matter how strong the little feet are. It will also protect your seat cover from scuff marks, dirt, moisture, and footprints. 

Easy to Clean

This product is made of waterproof material that is easy to clean. It is machine washable and you can wipe off food easily. Cleaning the kick mats will give it a longer life and not reduce its effectiveness.

Easy to Install

Another great feature of this product is its simplicity during installation. It'll take you no more than a minute as it comes with long enough adjustable top and bottom buckle straps for an easy strap-on.

04. Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

The Britax Vehicle Seat Protector is made with an innovative technology which keeps it fixed on the car seat.

This will enhance the safety of your child while you are driving.

Britax is one of the best car seat because it has been fully crash-tested and approved for use with all Britax kids car seats. 

It comes with a latch, debris for easy clean-up, raised sides that catches spills and an overlap in front to protect the seat from dirty shoes.

Easy to Clean

When your protector becomes dirty (and it will), the waterproof material of this product will make it easy to clean.

Large Size

It is large enough t cover most car seat sizes. Also, when you remove the car seat protector, there should not be any stray dirt left behind. Britax has got you covered and really protects your car all around.

Extra Protection

The edges are raised appropriately to catch any spills and crumbs from your child. The front seat flap also protects the lower part of the car seat from your child’s shoes.

No Slip Grip

It is constructed with a no-slip-grip material that will help prevent shifting and sliding during car rides.

05. Ohuhu Baby Child Car Auto Car Seat Protector

For just under $16, the Ohuhu Baby car seat protector offers a great bang for your buck.

It can be used with both forward or back-facing car seats.

It also comes with mesh pockets to enable you store your child's toys, bottles, and snacks. 

Another awesome feature is that the protector is compatible with different types of car seats and comes with extended flaps for more coverage. This car seat protector has been crash-tested to stay intact making is a reliable choice for those who want a high degree of protection to their child.

Heavy Duty

The car seat protector is durable and made of tough material making it ideal for any kind of use.

Non-slip Technology

It comes with a cover that has a double-sided, non-slip technology on both sides to guarantee your child is held firmly in place.

Waterproof lining

It has a lining that is waterproof preventing spillage and soaking.

Easy to Clean

The cover is also easy to clean and dries fast. This is really ideal if you go out with your child frequently. No need for a laborious clean up as a simple cleaning job will do.

06. Car Seat Protector and Mat

Everyone loves to keep their car interior looking clean and new. But, with small kids, this can be difficult.

This product provides extra protection that can help you achieve this and save on additional costs of replacing your upholstery.

It comes padded to ensure that your car seat is protected from indentation or scratches.

The foam also provides extra comfort to your child. The protector is made even more effective with tight straps and grips for an easy and stable installation.

Thick Foam

Instead of just a slim mat, the product is made with pockets of foam to reduce indentation and create maximum comfort. The foam material helps improve compression and enhances resistance.

Tight Latch

Not that other products are not tight, but this one seems to have an extra strength when the latches are fastened.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install and the straps can be attached to the head-rest and rubber backing without any fuss.

Easy to Clean

Just as it is easy to install, the material used also makes it easy to clean. Just wipe and go!

07. Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

The Munchkin Auto Seat protector is an effective car accessory that will ensure your child is safe while on the road.

It will help you maintain a sanitary space and comes with a stabilizing wedge that holds it firmly in place for peace of mind.

Munchkin car seat protectors come at a great price that can't be beaten. They are for car owners who want to ensure that their car seats are well protected.

Non-skid Texture Fabric

With this product, you don't have to deal with children's' car seats slipping or sliding because of it is made with a special feature known as "the non-skid texture fabric".

Storage Space

The protector has a storage space in the front pocket so you can store anything you want. With kids, parents always have something they want to keep at arm's length and this space is ideal for such needs.


It is made of durable material that will last for a long time. What this means is that you don't have to replace the protector with a new one frequently.

Easy to fold As much as the product is easy to install, it is also easy to fold and store away for the times that you don't need it.

08. Prince Lionheart 2 Stage Seatsaver

As your children grow, you have to keep changing the car seat protectors just to get the perfect fit.

But, with the 2 stages car seat protector from Prince Lionheart you can now relax knowing that your car seat protector will grow with your kids.

It was created to fit 2 stages of growth so that there will be no need to replace it when your child grows into a new stage. 

The protector is also made of high-density foam construction which will help prevent indentation damage that is typically caused by car seats.

Effective Against Spills

It perfectly protects your car seat from damage caused by dirt, spills, and scuffs thereby maintaining its aesthetic look.

Easy to Install

No struggling to fit it on the seat, it is compatible and comes with a latch system that firmly holds it in place. So no matter where you plan to install the protector - rear or forward - it will fit perfectly.

Bottom tray The product comes with a tray at the bottom which helps keep car seats at a balanced level and in the right position.

09. Car Seat Protector - Premium Carseat Auto Cover

Change the way in that you take care of your car and kids when on the road with one of the popular car seat protectors.

This premium car seat protector can stay in place constantly and does not need to be adjusted every time.

It also comes with a special foam material that improves compression and improves resistance.


The car seat cover is durable with an aesthetically appealing design that will enhance the look of your interior.

Easy to Clean

Washing it is a breeze too because of the material all you really need to do is take off the car seat protector and wipe with a damp cloth!


It is made of a waterproof material that makes the product also dirt proof. Unlike other flimsy car seat protectors, this product has a car seat pad that will prevent any types of liquid from destroying your car seats!

Easy to Install

You can install this car seat in under 2 minutes as it comes with an innovative latching system.

10. ROYAL OXFORD Luxury Car Seat Protector

The Royal Oxford Luxury car seat protector is a custom-made product for the elite and those who don't want the best at any cost.

It is durable and comfortable for any type of passenger sitting on your car seat.

Also, it is constructed with a tall and thick padding that will keep your child's car seat protected at all times.

Popular Brand

The manufacturer of this product is popular and well-known for their high-quality products. They make other car accessories and have earned the trust of many customers.

Storage Pockets

The car seat protector comes with a storage pocket that you can place some items in. This is ideal if you want some everyday items handy for your child.

Adjustable Latches

With adjustable latches, this protector is compatible with many other vehicle types. So even if you change your car, you can rest easy knowing that your car seat protector will adjust to the change.

Thick Padding

Royal Oxford Luxury car seat protectors are one of the thickest protectors in the market today. The extra padding will help reduce indentation and provide a better grip.

What to Know Before Buying a Car Seat Protector?

A clean and unmarked car interior always brings joy to the eyes of the beholder. I love to look at my car interior and appreciate the dashboard and unmarked seats - and I know that I’m not the only one.

I once had a friend whose kid accidentally spilled her drink all over my car seat! That was really a wake-up call for me as it ruined my seats and when I could no longer stand the sight of the stains I had to get it reupholstered.

I went in search of a car seat protector right after and quickly realized that there were just too many out there to choose from.

It was important to choose the right one that would protect my car seat, but making a choice was my biggest dilemma at the time.

To solve my problem, I created a list to help guide me on what to look for. Here is my guide to help you choose the best car seat protector.

1. Safety

Car accidents are the leading cause of death to kids aged 3-14 in the United States, so safety should be your number one consideration when choosing a car accessory.

A car seat protector with a non-skid material will keep the seat firmly in place and stops it from sliding.

There are a few factors to consider when it comes to the safety of your child. Basically, make sure the product you choose will not cause the car seat to slide out of place.

2. Material

There are some quality products on the market that cost less than some high-end products. The aim of having car seat protectors is to prevent cuts, scratches, fraying, dirt and all other mishaps that might befall your precious seats.

The material of your car seat protector must be able to prevent all that from happening and should be easy to clean. It will be ineffective if some spilled beverages soak through to your actual car seats and damage them.

Also, it won’t be any good if your car seat protector cannot be cleaned easily or is so uncomfortable to sit on. If it's machine washable and made of a colorfast material, has some level of waterproofness to keep as much of the spills off your precious car seats while still managing to have a quality and style that does not resemble a disco-era styled, pimpmobile, then the product will do just fine.

Pick the one that has a foam that is thick enough to protect your passengers. Remember, that not all car seat protectors have this feature, so be sure that you choose a product that has it.

 A thick foam will help prevent damage to your car seat and may even cushion the impact you'd normally feel when you drive over a bumpy road, as it'll absorb the tension.

3. Aesthetics

Cars are an extension of the people who drive them, how you personalize your car says a lot about the character of the driver. Your car seat protectors also add to that image or characterization, that is why the look of your car seat protector matters.

For example, if you have original leather upholstered seats, you might want to forego leather as a material for your car seat protectors but instead, choose a material that complements the original interior of the car.

First of all, using leather is simply harmful to the environment because it involves the killing of animals.

Even if you are not an animal activist it is really pointless trying to protect your leather seat with more leather!Besides, leather will typically heat up the interior of your car especially when it is sunny and you're not using it.

This can produce a really offensive odor in your car, not to mention that it can be quite pricey.You can choose a material like polycotton, neoprene or velour. At the end of the day, your individual taste will be what counts.

4. Effectiveness

This is usually the number one consideration when choosing a car seat protector. Ask yourself, will it be effective and stop damage to my car seat? If the car seat protector looks nice and durable, but does not really do much to protect your car seat, then it isn’t a good choice.

I bet you’re wondering how in the world you’ll know if the product will be effective since you haven’t used it yet. Well, for starters reviews like the above will help. Look at the real consumer feedback and take the material and construction into consideration.

Also, check if the car seat has been crash-tested. This information is usually available in the manual or on the label itself.

Other Important Considerations:

  • You should only choose products with a long warranty. The longer the warranty offered, the more reliable the product will be.
  • Ensure that the car seat protector is easy to install and make sure that it's safe for your little one.
  • Color is also a concern for some people. If you live in a really hot region and don’t have air conditioning, then please avoid dark colors.
  • Price is always a key factor when purchasing a new item like this. Some products cost more and yet don’t offer any new or outstanding features.
  • Product recall is also an important factor to be aware of. If a product has been recalled, please don’t buy it.
  • Another point that's overlooked by many people is how easy it'll be to remove the car seat protector.

You want to have the ability to remove the protector when it's no longer needed or not in use. At the same time, you don't want it so feeble it'll come loose with a child on-board.

Final Verdict

Choosing a product that will satisfy all your needs can sometimes be a daunting task, but with the above guide, making that choice should be easy.

In my case, I first tried the Munchkin car seat protector and loved everything about the product. The storage space, non-skid material, and the foldable construction were all perfect for my needs.

If you have twins or two car seats, then a 2-in-1 kick mat is a MUST. To protect the back of your seats while also protecting your car seats is what this product offers. The cost is affordable considering that it’s a value pack.

Another product that is fantastic is the Royal Oxford car seats. For a luxurious look and protection, you can’t go wrong with this product.

The finishing is superb and it especially fits in well with luxury cars.It is really important to consider your needs and car seat size when choosing the ideal product. Stay away from products that absorb liquids as they will damage your car seats.

When you're in doubt, consult the car seat guide above as it will enable you to make the right choice for your car and most importantly, for the safety of your child.

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