Best Crib Mattress Pad in 2020 – What to Know Before Buy?

​Babies are so delicate and precious in every single way! Every smile and laugh is absolutely heartwarming but to maintain those moments every baby needs rest. A sleeping baby is a happy baby. A comfortable bed will help babies get full hours of rest without any disturbance or discomfort.

Finding the best crib mattress pad will be very beneficial for your little one. A crib mattress pad is a cover for the baby crib mattress to be able to protect from leaky liquids or unexpected messes. Any mess can be easily cleaned off the waterproof barrier by wiping or washing.

It saves mom from a stained mattress and a big mess to clean. The best part is the fact that you and your little one can sleep soundly throughout the night without any worries together because the crib mattress pad will protect and comfort the baby. Below list 5 of crib mattress pad cover to choose from.

Best Crib Mattress Pad in 2019


Product Name




American Baby Company Waterproof Mattress Pad

11.2 Ounces


Crib Mattress Protector

14.4 Ounces


Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad

1.8 Pounds


Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad

12.8 Ounces

BPA Free

Sealy Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Pad

2.01 Pounds

Latex Free

01. American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Pad

Sleeping at night can be a hassle if your baby is constantly rolling around on a bunch of newspapers. Getting a quiet mattress pad cover can improve parents sleep greatly.

American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Protective Mattress Pad Cover will be excellent for parents that are light sleeps.

It uses soft materials to ensure that no crinkly noises bother parents. Saving a lot of time and water, this item is very easy to clean up.

Cleaning up right at the time of the incident is hassle-free. The top of the pad is made with 100% soft polyester while the middle is made with a waterproof vinyl to protect the mattress from any staining that may occur if the pad was not there.


  • It is very quiet at night so that parents can sleep without being disturbed by rolling and crackly noises.
  • The waterproof lining in the middle prevents staining from happening.
  • Clean up is quick and easy. 


The material could be damaged if not handled and washed properly. to help make an informative buying decision. It all starts with comfort.

02. Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress Protector Pad Cover

Just like your babies skin, this Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress Protector Pad Cover is most definitely soft.

This mattress protector cover is made out of bamboo viscose, a regenerated fiber that is used in the raw material.

The natural bamboo fabric is a voted the most absorbent textiles available.

It is commonly used in cloth diapers as a diaper insert because of how much liquid it can absorb at one time. The bamboo material is also very breathable.

This allows your little one to sleep through the night better without waking up because of heat in a pool of sweat. Only using premium fabrics, this mattress protector is designed only with the intention for safe and comfortable sleep.

Baby skin is really sensitive. Making sure that the fabric will not hurt your little one is a very important thing to take into consideration. Luckily, this particular mattress protector is 100% phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA free.

Without these toxic properties spending the night with your little one, parents can rest soundly with no worries. Surprisingly, babies grow up very fast. This mattress protector will grow with your little one so parents will not have to purchase a brand new cover every growth spurt. 


  • This mattress protector uses bamboo viscose as the fabric. 
  • The natural bamboo material is very absorbent.
  • It phthalate-free, lead-free, and BPA free. 


It may be too small for certain cribs. Reading the dimensions will be very helpful when decided on sizes.

03. Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad

This Naturepedic Fitted Crib Pad uses organic material to promote the little ones sleep comfort.

Naturepedic takes the precaution to ensure babies get a dust free and chemical free sleeping space.

Made in the United States, this fitted crib pad is made with 100% organic cotton fabric.

The soft and breathable organic material is really absorbent. Babies who sweat all over their backside in their sleep could really use this crib pad.

The cotton will reduce wetness by cooling down the baby when in deep sleep. This is the best organic crib mattress pad on this list. 

It is great for parents that love the organic route. The really thin waterproof barrier helps repel dust mites and other allergens that your little one may have to face. Its non-toxic design removes any potential latex allergic concerns parents may have about their growing little one.

The thin layer blocks liquids from getting to the mattress while the cotton allows trapped air to escape. Many parents feel confident about this item because of its organic properties and convenient design. It is washing machine and dryer friendly.

Drying this fitted crib pad may take a little longer than usual because of the quality of the pad, however, it is completely worth it. It prevents any serious accidents that take place and save a mattress from being permanently stained. 


  • It is made with 100% organic cotton fabric.
  • The material helps babies not be so sweaty at night times.
  • Its organic properties make it blocks out dirt and dust while keeping the baby cool and calm.


It may take longer to dry than others because of the quality of the material.

04. Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

When babies sleep at night, it is very important that they have the perfect sleep setting.

If the bedding is uncomfortable, any baby would be fussy during the night.

This white mattress protector is great for babies who enjoy extremely soft bedding.

Although it is waterproof, it does not have a loud crinkly back that makes a loud sound when the baby moves around. With no noises to suddenly wake you and your baby up, it is the best waterproof crib mattress pad.

Many doctors recommend that babies spend their first few months of life sleeping on a firm bed to reduce sudden infant death syndrome. However, as babies grow, it is not bad at all to add a soft layer between the mattress and the baby to add more padding.

Taking care for this mattress protector pad is fairly simple. To maintain its durability, it is best to wash it with cold water and dry it with low head to avoid any irreversible damage that may occur when incorrectly handling the item.

 When removing this mattress protector pad from the bed, it is super easy and can be done within seconds. This product has saved many parents from investing a lot of money replacing a soiled crib mattress. 


  • On the top of the protector pad is super soft and comfortable.
  • The bottom has softer materials to avoid any loud crinkly noises the protector pad can make when the baby moves.
  • Removing the mattress protector from the mattress is very simple.
  • Helps babies sleep throughout the night.


This item is not ideal for smaller cribs and or pack-n-plays. Checking the measurements before purchasing will save a lot of time and money.

05. Sealy Waterproof Fitted Crib Mattress Pad

This is by far the best mattress pad cover. It has helped many parents achieve a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for their little one to sleep at night.

Parents love this item because it is perfect for a growing baby that can be a little messy sometimes. When bought, this item comes with 2 sets of identical super absorbent crib mattress pad.

When one gets dirty, another one will be available immediately for use. That way, one can wash while another protects the mattress from another unpredictable mess.

If you have a roller, this one will be perfect because it has a Secure Stay option. Sealy’s Mattress Pads have a full stretch skirt to help prevent from sliding and random shifting.

It will keep the pad in place and reduce the risk of discomfort. This mattress pad can fit all full-size cribs and even toddler beds.

Using hypoallergenic materials, these mattress pads will not irritate skin or cause any allergic reactions. Even though it is 100% waterproof, the cushioning is still very soft and comfy. 

When washing these mattress pads, it is best to follow the instructions. A few people have not had the best of luck with taking care of the mattress pad cover properly and have had some serious unlucky results. 


  • It provides convenience for many parents because it comes with two mattress pads.
  • Both are waterproof and washing machine friendly.
  • It is made of hypoallergenic materials to prevent any allergic reactions.
  • It comes with a Secure Stay option to keep the mattress pad in place by using a stretching skirt.


Washing the mattress cover incorrectly or drying the mattress cover in too high of heat can do some damage.

What Need to Know Before Buy a Crib Mattress Pad

Before purchasing a mattress cover, there are a couple things to take into consideration. It is important to value all aspects before making the decisions. If the right precautions are not taken, ending up with the incorrect mattress cover pad could be very frustrating.


Unfortunately, humans are all not made of money. Although it would be very nice to purchase a high end mattress cover, it is not necessarily ideal. Deciding which one is worth it may take a little time. Before making a final choice, figuring out which one works best for you is important.

Reading all the options and specs will narrow down the options. From there, choosing the most reasonable priced mattress pad will be the best way to go. 


Just because something is a great deal does not mean that it will always have the best quality. Many people have purchased things but are disappointed afterwards because the item was not as reliable as they wanted it to be.

It is always best to read the reviews that are usually located at the bottom of the page to get a better idea of how the item would perform. Looking at the pictures and opinions will expose the truth of the product and that’s always fun to read, right? 


We live to be comfortable. Our little ones comfort is all parents always want in life. It’s all about the little things. A crib comforter is very thoughtful and generous because comfort is the best present you can ever give someone. Getting a comforter will help strengthen the baby’s development.

Everything Else

Besides the three main points, as a buyer, there is not much left to think about except ask questions about how this financial decision will be the best move.

Is this the right product for me? Humans are very creative. Before we buy anything, we envision ourselves using it before we purchase it. If we put all of those things together to analyze an item and it does not play out well in our heads, we do not buy it. Which one do you envision is best for your little one? 

Final Verdict:

Being a parent is never easy but it is actually really fun. Despite all the screaming and crying, there is the laughter and relentless happiness that just shines so vibrantly. For that sole purpose, as parents, we would do anything - anything - for our little ones.

Purchasing a crib mattress pad will help you and your little one shine brightly together every day by getting enough sleep every night. 

You can also avoid staining the crib mattress by using a mattress pad as a cover. Take all the details into consideration to help make an informative buying decision. It all starts with comfort.

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