best educational toys for 2-Year-Old toddler in 2019

Buying a toy for your 2-year-old toddler can be challenging, but there’s no need to fret. At 2 years old, your kid is just starting to develop their cognitive abilities. That age is the best time to start introducing educational toys to help shape the brain of your little ones.
In this article, we’ve brought to you the 10 best educational toys for 2-year-olds. Keep reading to learn all about picking the right toy for your youngster.

What roles do toys play is a 2-year-old’s life

As we said, 2 years into their lives, your kids will start to develop their cognitive abilities. They also start to develop their fine motor skills.
Two years can also be a troublesome age since some kids can start to become active and fidgety. So, one of the things you want to keep in mind is nurturing their sociability and channeling it in the right direction. Arts and crafts can play a huge role in properly channeling your kid’s creativity so that you don’t end up having to clean paint off of your walls.
Role-playing games also develop their imagination and help them voice their internal dialogues. At this age, you also want to introduce some thinking and strategy games that require your kid to use their budding brains.
All the toys here offer different challenges and work on developing different essential traits in your kid’s personality.

What should you consider when buying a toy for 2-year-old toddlers

The toys you pick for your kid should nurture their natural tendencies. Pick a toy that turns your toddler in the right direction. If they show creative or artistic tendencies, find a toy that provides them with the proper outlet to nurture their creativity, for example.
If you notice that your kid is more of a thinker than a creator and they tend to be patient when they want to understand something, then one of the building toys mentioned below will fit them nicely. They’ll also work on further developing their cognitive thinking abilities and their reasoning.
You could also challenge a less patient kid with a toy that requires patience in order to help them learn about patience in a fun way.
The best thing about educational toys at this age is that they give you a chance to teach your kids important values and develop their skills in a non-tedious or preachy way. They’ll have fun learning, which makes learning more efficient and effective in the end.

Best 10 educational toys for 2-year-olds toddlers

Best Arts and crafts toys

Here we’ve included 3 toys for your little budding artist. These will both enhance your kid’s creative abilities as well as keep their hands busy.

1. Play-Doh Modeling Compound

Play-Doh can be a great toy for all ages but especially toddlers since it’ll teach them at a young age to create with their hands what they visualize in their heads. This set includes 10 brightly colored 2-ounce Play-Doh cans which your kid can press, smoosh, squish, squeeze, roll, or shape to create limitless designs.
The best thing about this modeling compound is that it’s reusable. It does tend to dry up when left out in the air but you could easily counter that dryness with a few drops of water. The cans are also kid-friendly, so they’re very easy to open and close.
The Play-Doh is completely non-toxic, although you should know that it does contain wheat.
We like
  • The set contains 10 cans of Play-Doh
  • Comes in 10 different bright colors
  • Can be an addition to other Play-Doh sets
  • Allows your kid to unleash their creativity
  • Can lids are easily opened so your kid doesn’t get frustrated
  • Your kid basically has an opportunity to create unlimited shapes with the Play-Doh
We don't like
  • Cans are pretty small and don’t have a lot of each color
  • Larger cans offer more value for money
  • Play-Doh tends to dry out when left outside of the cans for a long time

2. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids

This 3-in-1 easel allows 2 kids to play at the same time since it has 2 sides. One side is a chalkboard and the other side is a whiteboard – both sides are magnetic. The easel also has a central tray where your kid can place their crafting paper, chalk, and drawing markers. This gives your kids a chance to unleash their full creative potential since it provides many outlets for it.
With this easel, you’ll help your kid embrace their desires to scribble absolutely everywhere and channel those desires onto a suitable surface. And worry not! This easel is made for children so it keeps child-safety in mind. It has an anti-pinch design, child-specific screws, and slip-proof feet that make this easel safe for kids at any age.
We like
  • Double-sided with a chalkboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other
  • Has a central tray where craft paper can be placed
  • Both board sides are magnetic
  • Gives your toddler a place to scribble and unleash their creativity
  • Two kids can play at the same time which teaches them sharing
  • The whole easel design is child-safe
  • Adjustable height allows the easel to fit your kid at all ages up till elementary school
We don't like
  • The whiteboard side doesn’t take all types of dry-erase markers
  • Markers can be hard to wipe off of the whiteboard side completely and may leave some residue
  • Some paint cups may not fit into the paint cup holder

3. LECAMEBOR Finger Crayons

These uniquely-designed crayons are the perfect fit for little kids. The round grip helps your kid hold the crayon comfortably so that they can color with ease. The crayons have a tiny-hole designed as a safety measure in case your kid swallows one of the crayons so that they don’t suffocate.
The pack includes 12 brightly colored crayons that can be stacked on top of each other for a different kind of game. The best thing about these crayons, however, is that they’re not sticky so you won’t end up having to clean your toddler’s hands after they’re done playing.
We like
  • The tiny-hole design provides safety against suffocation
  • The palm grips make it super easy for kids to hold the crayons
  • No need to press hard to color
  • Comes in 12 different colors
  • Crayons can become a stacking game and be stacked on top of each other
  • Improves cognitive competence of colors
  • Crayons are not sticky
We don't like
  • Crayons are hard to wash out of clothes
  • The tips are not that strong so they tend to break when force is exerted upon them
  • The design may be a little too small to hold comfortably for older kids

Best Building toys

As for developing fine motor skills and visual thinking, we’ve included here 2 building sets that your toddler is bound to enjoy and learn from.

4. HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

Being suitable for kids younger than 2 years of age too, this pegging games comes with 32 pieces and a pegging board for insertion. All the pieces are made out of sustainable wood and are painted in child-safe paints. This means that you never have to worry about your kid biting down on the pegs or rings while they’re teething; it’s all completely safe.
Your kid can plug the pegs into the board and then tower the rings above the pegs. And since all the pieces are painted in various different vivid colors, your kid can enjoy creating endless color combinations while playing.
This set not only works on developing your kid’s fine motor skills but it also works on stimulating their visual and tactical skills.
We like
  • Offers multiple plug-in variations for endless fun
  • Painted with child-safe paints
  • Pegs and rings are durable and will stand up to biting
  • The set has 32 brightly colored pieces
  • Comes with a pegboard
  • Suitable for kids younger than 2 years old too
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • Works on the visual and tactile stimulation
We don't like
  • Can get boring after a while, even for a 2-year-old
  • The colors are a little odd making teaching kids about the colors a bit advanced for them
  • This set is a little bit pricey for what it is

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Another toy from Melissa & Doug, these building blocks are fun for all ages. The set includes 100 building blocks made out of wood and colored in 4 different vibrant colors. The blocks come in 9 different shapes too to allow for the most creativity when stacking them together.
While stacking blocks on top of each other into towers, your kid is challenged to work on their motor skills. This set also introduces them to basic math concepts and works on enhancing their patience and resilience.
The blocks are very lightweight and they have smooth edges so that your kid is always safe when playing with them. They also have a nice painted finish to avoid causing any splinters during playtime.
We like
  • The set has 100 wooden block pieces
  • Blocks come in 4 different vibrant colors
  • Stimulates creative thinking
  • Works on developing strong motor skills
  • Teaches your kid patience and resilience as they build and rebuild
  • Blocks have rounded edges and a smooth paint finish to avoid splinters and cuts
  • Blocks are very lightweight so they’re safe for kids in case the fall onto them
We don't like
  • Blocks can be too small and precise for some kids to handle
  • The wood the blocks are made of isn’t so strong and may break if thrown
  • Smaller pieces can be a choking hazard

Best Role-playing toys

When it comes to imagination, a 2-year-old’s mind can go off wandering and creating beautiful storylines. These next 3 toys will help your kid enhance their creative imagining ability.

6. Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Horse Stable Dollhouse With Handle and Toy Horses

For horse fanatics, this Fold and Go house will be the dream. With this dollhouse, your kid can get to take care of 4 horses and place them inside their respective stalls or take them outside within the barn’s corral. There are also 4 wooden hay stacks included so that your kid can feed their horses if they’re ever hungry.
The two-story barn is fully foldable and packable. It also has a wooden handle at the top so that your kid can carry it around with them wherever they decide to go.
With all the decorative details in this dollhouse, your kid will be able to mimic the real barn experience and delve deeper into how they can manage a stable.
We like
  • Allows your kid to unleash their imagination during pretend-play
  • The whole barn is foldable making it easy to take anywhere with you
  • The barn has a stall for each horse and 4 wooden haystacks for feeding
  • Comes with a flexible and foldable corral so they horses can play outside in the barn field
  • Teaches kids about barn life and how to care for horses
  • Comes with 4 plastic horses
We don't like
  • The construction is a little flimsy and can break easily
  • The house is made out of rough wood as opposed to sanded and smoothed-out wood
  • Some of the sliding doors may get stuck while opening or closing and may need a little wiggle

7. QuadPro Kids Toy Tool Set 21 Pieces Durable Tool Box

This amazing tool set includes 21 pieces and has all the tools, nuts, bolts, and accessories your kid may need. All this comes in a plastic carrying case that has an inner organizational compartment to keep everything neat and tidy. It also has a carrying handle that makes this case really easy to take around anywhere.
With this set, you can give your kid the opportunity to unleash their imagination while working on their organizational skills. While using this set, your kid will also be developing their fine motor skills.
As for the tools themselves, none of the tools need batteries. Not even the drill. All your kid needs to do is repeatedly pull the drill’s trigger to get it spinning. And with this kit, your kid also gets a cool bright yellow helmet fitting for their job.
We like
  • Comes in a plastic carrying case to keep everything neat
  • Works on expanding your kid’s imagination
  • No batteries needed
  • All the set pieces have smooth edges to keep your kid safe
  • Comes with a bright yellow helmet for added safety
  • Helps develop fine motor skills
  • The inner organization of the case teaches your kid to stay organized
We don't like
  • The case can be very difficult for kids to open themselves
  • Some kids also find it difficult to place the tools back in their designated places
  • The helmet doesn’t have a strap so it’s difficult to keep on your kid’s head

8. 20cm Gruffalo's Finger Puppets

To match the story of The Gruffalo in the book, these puppets come in and enhance the whole storytelling experience. You can use these to play with your kids or have them play with their friends or siblings and create new storylines with the characters.
The puppets are crafted from plush material and can all be hidden away inside a small tree case for traveling. The set has a mouse, a fox, an owl, a snake, and Gruffalo’s child as characters.
With these puppets, your kid can develop important social and interactive skills while playing. And they can also work on their imagination and creativity if they choose to create their own story for each character.
We like
  • Crafted from high-quality plush material
  • Puppets are small, light, and easily packable
  • Comes with a handy tree case to hold all the puppets
  • Builds imagination and role-playing skills
  • Works on developing your kid’s storytelling skills
  • Teaches interaction and social skills
  • Puppets can be used for role-playing while reading The Gruffalo book
We don't like
  • Doesn’t come with a Papa Gruffalo puppet
  • Puppets are tiny and can be lost easier than stuffed animals
  • Since the puppets are made in the UK, the manufacturer warranty may not apply globally

Best Strategic toys

And when it comes to developing a sense of logic, strategic games definitely help with that. Just look at the next toy.

9. Battat – Shape Sorter House

This shape-sorter house from Battat is a brilliant tool to teach your kids all about colors, shapes, and coordination. The objective of the game is to fit all the colored shapes into their matching frames in the house. And then when your kid is done, they can use the color-coded keys to unlock the house doors and empty the house to start over again.
The bright rainbow colors along with the distinct shapes provided teach your kid to notice similarities in situations. It builds their visual perception and develops their hand-eye coordination.
The house and shapes are made out of strong and durable plastic. The set includes the house, 12 varying shapes, and 6 color-coded keys.
We like
  • Teaches your kid hand-eye coordination
  • Works on developing your kid’s visual perception
  • Has 12 different shapes, including animal shapes
  • The set is color-coded to make it easier for your kid to comprehend
  • Helps your kid learn about colors, shapes, and patterns
  • You can easily pack all shapes inside and lock the house with the keys to keep everything secure
  • Has an easy-grab handle that makes it simple to carry the house around for take-along playtime
We don't like
  • If you lose the keys, you won’t be able to get the shapes out of the house
  • Can be a little complicated for some 2-year-olds
  • The stacking rings tend to get a little noisy

Best Interactive toys

And finally, here’s the last toy that will definitely help keep your kid engaged and teach them all about causality.

10. Press Here (Baby Board Book, Learning to Read Book)

All you have to do in order to enjoy this book with your kid is to simply follow the instructions. This interactive children’s book takes your kid on a magical journey as they touch, tilt, or shake the book and press all the dots.
Each page has a surprise. On some pages, dots will multiply, change direction, or even grow in size. Whatever it is that happens on that page, it’ll definitely help promote your kid’s imagination. It also teaches your kid the basics of what an interaction looks like, so it’s a great educational book too.
We like
  • Keeps your kids engaged throughout
  • Dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size
  • The book will make both you and your kid laugh and giggle
  • Promotes imagination
  • Teaches kids about simple interactions
  • All the magic happen on the flat surface of the pages so it’s not a bulky book
We don't like
  • The cover and binding are a bit flimsy and can start getting torn in the long run
  • Kids will need an adult’s help to read through the instructions and understand this book
  • The book can get boring after several times going through it

Wrap up

Picking a toy for a 2-year-old is practically a lot easier than picking toys for older kids. Two-year-olds are rarely iffy about what they get to play with so they’ll definitely enjoy whatever it is you buy them as long as it appeals to their budding personality.
What you need to do is consider for yourself what exactly is it that you want to develop in your kid. If you want to teach them patience, then one of the building sets would help you achieve that. If you want to challenge them and offer them a toy that can help them think and reason, the Battat Shape Sorter House would be a fitting toy.
However, if you would like to keep your little rascals busy and out of trouble, it would be a smart idea to channel their creative energies into arts and crafts and maybe then, the TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel would be the best choice for you and your kids.
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