Best Humidifier for Baby – Top Picks Compared & Reviewed!

To strike the perfect humidity balance in your baby’s room and in the entire house, you need to rely on a trustworthy baby humidifier. But with so many products out there, which one is the best humidifier that you should use on your baby nursery? 

After researching a lot of time, I have created a list of best humidifier for babies, which you can use for your baby room. 

Best Baby Humidifier of 2019

This is my list of hand picked baby humidifier reviews and comprehensive guide which will help you to make a decision and find the best one that will meet your needs!


Product Name


Product Dimensions


Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

4.8 Pounds

12 x 7.9 x 14.2 Inches

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

2.27 Pounds

10.9 x 9.2 x 6.9 Inches

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Humidifier

4.8 Pounds

13.4 x 8.6 x 8.6 Inches

Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier

1 Pounds

16 x 10 x 10 Inches

Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier

Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier

3.53 Pounds

8.1 x 5.3 x 11.8 Inches

Spt Polar Bear Ultrasonic Humidifier

5 Pounds

9 x 7.5 x 11 Inches

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Humidifier

5.6 Pounds

9 x 12.8 x 9 Inches

Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture 

7.1 Pounds

13.2 x 11.3 x 11.4 Inches

Victsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier

1.45 Pounds

6.7 x 6.7 x 6 Inches

01. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier for Baby Room

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier is the cheapest humidifiers for babies available on the market.

Offering immediate relief for chest congestions, a sore throat and sinus problems.

This warm mist humidifier is very easy to refill, clean and set up in the nursery room again

The one-gallon tank helps you and your baby have a good night’s rest since it guarantees to operate up to 12 hours on a single filling

Vicks warm mist humidifier comes with a medicine cup that allows you to use it with Kaz Inhalent or Vicks Vapostream.

These two products will help your baby overcome a cold or the flu faster due to the soothing medicated vapor that will softly float in the air.

​This humidifier offers two settings in order to suit your baby’s needs. The handy illuminated knob on the device turns green when the humidifier is on and orange when there is no water left in the tank.

​The light will stay on even after the humidifier automatically shuts off in order to let you know you should refill the reservoir.


  • Affordable
  • Appealing design
  • Automatic shut off
  • Intuitive, easy to use and clean
  • Clean steam from vaporizing method when using distilled water


  • Warms up the room
  • Can be loud on the highest setting
  • Requires high maintenance: mineral deposits can build-up on the heating element

02. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby Congestion

The Ultrasonic humidifier features an elegant design and a 1.5 liter (50 fl oz) water tank.

The generous reservoir makes sure the air in your baby’s room is moisturized for up to 16 hours without interruptions.

This is the best cool mist humidifier for baby one that features a unique mist nozzle that rotates 360 degrees and a dual-speed control.

If your baby is a light sleeper, you’ll be happy to find out that this humidifier includes an optional night light. This way, you can turn off all sources of light and just let your child enjoy a good sleep without any disturbances

You won’t need to buy filters to run this humidifier in your baby’s room. However, if you want to avoid white dust building up on your furniture.

I strongly encourage you to use distilled water. This will also increase the device’s efficiency and you won’t have to deal with calcium build-ups


  • Soothes hoarse throats
  • Has a detachable plugin
  • Helps you get a better night’s rest
  • Eliminates static both for pets and people
  • Alleviates colds, dry skin and chapped lips


  • No automatic shut off
  • Sensitive setting button that can be hit accidentally
  • Loud beeping when changing light & speed settings

03. Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for Nursery

Available in 7 colors, the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier boasts a clean control antimicrobial material that has been shown to decrease the amount of bacteria and mold by 99.96%

I especially like that the petite 1-gallon tank of the Crane Drop is easy to manipulate when refilling and yet large enough to ensure 24 hours of continuous moisture.

You have the option of choosing the design that best suits your baby’s room décor. Whether it’s aqua, clear & white, green, grey, pink, white or white and blue, the aesthetics of this device are very pleasing, helping it blend in seamlessly in any room.

This cool mist humidifier guarantees not only to soothe your baby’s cold and flu symptoms but also to keep your wallpaper from peeling and wood from shrinking

The device doesn’t require a filter, which makes maintenance a breeze. The top nozzle is adjustable so you have the freedom to point the mist in the direction of your liking.


  • Easy assemble and set-up
  • High-quality build and materials
  • Doesn’t leave wet spots on the surface area it is set on
  • Puts out a visible vapor stream that is refreshing and beautiful


  • Emptying residual water implies unplugging the device each time
  • The “ON” light can’t be turned off and can be bothersome for some babies
  • The short cord forces you to place the device very close to the power outlet

04. Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Large Capacity Humidifier

If you want to fully control the misting direction of your humidifier, then the Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier is just right for you.

With two outlets that rotate 360 degrees, you will be able to fully control the misting direction in order to soothe two babies that are sleeping in different beds.

​​You can also orient both nozzles in the same direction to channel more humidity.

This is the most popular humidifier for baby that incorporates a carry handle on the tank, making it easier for you to lift the tank, carry it to the faucet and back to its base once it is refilled.

​With a one-gallon capacity, the Safety 1st Ultrasonic humidifier will keep your nursery room moisturized for up to 12 hours before needing a refill.


  • Cool vapors prevent kids from getting burnt
  • On/Off toggle switch at the back allows you to turn it off without unplugging it
  • High setting humidifies a medium to large room very fast, allowing you to move it to another room


  • Bright indicator light can’t be switched off and can disturb some babies
  • Running the device on the highest setting can emit a trickling sound

05. Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby

Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier for Baby

The Taotronics Cool Mist Humidifier will allow you to use a timer to control the operation hours.

This will come in handy if you want to come home and find the nursery room already moisturized.

The 360-degree nozzle of the Taotronics humidifier makes this product easy to adjust.

​While the 1-gallon tank guarantees 15 hours of non-stop moisture, so you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night for refills.

​Sensitive sleepers will find a great match in the Taotronics humidifier. Thanks to the sleep mode, you can completely turn off the LED on the device at night so it doesn’t disturb you or your baby.


  • Super quiet thanks to the ultrasonic feature
  • Timer that automatically turns the humidifier On and Off
  • Ceramic cartridge which will filter the water to eliminate bad odor and micro-organisms


  • Asymmetrical tank can cause spillage when refilled and placed on the base
  • Mist doesn’t reach very high, which is why you should place the device a few feet from the ground

06. Spt Polar Bear Ultrasonic Humidifier

In need of a nursery humidifier that is not only efficient but also super cute?

The Spt Polar Bear Ultrasonic Humidifier ticks off both criteria.

With a unique polar bear shape, this cool mist humidifier can hold up to 2 litres of water and has a toggle that allows you to adjust the mist intensity.

Combating the drying effects of heaters and air conditionings, the SPT polar bear ultrasonic humidifier incorporates overflow protection so it keeps babies and toddlers safe.

​Created to moisturize rooms of up to 450 square feet, this device is simple to set-up and use, providing relief for a cold, the flu, allergies, itchy skin and nosebleeds year-round.

​Integrated standing tank prevents the floor from getting wet when the machine is running at high speed.


  • Unbeatable price
  • No sound alarm when it automatically shuts off, making it ideal for light sleepers
  • Unique design that is perfect for a nursery room, making it look like a decoration


  • Can be difficult to clean because of the design
  • The motor of the device can get noisy over time

07. Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The child-friendly frog design of the Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier makes it the perfect addition to any nursery room.

Equipped with a one-gallon tank, this humidifier can provide up to 24 hours of non-stop moisture when it’s running on a medium setting.

​Appropriate for nursery rooms that don’t exceed 250 square feet, this compact device is energy efficient and quickly adds moisture into the air year round.

The Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool mist humidifier guarantees to soothe coughs and irritated nasal passages so your baby can have a good night’s rest.

I'm impressed by this compact device that can release as much as 2.1 gallons of calming, cool mist per day. The moisture can keep the flu and colds at bay, creating a safe environment for both adults and kids.


  • Fun and colorful design
  • Integrated auto-shut off feature
  • Rubber cap seal ensures extra safety
  • Great moisture output, with the option of choosing from a wide range of mist settings


  • Build-ups of hard water when using tap water
  • Bright green or red sensors can’t be turned off, which can disturb some light sleepers

08. Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier

The Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier stands out from the cool moisture humidifiers crowd thanks to its self-regulating evaporative system.

​This ingenious feature makes sure the output is naturally adjusted to the amount of humidity the air can hold, factoring in the nursery’s temperature.

This humidifier creates a calming environment for your baby. The scented pad heater emanates menthol and lavender vapors that are perfect for soothing sore throats, coughs and congested airways.

The Vicks cool mist humidifier fights off flu particles that may linger on surfaces and in the air.

Playing a huge role in your baby’s health, this humidifier guarantees to soothe hoarse throats and sinus discomfort without damaging the furniture, wallpaper or paintings.

​The antimicrobial filter keeps mold and bacteria from developing and migrating into the cool mist.


  • There is no risk to over-humidify your baby’s room
  • The very fine mist isn’t visible and won’t accumulate in the area surrounding your device
  • The unique Starry Night projector turns the ceiling into a starry sky that lulls babies to sleep


  • Comes with a filter that has to be changed every month
  • Colors shift automatically and you can’t manually select only one to be displayed

09. Victsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier

For a natural and rustic design choose the Victsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier that doubles as an aroma diffuser.

The one-of-a-kind wood grain coating makes it blend in under the disguise of a décor object.

Compact and quiet, yet very powerful, this mist humidifier offers an excellent output that will keep bacteria at bay, alleviating dry skin, coughs, and other flu symptoms.

The generous 7 color palette range allows you to create the perfect atmosphere for your baby. I like that you can also adjust the intensity from dim to bright according to your baby’s needs.

The timer setting coupled with the automatic shut-off feature make this device convenient, safe and easy to use in a nursery room. This humidifier have supreme quality material and build!


  • Simple to set-up and operate
  • Two-in-one humidifier and diffuser allow you to reap the benefits of both worlds
  • The light can be completely turned off to ensure a good night’s rest for light sleepers


  • The lid can become a bit hard to remove over time
  • Since its primary use is to diffuse aromatherapy oils, the output mist is very light.

What to Know Before Buy a Baby Humidifier?

It’s so hard to select a baby humidifier from a lot of products. Check the below guide before buying baby humidifier for your baby room!

Types of Baby Humidifiers

There are two major types of baby humidifiers available on the market: warm mist baby humidifiers and cool mist baby humidifiers.

Both types of products do the same thing: they add moisture into the air and make sure the humidity levels are low in the winter and high in the summer.

Warm Mist Baby Humidifiers

This type of humidifier works with warm water and has the ability to fight off the mold and bacteria that might start developing within it.

  • Considered to be the healthiest baby humidifier.
  • Operates without having to change the filters
  • Produces steam that has fewer minerals than a cold humidifier, which is beneficial for babies.

Cool Mist Baby Humidifiers

This kind of humidifier releases a cool or room temperature mist into the air. It is more suitable to humidify large areas in a building or a house.

  • Collects minerals and releases them under the form of “white dust”
  • Comes in portable sizes, which makes it travel-friendly and easy to move around the house
  • Does not use up a lot of electricity, unlike warm mist humidifiers

Before buying a baby humidifiers, you must need to familiar with for those who don’t know, baby humidifiers have several things that you need to consider before you buy baby humidifiers for your sweet baby!

According to the Center for Disease Control, the ideal humidity levels are between 43% - 60% since they keep germs from moving and spreading around.

​Newborns in particular benefit from humidifiers since in their first six months the smallest congestion can make sleeping, feeding and breathing very difficult.

Paediatricians strongly encourage parents to add a humidifier in their nursery room especially when they prefer a non-medicated, natural alternative to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Here is everything you must keep in mind when browsing through baby humidifier reviews in order to find the right device for your baby.

Warm Mist:

  • Can be used together with medication
  • Ideal for soothing babies with a cold or the flu
  • The boiled water provides germicidal protection
  • The hot water in the device’s tank can be dangerous if young kids are running around the humidifier

Cool Mist

  • ​Uses up less electricity
  • Easier to maintain and clean
  • Gives off a higher moisture output
  • Does not warm up the room, making it ideal for summer months

Germicidal Features

Heat/boiling: Warm mist humidifiers get rid of germs when boiling the water before misting it in the room.

Ultrasonic vibration: As the tiny droplets are created by “shaking” the water, ultrasonic vibration also kills germs.

UV Light: This method requires a UV light bulb to efficiently kill microbes. The bulbs need to be changed frequently.

Carbon Filters: By using chemical adsorption, water carbon filters employ an activated carbon to get rid of impurities and germs.

Water Capacity

  • A gallon: 12-18 hours on medium setting
  • Under half a gallon: 6-10 hours on medium setting
  • Over two gallons: 24-48 hours on medium setting
  • Under a quarter of a gallon: 5-8 hours on medium setting

Other Features a Good Baby Humidifier Must Have

You need to think more when you are buying a humidifier for your baby. Please check below some of more features that have must a baby humidifier!

Automatic Shut Off

A reliable humidifier should come with the auto-shut off feature which measures the room’s humidity level and turns off the device in order to avoid over-humidification.

The second best feature is the auto shut off when there is no more water left in the reservoir. This safety attribute will prevent the machine from overheating and won’t spike up that energy bill.


If you’re a light sleeper, make sure your humidifier of choice is as silent as possible. Most products currently available on the market are silent, but you should still read the baby humidifier reviews before making the investment.


Some devices will need more care and attention than others. If you don’t like the thought of changing filters every three weeks, opt for a humidifier that doesn’t require filters at all.

​To decrease the calcium build-up on the elements of your humidifier, I recommend using distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Do Humidifiers Do for My Newborn Nursery?

A. A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the dry air inside a room. Humidifiers help to balance the humidity level in the air of a newborn nursery. Besides, it also helps to get rid of dry skin issues for newborn babies and relieve irritation.

As the skin of newborns is too sensitive to cope with the dry climates, your baby can get rid of chapped lips and red patches if you have a humidifier in the baby nursery.

Q. Does A Humidifier Help Newborns with Colds?

A. Well, the right kind of humidifier in your baby nursery can certainly contribute to providing your little one with a breathable environment. Humidifiers moisten the dry air and can provide relief from wheezy coughs.

Besides, nursery humidifiers can help to clear your baby’s nasal passages and relieve breathing issues. Apart from that, breathing in moisten air released from a humidifier can also loosen mucus in your baby’s lungs. 

The Bottom Line

Humidifiers are a must-have in any nursery. These small yet efficient devices help babies have a better night’s rest.

​What is more, studies have proven that the soft humming sound emitted by the humidifiers (also known as white noise) is actually beneficial and soothing for babies, inducing sleep faster.

​Humidifiers are a solid investment since they could use all year round. They increase humidity levels during dry winter months and decrease the moisture in your house during hot summer months.

​Leave it to this clever device to make sure your nursery room is set at a 50% humidity level. This will alleviate your baby’s flu and cold symptoms, also preventing a stuffy, dry nose at night.

Hopefully, this list will help you buy a humidifier for baby nursery according to your budget! In case you think, I had missed on a good one then, let me know in comment section. 

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