Best Binoculars for Kids in 2020 for Outdoor Adventures

Your little one is a budding scientist, bird watcher, or just a kid interests in the wider world. If you’re looking for the best binoculars for kids, this is the place to be.

We’ve compiled kids binoculars reviews all in one place to make your decision much easier.

Binoculars are a staple for many kids. If children are interested in the world around them, it makes sense that they’d want to take an up-close look.

You don’t want to purchase large, adult binoculars, but you don’t want cheap plastic ones either. You want something age appropriate but will still offer all the benefits of real binoculars.

The best kids binoculars are fun, lightweight and size appropriate. However, they still offer all the advantages of their adult counterparts.

Kids will have a great time with binoculars that fit well into their hands and adjust to their smaller eye dimensions.

It helps to have ones that are durable as well. You don’t want to be yelling at your kids to be careful as they are exploring the outdoors. Let them have some freedom to drop their binoculars while they are exploring.

Best Binoculars for Kids in 2019

We’ve put together a list of binoculars your kids will love. Let’s take a look at what you can find.


Product Name




BlueCabi 6x21mm Binoculars

10.4 Ounces

5 x 4.2 x 2.2 Inches

Lucky Bums Youth Kids 10x25 Objective

8 Ounces

6 x 4 x 1 Inches

Compact Small Binoculars Mini

0.3 Ounces

4 x 4 x 2 Inches

Educational Insights GeoSafari

6.9 x 5.5 x 2.8 Inches

8.5 Ounces

Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

12 Ounces

4.9 x 3.6 x 2.5 Inches

Learning Resources Primary Binoculars

8.8 Ounces

8.2 x 6.5 x 3.7 Inches

Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

1.8 Pounds

8 x 6.2 x 3 Inches

Kidwinz Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars

6.4 Ounces

4.9 x 4.2 x 2.3 Inches

ExploreOne 6x21 Binoculars

8.8 Ounces

2.5 x 6 x 8 Inches

Luwint 8 X 21 Kids Binoculars

7.2 Ounces

3.9 x 1.5 x 3.5 Inches

01. BlueCabi 6x21mm Children Binoculars by Bresser

BlueCabi’s binoculars are bright colors like blue and purple. This will make them easy to spot in the grass as your child leaves them for a moment.

They are rubber coated to make them shockproof. They are light enough to hold with one hand.

They are smaller in size to make them easier to store. However, they are extremely durable. Even though they are small in size, they aren’t toys. They are real binoculars with quality lenses that are 6x objective lenses.

They come with a nylon carrying case, cleaning cloth and a wrist strap. They are made for children’s smaller hands. It will be easier to hold them and maneuver them.

If your child is the type that is rough on things, it’s possible that eventually, the eyepiece will become loose.

This is usually a simple fix, but the company does offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty to replace certain parts if they break. Your child can use them, and you don’t have to worry.

02. Lucky Bums Youth Kids 10x25 Objective Power Lens Scout Bino

Lucky Bums’ bright green kid's binoculars are a fun binocular that kids will love. The best thing about these is that they are ultra lightweight.

Children can carry them all day versus other bulkier binoculars. They have multiple focus settings.

You can see up to 1000 yards with a field of view of 288 feet. That’s a good view for a child. They are easily adjustable and smaller to fit a child’s eye dimensions.

They are rubber armored and shock absorbent. They are also water resistant. Even in the rain or dropping them in puddles, they are designed to withstand child disasters.

The water-resistant coating means that you don’t have to come inside with a little rain. They are very compact, which makes them easy to carry.

Included in the package is a carrying case, neck strap, and cleaning cloth. They also have instructions so kids can learn to use them with all their features.

These binoculars have a limited lifetime warranty against materials and craft defects. If you receive a faulty item, the company will replace it. They also have excellent customer service should anything go wrong.

03. Compact Small Binoculars Mini Folding

Compact’s Mini Folding binoculars are suitable for kids and adults. They are a compact, but adult sized binoculars mean to be easy to store.

This makes them perfect for kids as well. These are premium quality binoculars. The field of view is 100 feet, and the magnification is 8x.

This is birdwatching ratings, so no cloudy viewing. They also feature a premium BK7 lens that’s fully coated. This optimizes clarity. They are meant for daylight viewing.

They are lightweight so kids can carry them. There is a center focus wheel to make it easy for small hands to adjust them. It also has soft, rubberized eyepieces to make long viewing more comfortable.

They come with a carrying case and a thick comfort strap. Many other binoculars come with only a thin nylon strap, which can be uncomfortable after long periods of use. The neck cord is attached directly to the binoculars.

A lens cleaning cloth is also included with the binoculars. The company offers a one-year replacement guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee.

04. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Educational Insights offers a simple, beginner set of binoculars for children just starting out. They are focus free with nothing to adjust to make them simple even for tiny children to use.

The eyepiece is more than three times the ordinary size of eyepieces.

They are great for exploring distances at sporting events, or even for looking at bugs up close. They come with a perfect fit guide. The lenses are two times magnification, just enough for kids to get their feet wet.

They are designed to last for at least ten years and have a STEM focus for small children. Their design received the Parents' Choice Recommended and Canadian Toy Testing Council awards.

They come in fun, bright colors that kids will love and are intended for children in Pre-K. They are somewhat water resistant and durable. They also weigh just under eight ounces, so they are easy for little hands to hold.

They are soft, so as kids explore they aren’t likely to hurt themselves. The focus is only two times, but that is the perfect magnification for kids just starting out. Since there’s no need for adjustment, kids can use them independently and easily.

05. Outnowtech Ultra Compact Folding Binoculars

Outnowtech is another ultra compact set of binoculars meant for both kids and adults.

They are weatherproof. The rubberized shell prevents damage in the rain or water.

They come with a convenient neck strap that’s attached to the binoculars themselves, and a soft case with a belt loop for storage.

They have an excellent zoom and lens structure. They feature BAK4 roof prisms 10x power with a 25mm objective, which should provide plenty of long-distance viewing.

They provide a 101-meter field of view at 1000 meters. The roof prisms provide amazing clarity at that distance.

They are adjustable in width so you can share viewing with your child. They come with their own cleaning cloth to keep your viewing clear and without cloudiness.

And the weatherproofing further reduces cloudiness and fogginess. They can be used in a wide range of conditions.

They fold up to fit in your pocket and come in a fun, bright yellow that kids will be able to spot easily if they drop them in the grass. They include a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and have excellent customer service if something goes wrong.

06. Learning Resources Primary Science Big View Binoculars

​Learning Resources Primary Science Binoculars are an affordable alternative to adult binoculars.

They come in bright, fun colors and are easy for kids to use.

They feature an adjustable focus intended to help kids get used to adjusting the settings.

They have six times zoom for far away sights. The focus knob is easy to use, and the eyepieces are a soft rubber.

​They are designed for little hands to be able to hold easily, and the lanyard is removable for storage. They weigh less than 10 ounces so kids can hold them the whole time they are out exploring.

They are durable and can withstand some wear and tear. The zoom isn’t so much that it will hurt a little one’s eyes, but they offer enough zoom that kids will be able to explore with their first set of binoculars.

Kids will love how these feel and parents will love the authentic binocular feeling. They can gain valuable experience in the fields of science with binoculars intended just for them. They are intended to engage kids in their learning.

07. Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars

The Bushnell binoculars are intended for bigger kids.

They have the traditional look of adult binoculars.

They have a rubber design and feature fold-down eyepieces to keep glasses and eyewear from getting scratched.

An instafocus lever provides quick focusing for when you are trying to catch quick moving objects.

They have a seven times magnification, a great entry level magnification. A Porro Prism keeps viewing sharp even at the longest distances.

They also have a 20-foot close focus distance but feature a 420 field of view at 1000 yards. They are lightweight and easy to adjust to multiple eye dimensions. The finish is abrasion resistant, and they can withstand some shock.

Their rubberized grip keeps them comfortable and easy to hold. Kids will feel like they have real adult binoculars with these.

They can even adjust each eye separately to account for different vision impairments.

They come with a carrying case and a neck strap. Older kids will find these simple to use, and the recommended age is eight plus.

08. Kidwinz Shock Proof 8x21 Kids Binoculars Set

The Kidwinz Shock Proof binoculars are a highly durable set of binoculars meant to withstand even the toughest kid.

They come in bright colors and are coated in shock-absorbant rubber.

There’s even an extra coating around the eyepieces to further protect the lens from damage.

They are simple to focus and can be adjusted easily to the child’s eye dimensions. They feature eight times magnification setting, which is plenty for kids just starting out.

The rubber around the eyepieces also protects children’s eyes from injury as they use them for longer periods.

They have a field of view at 366 feet at 1000 meters. There’s a center focus wheel that’s easy for kids to use and easy for adults to teach. The eyepieces also twist to match your child’s eye distance.

They come with a carrying case and a two-foot-long nylon strap that can be removed. They also have their own cleaning cloth. They weigh only eight ounces, so they’re easy to carry.

If you experience any problems, the company has excellent customer service, and the binoculars come with a warranty.

09. ExploreOne 6x21 Binoculars

​ExploreOne binoculars are kid-friendly binoculars that are affordable for parents just getting into this area.

They are a fun bright color and feature an easy to hold design for kids. 

They have six times zoom, and the lens and prisms are an optical glass material.

This is a higher quality material that allows for better, clearer viewing. The focus wheel is large and straightforward for small hands to find and adjust.

They are rubber coated to withstand some wear and tear, and the eyepieces are more comfortable with a 21mm rubber coating around the lens. They are shaped well for smaller hands and weigh just 9 ounces.

It comes with a wrist strap and a nylon carrying case. It also has a two year warranty for replacement and warehouse error. This warranty can be extended to 5 years for free if you register the product on their website.

The magnification is just the right amount for smaller kids, and it provides little shakiness as kids are viewing the longest distance. Kids can get used to the concept of binoculars and get engaged with the field of science.

10. Luwint 8 X 21 Kids Binoculars

The Luwint binoculars are a wider use scope and are best for things like sports watching, such as golf.

They come in bright colors and are easy for kids to hold and maneuver.

They have a nonslip grip and allow more light through the eyepiece so kids can use them at twilight and night time.

Their multilayer red broadband technology better controls light and allows children to use them in a variety of light settings.

They offer a 128-meter field of view at 1000 meters and can be adjusted by a center hand wheel.

They have a BAK 4 prism type so 100% of the light can be reflected for a clearer image. They also have a rotating eye piece focus mode.

They come with a bag and two lengths of wrist lanyard, not a neck strap. They also have their own cleaning cloth. They weigh just 7.5 ounces and have a warranty against factory damage and minor parts replacement.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider


​Since your child is just starting out, you’ll want to consider your budget for binoculars carefully. There are plenty of binoculars out there that are affordable. If your child happens to break a pair, you don’t want to be out a thousand dollars.

On the other hand, many binoculars for kids offer shock protection and durability coatings. If you consider the warranty as well, you might be able to spring for a higher budget binocular.

If your child is older and has spent time outdoors, it might be worth it to upgrade to a “real feel” binocular set, rather than those that look like toys.

The compact design of some adult binoculars can be appropriate for kids without breaking your budget.

Finding starter binoculars for less than fifty dollars is possible. These will still have longer focusing and higher quality lenses and prisms so kids will be able to see clearly at long distances.

The budget will determine what kind of features you can get. It’s important to consider this aspect first.


​You’ll want to consider what location your child will be using the binoculars. If you plan to be in heavier elements such as rain or near the water, having binoculars that withstand moisture and are fog resistant are going to be essential.

If your child is mostly viewing sporting events, you’ll want a higher field of view. It will be frustrating to have limited width of vision if your child is trying to watch a game or needs to be able to see wider rather than longer.

If your child plans to use binoculars for long period of time such as during camping or bird watching, the comfort of the binoculars will be most important.

The best kids binoculars have rubberized eyepieces that adjust to eye length, as well as lighter weight binoculars. Test some out to see if viewing causes your child to feel fatigue in their eyes.

Distance and Field of View

​Magnification starts at one times and goes from there. Most amateur viewers rarely need something larger than seven or eight times. Birdwatching is rated at seven times, but if your child is younger, you could start with something as low as two times.

One thing to consider with magnification is that higher magnifications also magnify the movement of your hands.

The higher the magnification, the shakier the image will be. The kids binoculars will take this into consideration so that viewing things from long distances won't be frustrating to them.

Field of View is important because this determines the width of view at a long distance. If a child is watching something that requires a wide field, such as a sporting event, it’s important to take that into consideration.

Lens Quality and Coating

The quality of the lens will determine if you have a clear viewing experience. Lower quality lenses are subject to abrasion and other wear and tear. Higher quality lenses will reflect light better and become less foggy as the binoculars are in use.

Coatings are also used to control light and make a clearer image. The better your lens coating, the better your child will be able to see. Coatings can also make it easier to view images in a variety of light settings.

Final Considerations

The most important thing to consider is the personality of your child. If your child needs something brighter and more fun, the binoculars you buy will be a lot different than if your child is ready to graduate to a higher quality, more adult-like set.

If your child is interested in sports or nature, you’ll consider different types of lenses and magnification settings than if your child is just getting started in the world of magnification.

Final Verdict

The best binoculars for kids cover every type of child. Each one features quality parts and easy to use settings.

Your child shouldn’t have any trouble getting used to using these binocular sets. The easier they are to use, the faster your child can get out and start exploring.

They are all affordable options, and each one offers some kind of warranty and money back guarantee.

If you decide that your choice wasn’t the right one for your child, it’s easy to return them and choose another from the list. You won't have to worry about breakage or ruining the experience.

The most important thing is that your child has fun exploring and is able to use the binoculars without frustration.

It’s important to introduce kids to the science of exploration and equipping them with the tools to explore makes that more engaging.

Children as young as three can begin to explore their environment with nonadjustable binoculars, and older kids can graduate to better settings.

Some of the binoculars are even meant to be used by both adults and kids. If you choose a set that both of you can use, you and your children can find hours of enjoyment and bonding over your curiosity and love of nature.

There are many experiences that you can share with your children in this world and you’ll treasure the time you have using binoculars to view cool things.

Are you planning to buy your child binoculars? Were these kids binoculars reviews helpful? Which ones on our list did you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

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