best night light for toddler in 2020

When it comes to our little angels, as parents, we’d do just about anything to make sure they’re healthy and comfy. But most of the time, their idea of “healthy and comfy” isn’t exactly the same as ours!
Getting your toddler to sleep at night can be one of the most stressful and frustrating jobs you have to do. It could be because they’re afraid of the dark, too curious and energetic, or just being stubborn for the heck of it!
The good news is, no matter the reason, night lights can be a huge help for parents trying to put their toddlers to bed, many adults even use nightlights themselves! However, these aids come in seemingly endless shapes and sizes, making it difficult to decide which one is better for your kid.
Today, we’ll be walking you through the entire process so you can find the best night light for toddlers, with a detailed buying guide and a list of the top products on the market. So without further ado, let’s hop in!

Why Use A Night Light For Your Toddler?

Although millions of people are using night lights for their children or have used one at some point themselves, many parents still wonder what good a night light does exactly. So here are a few benefits to using a night light for your toddler:

Creates a Healthy Sleeping Rhythm

Our bodies develop natural rhythms of falling asleep controlled by what’s called a biological clock. These rhythms are often disturbed by toddlers being scared of the darkness and the monsters hiding in there.
Low-intensity lights of warm tones provide a soothing atmosphere that helps children overcome their fears, relax, and learn to sleep on their own responding to their natural clocks.
This also promotes the production of melatonin, namely the sleep hormone. Melatonin is proven to regulate several body functions with antioxidant properties and a boosting effect on the immune system.

Overcome Separation Anxiety

It’s rather common for toddlers to suffer from stress attacks when parents leave them to sleep alone, especially when they’re first introduced to the concept.
Night lights can significantly aid in alleviating such anxiety, even more so if some kind of projected pattern is involved. They can also help them go back to sleep if they happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

Offers Better Visibility

Because no parent (or any sane person for that matter) wants to step on sneaky legos when they visit their kid’s rooms, a night light is almost a necessity!
I mean, with how many toys, clothes, and other objects lying around our children’s rooms, it’s like walking through an obstacle course with a blindfold on!
Installing a night light is a great solution to avoid tripping, getting injured, or accidentally waking up your toddler.

Saves Money And Energy

Yes, using a night light can be more cost-effective than regular overhead lights. Most night lights utilize less energy-consuming bulbs for this specific reason. Their life span is also way longer, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently.
Night lights are simple and affordable gadgets that won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

What To Look For When Buying Night Lights For Toddlers?

When you’re shopping for the best night light for your toddler, random picks will often leave you disappointed with your purchase. To avoid such a scenario, there are some factors you should consider in order to land the most suitable product.


First things first, you should be able to recognize the multiple types of night lights to figure out what you really need. We’ll be sorting night lights under 2 major categories:
According To Their Power Source,Here we have 2 types:

Plug-in Night Lights

Plug-ins are what initially comes to mind when people visualize a night light. These devices require connecting to an electric outlet to operate.
They aren’t very portable, meaning you can’t take them on trips or adventures to places with limited access to outlets such as camps.

Portable Night Lights

This type of night lights runs on batteries, either rechargeable or single-use ones, with the option of using computers or power banks via USB cables.
Of course, portable night lights live up to their name thanks to the freedom of ditching wall outlets. You can take them on travels, place them almost anywhere, and some models even let your toddler sleep with them in the bed.

According To Their Style

What we mean by style is how these night lights carry out their function of delivering light. We have 3 types of night light styles:


Plain night lights refer to devices producing solid light without any sort of decorative additions, just basic lighting.
A lot of parents prefer using this type, especially if their toddlers get easily and overly distracted. Plain night lights offer limited external stimulation which is an advantage in similar cases.


This model of night lights is extremely popular nowadays, particularly among younger children. Projector night lights produce images or patterns that show up on walls or ceilings.
A lot of parents prefer using this type, especially if their toddlers get easily and overly distracted. Plain night lights offer limited external stimulation which is an advantage in similar cases.
You can find night lights projecting anything from stars and planets, all the way to animals and plants.
This type of night lights usually offers high educational value.


This is probably the most fun type out of the 3. It’s basically a doll or a plush toy with the night light integrated into the toy’s construction. Toy night lights are very toddler-friendly as they satisfy their curiosity needs of holding the light-emitting device.
These night lights are designed with the intention of letting kids take them to bed for cuddling.


This is the biggest concern for parents when we’re deciding to buy something for our children, is it safe? And so, safety should be your top priority as you choose and use a night light.
Always look for night lights made with top-grade durable materials that won’t break easily if they’re dropped or bumped. These materials will preferably carry UL certifications for safety.
Note that you should never leave the night light covered by flammable materials such as fabrics and clothes, or physically touching bed sheets or curtains. Night-light related fires are rare, but hey, better safe than sorry!

Comfort Level

Since the whole point of buying a night light for your toddler is to maximize his or her relaxation and consequently get them to sleep soundly, it makes sense for the comfort level provided by the night light to be taken into account.
To ensure a restful sleep, make sure you pick a night light with uniform lighting. Flickering lights will most likely disturb your child’s sleep, or maybe prevent it altogether.
Also, check that it provides sufficient lighting to chase away the fear of darkness. You want your toddler to feel as comfortable as possible to doze off without trouble.

Sensors and Timers

Sensors and timers are a true blessing in disguise when it comes to night lights. Light sensors are able to tell when nighttime falls so the night light will turn on. Similarly, with enough sunlight, they can sense that they aren’t needed anymore so they shut down. Some sensors light up when they feel people present around them.
Timers, obviously, work under your control. Night lights with timers allow you to set a certain period of time after which they automatically turn off.
These features are rather helpful in the energy-saving aspect, and of course, for forgetful parents out there!

Educational Value

As a parent, you want your kids to be able to learn and widen their horizons at every chance possible. Many manufacturers have already realized this and are producing night lights with interactive features to add educational value to their products.

Top Night Lights For Toddlers

1.Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother

Kicking off our list with the Twilight Turtle Classic, this night light doesn’t only provide a soothing sanctuary for young boys and girls, but it’s also super fun!
It’s a 2-in-1 product, where your toddler gets an interactive toy that also battles away his fear of the dark. This adorable turtle has a plush body with a plastic shell which is the part projecting a magical constellation of stars onto the ceiling and walls of your kid’s bedroom.
The Twilight Turtle features 8 different real constellations embedded in its star patterns, such as The Big Dipper. This means you can spend some quality time with your child identifying the constellations using illustrations presented in the Twilight Turtle Star Guide.
It also has 3 integrated colors (blue, green, and yellow) which cycle automatically. The 45-minute sleep times are enough to let your toddler fall asleep while ensuring the recommended complete darkness during their sleep.
This night light operates on 4 AA batteries (included), so you can take it on your trips. The LED stays cool to touch and doesn’t drain the batteries too quickly. It’s both comforting and educational, an ideal choice for toddlers.
We like
  • Cute turtle design
  • Plush toy
  • 45-minute timer
  • Portable
  • Very educational, it has 8 real constellations with a star guide
  • Automatic 3-color cycle
We don't like
  • Can't change the lights on the inside
  • Needs a screwdriver to change the batteries
  • Can be more snuggly if it weren't for the hard shell

2.LBell Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Night Light With Mini Music Player

Who doesn’t like a good lullaby to fall asleep to? Lots of parents resort to either music or lighting to calm their kids down, so how about something that can do both?
The newly designed Ocean Wave Projector Night Light From LBell comes with a built-in mini music player and includes 4 pre-installed songs: ocean wave seagulls sounds, forest insect sounds, flowing water birds sounds, and merry nature sounds.
If there are other lullabies your toddler particularly likes, this projector is equipped with a TF card slot as well as a USB cable so you can play any external audio.
The Ocean Wave Projector offers 7 lighting modes using 12 super bright LED beads, allowing your child to pick patterns according to their mood. You can also tilt the lamp 45 degrees so you can conveniently direct the light wherever it’s suitable.
The included timer has 3 settings: 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours, after which the lamp will automatically shut down, or you can cancel it altogether and have it stay on throughout the night.
The LBell Night Light comes with a set of touch sensor keys as well as a remote controller for easy adjustment of volume, switching lighting modes, setting the timer, and turning the lamp on/off. The Ocean wave creates the perfect atmosphere for a good sleep.
We like
  • Built-in music player
  • 4 pre-installed songs
  • Can play external audio
  • Has 7 lighting modes
  • The auto-off timer has 3 options
  • Remotely controlled
We don't like
  • Remote control range can be improved
  • The motor is a bit noisy
  • Pricey

3.Projectables 11296 Space Solar System LED Plug-in Night Light

Another popular night light among toddlers is courtesy of Projectables. It’s an LED night light projector that provides a soft blue hue while producing a beautiful image of the outer space solar system.
Your toddler will see the vast Milky Way Galaxy with all the planets, so it can be quite educational for him to name them and maybe you can throw a fun fact here and there!
A cool feature here is the built-in Dusk-to-Dawn sensor which automatically turns on the lamp at night and then shuts it off as the sun rises. This allows for easier operation and does the job for you in case you forget.
Additionally, you can rest assured that your toddler is safe since this night light is designed with cool-to-the-touch technology as well as UL listed for safety. It’s a plug-in type so an outlet is always required.
This night light is in the shape of a globe that rotates to project a relaxing galaxy scene of an approximate 3-foot size at any angle. It has a 90-day limited warranty as a backup should any defect arise.
We like
  • Works on high ceilings up to 10 feet
  • Dusk-to-Dawn sensor
  • Cool to the touch
  • Rotating globe lets you project in any direction
  • 90-day warranty
  • Interactive solar system images
We don't like
  • Some images are a bit blurry
  • No timer
  • The beam source is very strong, make sure your toddler doesn't look directly into the globe

4.VAVA VA-HP008 Night Lights For Kids

Next up, we have a widely popular model from VAVA, the VA-HP008 has a simple sleek design where the egg-shaped device produces a soothing glow from its upper half.
This LED lamp is engineered to keep your toddler’s eyes comfortable thanks to the constant non-flickering light which can be adjusted through a range of colors from warm yellow to cool white.
It’s also engineered in a way that invites children to learn and play with super easy controls. They should touch the top to dim, touch the logo to change the light color, and double-tap the top to turn off. The lamp comes with 20 cute facial expression stickers for a more friendly experience.
The VAVA night light is a long-lasting companion, running up to 80 hours on weak light mode per a single full charge, and up to 5 hours on the maximum brightness level. The physical power button at the bottom of the device lets you cycle through strong, weak, and SOS modes.
This battery-powered night light offers great portability thanks to its compact size and IP65 waterproof build, so you can pack it on family adventures without worry. The construction is a sturdy top-grade ABS and PC plastic to ensure durability and a 100% safe environment for your kids.
We like
  • Fun interactive controls
  • Compact size
  • Eye-caring LED
  • IP65 waterproof design
  • Comes with 20 cute facial expression stickers
  • Last for 80 hours on dim light per charge
  • Very portable
  • Great customer service
We don't like
  • Touch buttons are too sensitive for some users
  • Can be too bright
  • Not very durable

5. Tecboss Kids Night Light Soft Silicone

Going into a major cuteness overdrive, the Tecboss Kids Silicone Night Light had everyone falling in love at first sight!
The adorable chick design makes for a friendly atmosphere and tumbler shape allows for easy handling by adults and extra fun for toddlers. The chick part of the device is a soft-touch silicone of toy-grade ABS that satisfies the young curiosity of your child with simple happiness on the spot.
The warm white light creates a relaxing air without flickering or wavering to ensure that it doesn’t hurt your toddler’s eyes. They can even have fun with its interactive controls as they touch and hold the top to adjust the brightness or slap to turn on and off.
The recently updated 1200 mAh battery fully charges very quickly, delivering up to 300 hours of use at the dimmest level, as well as 8 hours at the brightest light setting. The Tecboss Silicone Chick definitely has the looks and the performance to give your child a peaceful experience.
We like
  • Super cute chick design
  • Very soft to touch
  • Fun to play with
  • Works for 300 hours at the lowest light
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • You can take it on trips
  • Easy controls
We don't like
  • Not for bitters
  • Charge stability issues
  • Gathers a lot of dust

6.Moredig Night Light Projector Starry Light

A starry night has always been a classic when it comes to night lights, there’s just something about the mesmerizing twinkle that gets children all buttered up for bed.
The Moredig Night Light Projector offers this exact relaxing atmosphere, with a 360° rotation motion producing an image of the moon surrounded by stars which creates a fantastic universe that lures your toddler into a deep sleep.
On the device, you’ll find 3 modes to choose from. Mode A which powers the light on and off, Mode B that lets you cycle through color options and turns on purple/blue stars over the yellow, and lastly, Mode C which controls whether the projector rotates or not.
The top white dome is actually removable, so whether the device serves as a plain night light or shows cool shapes is up to your kid’s mood. You can power the Moredig either by 4 AAA batteries (not included), or a computer via USB cable.
On the device, you’ll find 3 modes to choose from. Mode A which powers the light on and off, Mode B that lets you cycle through color options and turns on purple/blue stars over the yellow, and lastly, Mode C which controls whether the projector rotates or not.
We like
  • Mesmerizing starry pattern
  • 3 working modes
  • Removable dome
  • Rotated 360°
  • Battery-powered portability
  • Money-back guarantee
We don't like
  • Can be distracting
  • The power cord can be too short
  • Flimsy

7. Safety 1st LED Night Light

Finishing off our list on the affordable side, the Safety 1st bears such an incredible straightforward design. The main plug-in part has sort of a U-shaped portion that’s made of glass and sticks out from its top side.
One connected to an outlet, the LED lights shine through but their intensity is moderated thanks to the glass component, creating a soft soothing blanket of warm light.
There are no flashy colors, images, or patterns to distract your toddler just as you get him to close his eyes. The limited simulation will help your kid sleep faster, especially if he’s the curious type.
As if the price wasn’t a bargain on its own, you’ll be pleased to know that the Safety 1st night light consumes 87% less energy than standard light bulbs, increasing the savings margin of your electricity bill. You can also expect it to last up to 25× longer, making for a highly economical choice. Moreover, the pack includes 2 lights, so you can place one in another room, keep it for later, or use them both of your kid’s room is large enough.
All components of the Safety 1st LED Night Light passed the UL standard requirements, with extra safety from being cool to the touch.
The Safety 1st is quite the catch for parents who aren’t really looking for a commitment, but rather a simple night light to get the job done.
We like
  • Simple design
  • Affordable
  • The package comes with 2 units
  • Costs 87% less than standard light bulbs
  • Passes UL standard requirements
  • Highly safe for toddlers
We don't like
  • Not very bright
  • The sensor may keep it turned on during the day

Final Thoughts

As we’ve already established, safety comes first when you’re choosing a night light for your toddler. This why the Safety 1st LED Night Light takes this one home! The straightforward concept, UL certified safety, as well as energy-saving performance, makes it one of the best night lights for toddlers on the market. The price? Well, that’s just a bonus!
However, if you’re searching for something more interactive, the Cloud b Twilight Turtle Night Light is definitely worth your while!
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