Best Outdoor Baby Swing of 2020: A Concise Buying Guide

Playing on the outdoor swings is a classic childhood staple that doesn't have to stay on the playground. There are many safe, sturdy and fun outdoor baby swings that parents can install easily at home, offering kids a new element of outdoor fun their own backyard.

There are lots of great picks available on the market, which can leave some parents scrambling to be sure they're making the best pick for kids outdoor activity!

If you are looking for the best outdoor baby swing for your kids, take a peek at my in-depth buying guide to see what I chose and what would work best for you in 2019.

Best Outdoor Baby Swing of 2019

To make things easier, I have narrowed the list down which will help you to decide to find the best baby swing that will meet your needs!


Product Name

Swing Style

Recommended Age


Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat


9 months - 3 years

Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing


9 months - 3 years

Kingdom Climbing Rope Swing Seat

Climbing Rope

3+ years

Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat


6 months - 4 years

Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Swing - Blue


9 months - 4 years

Bucket Toddler Swing with Chains


12+ months

Giant Mat Platform Swing


5+ years

Flying Saucer Tree Swing


3+ Years

Wooden Giraffe Swing Set


6 months - 3 years

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing


9 months - 3 years

01. Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

The safe t-bar style on this model is great for keeping babies and toddlers safely contained while they enjoy outdoor fun.

Their fit inside the easy to clean plastic seat is snug and comfortable but offers room to accommodate toddlers as they grow.

I love how easily this pick wipes clean - a damp, soft cloth will take just about anything off the exterior of the swing.


  • The t-bar restraint featured on this model keeps babies and toddlers secure during the swinging
  • The hard plastic exterior of the swing wipes clean easily with a soft cloth and water


  • The ropes that are included may not be long enough for all swing sets, so extra chain may be required
  • The plastic buckles may be stiff during the first few uses

02. Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

When it comes to riding on/in toys, I recommend making picks that offer great neck and back support.

This cute, high back swing from Little Tikes is ergonomic, keeping kids comfy.

It also doubles up on safety with a secure bucket seat plus a safety strap. 

The wide leg openings prevent discomfort, allowing kids to grow into their swing easily.


  • Wide leg openings allow babies and toddlers to swing in comfort with plenty of room to move around
  • The high backed seat offers essential head and neck support to younger children


  • The strap location is low in the seat, making straps somewhat difficult to access once the child has been placed in the swing
  • The ropes that are included may not be long enough for all swing sets, so extra chain may be required

03. Jungle Gym Kingdom Climbing Rope Swing Seat

If your kids love to jump and climb, this climbing rope and swing combo is an ideal pick.

The soft rope is gentle on their hands, and the extended weight limit means older kids can play too.

I like this pick because it offers opportunities for kids to improve balance and coordination.

It can also easily be shared among siblings without adjustment.


  • The soft rope of this climbing swing is easy to grip, but it's also gentle on little hands
  • This pick offers more functionality than a standard swing, helping younger users to improve balance and gross motor control
  • Thanks to the 150 lb weight limit, it's safe for the older kids too


  • The handles and base may collect rainwater - to solve the problem permanently, drill a tiny hole in the bottom of each with an electric drill, allowing drainage

04. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Swing Seat

One of our two runners up, I recommend this pick for several reasons. The durable bucket design offers a comfortable amount of restraint to kids.

The sturdy construction holds up well to repeated use and weather conditions. 

My favorite thing, however, is the chains - they're nice and long, plus they're coated in Plastisol, so they're durable and pinch-free.


  • Classic bucket design restrains the child in a comfortable and ergonomic way
  • The chains are coated for comfort and safety, plus they're sturdier than rope
  • The heavy-duty construction withstands years of use and outdoor conditions


  • The chains that are included may be too long for shorter swing sets, requiring looping or cutting
  • Requires connectors to attach to an A-frame swing set

05. Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug 'n Swing

An ideal pick for growing kids and siblings, the t-bar and straps adjust easily and can be removed when kids are too old to need restraint.

I love the versatility of this product, which has a wider age range than the other Little Tikes swings on my list.

The fun primary color design is eye-catching and offers sensory stimulation to babies and toddlers, but neck support is a little lacking here. Consider padding with a blanket.


  • The adjustable shoulder straps and t-bar restraint are comfortable as they're growing
  • Once kids no longer need a restraint, the bar and straps can be removed easily and stored elsewhere


  • This swing requires anchors, sold separately, in order to be hung
  • The ropes that are included may not be long enough for all swing sets, so extra chain may be required

06. Bucket Toddler Swing with Chains

This large and sturdy bucket swing is a good pick for sharing among siblings thanks to a weight limit up to 80 lbs.

The spacious seat can accommodate babies, toddlers, and children safely.

This model features the safety coated chains I love, which are great for keeping little fingers safe from painful pinches.

It's a versatile pick, but the chains that come with it are a little short. You may need extra chain when installing.


  • The sturdy, secure bucket design keeps kids secure and can withstand repeated play
  • This model features a coated chain for increased durability that keeps little fingers pinch-free


  • The seat of the swing is made of hard plastic, and the edges of leg openings may cause discomfort to kids whose legs aren't covered by clothing
  • The ropes that are included may not be long enough for all swing sets, so extra chain may be required

07. Giant Mat Platform Swing - Best Outdoor Swing for Baby

Featuring a bright yellow and black design, this giant swing has a massive weight limit of 400 lbs. That means it can take on multiple children OR adults!

It comes with a convenient fabric cover to protect it when not in use.

Siblings and friends will have a blast sharing this swing. I love the idea of using it at a party for kids or adults.

The swing requires a hanging strap to complete installation that's not included, but as long as you add it to your purchase when buying the swing, it's complimentary.


  • This is a huge swing with a high weight limit that's ideal for a multi-kid household
  • It has an extra durable construction that stands up to wear, tear, weather and use by multiple people


  • It's not safe for kids under 5, so it technically doesn't fall under the description of "baby swing"
  • It requires a hanging strap that's sold separately to complete installation, but it's free as long as it's added to a swing purchase online

08. Royal Oak Giant 40" Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Here we have it, folks: the winner! Why, you ask? This swing features a 40-inch base and a 700 lb weight limit that can quite literally take on the whole family.

It's available in 8 different designs, so it can check everyone's boxes when it comes to style.

It's super durable and comes with a fabric cover to protect it when not in use. This is great for parties, for family events and for people of any age and size - in short, I recommend this swing to just about anyone.


  • The 700 lb weight limit on this model is the highest on my list, accommodating multiple children and/or adults at the same time
  • There are many color options available, so no matter your style, there's a pick you'll love


  • There are no restraints, so be extra careful in supervising younger users
  • The ropes that are included may not be long enough for all swing sets, so extra chain may be required

09. Ecotribe Wooden Giraffe Swing Set for Toddlers

This wooden giraffe swing features an all natural, eco conscious unfinished wood design and soft cotton ropes.

While I love the design and concept of this product, I can't recommend it without mentioning a few important things.

The seat is narrow, so it can be uncomfortable for some toddlers.

Additionally, unfinished wood won't hold up outside, so you'll need to use a baby-safe finish to take it outdoors. All in all, this product is cute, but it's a better addition to a nursery than to outdoor playtime.


  • The unfinished wood design of this swing is sustainable and eco-conscious
  • It features a bucket style design, good for keeping kids secure while offering freedom of movement


  • It's made of unfinished wood, so it may not be the best pick for outdoors
  • There's a lower weight limit on this swing than on most others on my list

10. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing

The other of our runners up, this cute coupe by Little Tikes has unique features that set it apart from other LT picks on my list.

It features external wheels that really spin, a steering wheel that turns and a horn that honks.

It's also a bucket swing with a safety belt, which means it's extra secure.

I recommend this pick for its sensory development features and the cute car theme, which just about all kids will dig.


  • The cool horn feature offers sensory play and teaches cause and effect
  • The steering wheel allows children to practice both small and gross motor control


  • Little ones may have difficulty pushing the horn at first

Safety Tips For Outdoor Baby Swings

There are lots of considerations you should make before deciding on a particular playhouse for your toddler. Among them includes:

  • 1
    Did you know that swings that are hung too close together or too close to the ground can be dangerous? A good rule of thumb is to hang swings at least 22 inches apart and 24 inches off the ground for toddlers, which prevents them from playing without an adult.
  • 2
    Putting a swing set directly on your lawn isn't always a great idea for a few reasons. First, repeated play will wear down the lawn in that area. Second, when kids fall, they're more likely to be injured when hitting the ground than they would be if there was a shock-absorbing surface beneath them. Sand is a inexpensive and effective pick to keep them safe - a filled pit about 12 inches deep works great.
  • 3
    Playground equipment heats up in the sun quickly, so light colored swings made of plastic are the safest picks for your munchkin. Dark colors and metal surfaces can heat up quickly, which can lead to discomfort or injury.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Baby Swings

  • 1
    There are lots of ways that younger kids can benefit from spending time outside. It helps them to develop language by giving them new ways to describe things. It helps them to develop their bodies, improving gross and fine motor skills. Additionally, they get a healthy amount of exposure to sunlight, which can improve sleep patterns.
  • 2
    Safe exposure to a sensory stimulus is an important part of early childhood development. Playing on a swing offers lots of sensory stimulus to babies, toddlers, and kids. From the fresh air on their skin to the sounds of the outdoors, there's a lot happening outside that will wake up their senses in a soothing way.
  • 3
    Kids aren't the only ones who reap major benefits from getting outside. All swingset play should be supervised by an adult, which means mom, dad or both will be getting some beneficial outdoor time that can boost memory, improve depression symptoms and decrease blood pressure.

Final Verdict & My Recommend  Baby Swing

I'm quick to recommend Royal Oak Giant 40" ree Swing that's great for the whole family, and the high weight limit and a wide variety of colors available with this pick make it an ideal choice for outdoor fun.

Little Tikes is a brand that makes great toys. I recommend this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe First Swing for its developmental opportunities and a unique car design that kids will love.

My focus is always on safety, and I recommend Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty Toddler Swing for its durable construction and long comfortable, pinch-free chains.

Hopefully, this list will help you to choose the best outdoor baby swing for your family according to your budget. Good luck, and have fun!

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