The 10 Best Rocking Chair for Nursery to Buy in 2020

Motherhood can be a very stressful experience. I know this firsthand. Anything that can keep your baby safe and relaxed is a boon in those early months. The nursing chairs are designed to do precisely that. They are a must have for any parents with a newborn and or kids on the way.

If you are looking for a nursing chairs for your baby nursery & confused with so many available options? I have created this guide to help you find the best rocking chair for nursery that you should think of buying! Read our in-depth reviews & guide to decide which one better for your baby nursery 🙂 

Best Nursery Rocking Chairs in 2019

Nothing is too good for your little angel, and I know that sentiment all too well. So here is a list of the ten nursery chairs available in the market, with a short but in-depth review for each of them:


Product Name


Material Type


Stork Craft Tuscany Glider

47.4 Pounds

Wood Frame

Baby Relax Mikayla Gliding Recliner

89 Pounds


Stork Craft Hoop Glider

47.6 Pounds


Windsor Glider and Ottoman

45.2 Pounds


Status Veneto Glider and Ottoman

50 Pounds

Wood & Polyester

Naomi Home Brisbane Glide

48 Pounds


Angel Line Monterey Glider

50 Pounds


Graco Parker Semi Upholstered

37.7 Pounds


Baby Relax Tinsley Nursery

46.2 Pounds


Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glid

49.6 Pounds


01. Stork Craft Tuscany Nursery Gliders

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider is a glider that comes with a matching ottoman.

The dark cherry wood and beige cushions combination are quite good looking.

And the set has a very pleasing traditional design, which should go well in most indoor settings.

​The chair looks quite solid and well built when assembled.


The ball bearings and fasteners are made of metal, which inspires more confidence. The wood used is quite sturdy and robust as well.


The set is easy to assemble, a feat that can be accomplished in under an hour. The cushions are quite soft and comfortable to sit on. And they are quite easy to clean, though you cannot throw them into a machine.

This is the chair that you can relax in for hours with your baby. And it is eminently suitable for nursing your baby as well.


The chair does have some issues related to squeaking noises coming from the ball bearings. You might have to undertake frequent maintenance and oiling to keep the noise levels under control.

Also, the beige colored cushions are no help when dealing with a baby. If they get soiled, it shows up starkly, and you will have to spend extra effort cleaning them on the spot.


If you are on a budget, then this is a one of the best one for your baby nursery. It does have its issues, but you get what you pay for. And the issues are nothing too severe or concerning.

02. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Nursery Recliner

The gray linen/mocha color options are not necessarily the most flamboyant or visually pleasing ones on our list.

It will fit unobtrusively in your living room or nursery, and that is also a good thing.

​This one is built solid as a rock, and you will never feel insecure sitting or reclining in it.

The base is extremely stable and sits still, while the ball bearings inside take care of the movement. There are no exposed hard or sharp ends, and the upholstering is very soft and plush.


The chair can swivel as well as glide, and has a recline option as well. You even get a discreetly folded footrest that comes out when you enter the recline mode.

Sadly, you cannot glide/rock when you are reclining. But that is just a minor gripe. The foam used in the chair is extremely comfortable.


One major issue relates to the recline settings. You will need to exert a lot of pressure to get it started, and that can be tiring, especially for the moms.


I am not a fan of the color, but this is otherwise a very well designed and comfortable chair. The recline option has its share of faults, but otherwise, this is a well-priced chair for comforting your baby.

03. Stork Craft Hoop Glider for Nursery

Compared to the Stork Craft Tuscan, the Stork Craft Hoop has a more rounded back and a woven upholstery instead of suede.

It's dark cherrywood-beige combination is identical to the Tuscan.

The design of the chair and ottoman are also very similar. 

​The build quality and safety features of the Hoop are nearly identical to its sibling, the Tuscan.


You get the same wooden construction with metal ball bearings. And the soft upholstery covering the harder bits and spaces.


Again, I have nothing new to add, with all the features being identical to the Tuscan. But there are minor differences in dimensions, and the Tuscan does seem a bit wider when compared to this Hoop model.


The issue related to squeaking bearing arise in this model as well. And the woven finish on the upholstery is not as good when compared to the Tuscan. The padding on the armrest also could have been a bit thicker for added comfort.


This is a very affordable breastfeeding chair, cheaper than even the Tuscan. For the amount of money you end up paying, this is a value for money proposition. There are always better models out there of course if you more money to spare.

04. Windsor Glider Chair for Nursery

With a simple white finish on the wood and gray cushions, this chair and ottoman combination does look quite classy.

The style is decidedly traditional and should fit into any nursery or living room.

Windsor Glider is a low budget product, so you will not get the best quality wood.

That being said, the chair is still quite reliable and safe to sit in. The bearings and bolts are all metal, adding to the overall durability.


The set is quite easy to assemble. The ottoman is a handy addition, allowing you to recline peacefully with your legs up.

The cushions are simple affairs with a soft cloth over padded materials. Comfortable to use and easy to clean. The gliding motion is smooth and very comforting to the baby.


I wish the cushions were a bit thicker, as that would have made this chair comfortable for a longer period.


It is not as well built as some of the other chairs, but if you want a low priced rocking chair for babies, the Windsor is worth a look.

05. Status Veneto Nursery Glider and Ottoman

With a white and beige color combination, the Veneto looks very warm and inviting.

This glider-ottoman combo has some nice touches, like a pull-out nursing stool hidden under the ottoman.

The wood used is a high-quality rubberwood, which is very hard and durable.

You will not feel any creaking or trembling when sitting in this chair. It is stable, robust and comfortable.


A metal frame is joined using heavy-duty plastic joints, and polyester fabrics are used for the seat, which is much more durable than cotton. You want the best materials, so your jumper will last, and they are all here.


There are pockets on the sides for convenient storage of any baby supplies you might need, especially for a late night feeding.

The nursing stool feature provides great support to your feet when you are feeding your little one. The gliding motion is smooth, thanks to the metal parts used inside.


As with many other chairs in its price bracket, this one will also squeak over time. This calls for regular maintenance. The quality of the fabric used in the cushions is also not stellar.


The Status Veneto has some nifty features that show that the designers put some thought into this chair. The side pockets and nursing stool are handy when you have a baby in your arms. This is one of the popular one in this list.

06. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider Ottoman Set

There are a lot of options to choose from, regarding wood and cushion colors.

You have black and white wood finishes, coupled with chocolate, cream, dark gray, and chevron design cushions.

Some of the combinations look gorgeous. The cushions are padded, and the build quality of the parts is quite beautiful.

It is quite sturdy, despite the low price. The wooden parts are held together by strong metallic screws.


The gliding motion on this one is quite smooth, though it does require occasional assistance with your foot.

One big plus is the fact that you can remove the cushions and just throw them in the machine for a wash. This saves you a lot of time and effort. The chair dimensions will suit parents who are under 6 feet in height.


The chair is a bit narrow when compared to some other models I have reviewed. If you have put on some extra pounds at the hips, you may not exactly love this Naomi Harris glider.


This glider-ottoman combo is one of the cheapest that I have come across. The multiple color combinations offer you a choice to find one that suits your home décor.

And with the washable cushions, this one ranks high on my list of the best glider for nursing.

07. Angel Line Monterey Glider Chairs for Nursery

This is another cheap glider+ottoman combo, available in a basic white wood with gray cushions color scheme.

It has very understated looks that should blend in with the other furniture in your home, be it a nursery or living room.

​As with its sibling, the Windsor, this Angel Line Monterey is a cheap yet reliable piece of furniture. The ball bearings that take care of the gliding is securely hidden inside the wood, and work well.


The Monterey is a little wider than the Windsor, so it should have no trouble in carrying any extra weight you may have.

The cushions are very comfortable and best of all, removable. You can quickly throw them into the washer if they get soiled or dirty in any way. The ottoman is ideal for resting your foot while feeding.


The Monterey is a little wider than the Windsor, so it should have no trouble in carrying any extra weight you may have.

The cushions are very comfortable and best of all, removable. You can quickly throw them into the washer if they get soiled or dirty in any way. The ottoman is ideal for resting your foot while feeding.


There are some squeaking issues, and that will be a serious problem if your child is a light sleeper. It is also not comfortable for very long sitting sessions.

In this category, you get what you pay for. And at such a low price, you really cannot ask for more. 

08. Graco Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider & Nursing

With its dark gray cushions and plushly upholstered looks, the Graco Parker is a very appealing looking design.

This is a glider with a classic design, made out of wood with a pleasant white finish.

You also get a matching ottoman with a pull-out nursing stool.


It is very soft and comfortable, and rock solid with an immobile base. Even the armrests and fully covered, ensuring that there are no gaps in which your baby can get caught. The wood is premium quality hardwood.


As already noted, a pull-out nursing stool is a very welcome touch on these rocking chairs. It doesn't take up much space and can be very useful when you want to relax during breastfeeding sessions. The cushions are very soft and thick.


This is not very suitable if you are taller than 6 feet. The backrest could have been a little higher for some extra comfort.


This is one of the softer chairs I have tried as part of this review. For the comfort and utility factor, it scores high in my books. 

09. Baby Relax Tinsley Rocking Chairs for Nursery

An out and out rocker, with a curved base, this is a refreshing change from all the gliders I see these days in the market.

It comes fully upholstered, with a button tufted backrest for extra comfort.

You get several color options to choose from.


The wooden feet are excellent and stable. It sits very low and does not have any complicated ball bearing mechanisms. The overall construction is pretty robust.


It is a very compact piece of furniture that should fit in any nursery, even the smaller ones. A rocker is often better than a glider in the kind of motion it offers. And as this one is fully upholstered, it looks very warm and comforting.


It does not come with an ottoman, and you need one for regular rocking. The cushions, though thick, are rather firm, making long stints in the chair somewhat uncomfortable. The arms and seat height is also rather low for some people.


These days, a nursery glider usually sport a gliding mechanism. It is quite nice to see a true-blue rocker at this price range. If you can live with its compact dimensions, this is a nice little piece of furniture for your nursery.

10. Stork Craft Custom Hoop Nursery Glider Chair

Top of the class regarding available color choices, you get cushions in shades of blue, pink, gray, green and yellow, paired with at least half a dozen different wood finishes.

If you prioritize your indoor décor, this is the best option at a budget, period.

Like the other two Stork Craft chairs, this one also sports a sturdy design and build quality. The wood is hard and does not creak or break easily. The metal parts add to the overall durability of the chair.


The color choices aside, it has a very smooth gliding motion. And the matching ottoman is very useful indeed. You don't need much effort to set it up or to keep it gliding.

The cushions do an okay job and are easy to clean. The addition of side pockets are a real plus point, and I wish more manufacturers would incorporate it into their nursing chairs for babies.


The metal bearings are prone to squeaking after some time and will require periodic maintenance. The cushions are also not the softest I have seen, so don't expect to spend hours and hours in the chair.


Overall, this Stork Craft Custom offers some much-needed variety in the looks department, while providing dependable performance. 

How to Choose the Best Rockers for Nursery?

Rocking chairs for nursing have been used for centuries and have become synonymous with babies and parenting.

The rocking chairs are usually made entirely of wood. This modern rocking chairs for nursing come in various styles and designs, often with matching pieces of furniture and cushions.

​The smooth and gentle rocking motion is ideal for pacifying crying babies. Research indicates that the speed at which you rock your child is identical to the speed at which you usually walk.

This means that for your little one, the rocking motion is almost identical to the rhythm she experienced in your womb. So in effect, the nursery chairs provide a "back to the womb" experience for your baby.

The best rocking chair also aids in the overall development of your baby's sense of balance. Studies have shown that the rocking movement can help in the development of the vestibular system in human infants.

This is the inner ear system that helps us all maintain our balance while standing up and moving. They are also about supporting your child's development.

This chairs come in different designs and specifications. Choosing the best model for your requirements will need a balancing act between the following important factors:


You can find a rocking chair for as low as $100, or as high as $2000 or more. Most affordable models of reliable quality will fall roughly between the $150 - $600 price range.

The quality of the wood and upholstering usually determines the price of the final product. The chairs in the lower budget ranges will tend to have fewer features are less comfortable upholstering.

In a higher price range, you will typically find the fancy woods like oak, maple, and mahogany. But if you don't have the budget, you can always get a cheap nursing chair done up in a faux wood finish.

If décor is important to you, your choices will be quite limited in the sub-$500 range. All the modern furniture styles and advanced cushion prints are only available in more expensive price ranges. You will still find a fair bit of choice regarding cushion colors and prints at lower prices though.


There are two main options to choose from:

  • Rockers: the traditional model, which uses a curved wooden base/legs for the rocking motion.
  • Gliders: these have a stationary base, with ball bearings inside for a mechanism that keeps the chair in a constant to-and-fro gliding motion.

​Both designs have their merits and demerits. Gliders require much less effort to maintain their movement. But rockers have a more pleasing moving style.

Rockers tend to have noise issues related to creaks. Gliders have a bit more trouble in this department, as the ball bearing mechanism may have a tendency to squeak loudly after prolonged use.

They will require more maintenance than regular rocking chairs. It's usually sold as single pieces of furniture, and you don't get any footrest. Many manufacturers offer matching ottomans along with their gliders.

Comfort - Upholstery/Cushions

These are what determines the comfort level of a chair. Fully upholstered chairs are preferable over padded versions due to the extra comfort as well as the safety factor.

The padded chairs may have gaps between pieces of wood, which can be dangerous for an inquisitive toddler.

Other than this basic consideration, the following features are preferable when it comes to the cushions and padding on most comfortable rocking chairs for nursery:

  • Removable cushions, since they are easier to clean and maintain/replace.
  • Darker colors, since they will inevitably get dirty or soiled.
  • Side pockets are a great feature, increasing the comfort and utility.
  • Thicker cushions are always preferable for extra comfort.

Safety Features

This is where you really mustn't try to cut corners or compromise on quality. And I am sure no parent would either since we are talking about the safety of our precious babies. The following features are a must have on the nursery rocking chairs:

  • No sharp edges or corners should be left exposed.
  • All the metal parts must be completely sheathed to prevent any potential rusting.
  • The frame must be rock solid, with no creaking or loose parts.
  • Solid bases, especially those curved ones on the traditional rocker chairs.
  • Medium to high-quality wood used in construction, avoid soft woods.

A serious safety concern pertains to wide gaps between the wooden bars of a chair, in particular between the chair and the base.

These are hazards where your baby's head or limbs can get trapped or hurt. Also, remember that incredibly plush and soft cushions can be a significant choking hazard for small kids.

Be careful when you sleep on such chairs, as the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has issued a warning regarding the chance of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

These chairs are mainly made of wood, some metal, and fabric and foam. Ensure that no harmful chemicals are used in the construction of these chairs.

Some Other Useful Features To Look For

  • A recline option is always nice when you buy a rocking chair. But many affordable models do not carry this feature. And in the ones that do, they may not support reclining while rocking or gliding.
  • A lock feature helps you get up without too much strain by stopping the motion of the chair. Again, this feature is only available in the higher priced chairs.
  • A swivel mode is useful in gliders since it is harder to shift the direction you are facing in these chairs. Rockers don't need this feature.
  • Adjustable features like a setting that changes the rocker/glider into a regular chair are always welcome. After all, babies will grow up, and you might have to find other uses for that chair.
  • Easy to assemble kits are always preferable since you want to get them set up with the minimal amount of fuss.

Benefits of a Nursery Rocking Chair

Usually, newborns keep the new moms super busy all the time with lots of things like feeding, diapering, changing, comforting, and what not! As a result, moms hardly get enough free time to relax for a while.

However, when you have a nursery glider in your baby nursery, you can simply relax lying on the placid surface of the glider and rock. Besides, you can also use the nursery rocker while feeding the baby as well as comforting it taking on your lap.

Again, if you are one of those moms enjoy free times reading and singing to the little one, nursery gliders can be a decent choice to sit or lay and go your way. In short, a nursery rocking chair can be your best friend in the baby nursery. Check below some of more benefits of nursery glider!

Makes the Feeding Sessions More Comfortable

No matter whether you are breastfeeding the baby or giving formula milk, nursery rocking chair can be of its best use to make the feeding sessions more comfortable. Yes, you read it right!

While feeding on the nursery rocker, you can relax yourself and feed the baby simultaneously. Moreover, you can get rid of back pain due to consecutive breastfeeding while feeding your kid on a nursery glider.

Soothes the Fussy Baby

Nursery Rocking Chairs can be a great tool to soothe the fussy and weepy babies. According to studies, most of the babies love the back and forth rocking motion generated by nursery gliders.

Sounds pretty impressive, huh? Why not give it a try to soothe and comfort your fussy baby?

Helps to Maintain Mommy’s Fitness

By using a nursery glider chair wisely, you can also attain some health benefits as well. Yes, the rocking motion generated by the nursery rocker can contribute to a great extent to improve mom’s fetal nervous system.

Anyway, the surprising part of having a nursery glider in the baby nursery is- moms can also burn some extra calories simply by gliding while soothing the fussy baby or comforting it.

Besides, it helps the new moms to relieve monotonous baby nursing and enjoy the actual bliss of parenting.

Apart from that, gliding on the nursery rocker can also help the first-time moms passively to get back to the previous shape after delivery.

So, considering all these, Nursery Rocking Chair can be stated as a decent tool for both the kid and its mom in every baby nursery. 


A rocking chair is almost an indispensable piece of furniture in those crucial early months and years of motherhood. They help both the mothers and babies to relax.

And these are ideal feeding stations, especially in the middle of the night, as they help the baby rock back to sleep pretty quickly. The market for the rocking chairs is quite mature, and you can easily find models that fit your budget and style requirements.

Though you cannot hope to get advanced features or high-quality wood at budget prices, you can still expect a sturdy build quality that adheres to strict safety standards.

In this review-cum-guide, I have shortlisted and highlighted ten of the rocking chairs designed for mothers and their babies. The listed products all fall under the affordable price.

And the majority of them are gliders, accompanied by matching ottomans. While some of them, like the Stork Craft Custom Hoop, and the Status Veneto stand out due to an excellent balance of style, safety and comfort, the rest of the pack are not far behind.

I have no hesitation in recommending any and all of these rocking chairs to parents looking for a sturdy and safe option for their babies. If there is any point that is requires for more explanation, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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