best table and chair sets for toddler in 2020

Getting your kids to stay still isn’t as easy as it sounds. Kids are naturally active. They run around and bounce off the walls all the time and it’s cute. However, they need to learn how to stay still, be bored, and be patient as well. One of the best ways to achieve this is to sit them down and give them something that will occupy them.
There are lots of toddler table and chair sets on the market. If you’re looking for one, we’ve got a few suggestions for you. Before all of that, though, let’s take a look at a few things to consider when buying your little ones their own furniture.

Plastic vs Wood vs Laminate

Plastic, wood, and laminate are three of the most commonly used materials for children’s furniture. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at them so you can decide which one is best for you and your child.


Plastic is often used in manufacturing kids’ furniture and toys. We often see and hear news about plastic in children’s toys being harmful but there are kids’ toys and furniture manufacturers that use non-toxic plastic to make their products. As a consumer, you just have to know what to look for and which brands to trust.
  • Affordable - Most plastic toddler chairs and tables are cheaper than their wood counterparts.
  • Easy to clean - with most plastic tables and chairs, all you really need to do is give them a good wipe down and they’ll be good as new. For stubborn stains and spots, you can use stronger cleaners and not worry about it damaging the item further.
  • Colorful - some of the most colorful kids’ table and chair sets are made of plastic. Because plastic can be made with any color, there’s no need for paint which means you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting paint that has chipped off of the table of their chair.
  • Toxic - unless you’re buying from a reputable brand, there’s really no way to be sure whether the plastic material used to make the toddler table and chair you’re buying is free of toxins.
  • Not eco-friendly - we often worry about the fact that plastic contains toxins that aren’t safe for our kids but we overlook the fact that it’s bad for the environment as well. Plastic, while totally recyclable, doesn’t disintegrate and “disappear.”


Montessori-style toys and kids furniture are made of wood and they’re famed for being eco-friendly, educational, and entertaining. If you’re trying to minimize your plastic usage and consumption, perhaps it’s time to switch to wood. Find the best wooden table and chairs set and start your plastic-free life now.
  • Not eco-friendly - we often worry about the fact that plastic contains toxins that aren’t safe for our kids but we overlook the fact that it’s bad for the environment as well. Plastic, while totally recyclable, doesn’t disintegrate and “disappear.”
  • Natural - with wood, there’s no need to worry about harmful toxins being present in your toddler’s table and chair set. It’s an all-natural material that can be treated with natural solutions as well to preserve its quality.
  • Customizable - there are so many ways to customize and even personalize your kids’ wooden table and chairs. You can paint, carve, draw, and embellish it however you like.
  • Upkeep - maintaining wooden furniture is hard, be it for kids or for regular people. Some of the challenges in keeping your kids’ wooden table and chair new include discoloration, rotting, and stains.


Love the look of wood but think it’s insane getting your little ones expensive solid wood furniture that they’ll definitely outgrow anyway? You might want to check out laminate kiddie table and chair sets instead.
  • Affordable - compared to the real thing, laminate wood is ways cheaper so you won’t have to feel bad if it gets broken after a few years of use.
  • Aesthetic - from afar, good quality laminate tables and chairs can easily look like real wood. It’s great if you’re going for a certain look or a certain vibe for your kids’ playroom or if you plan on setting up their table and chair set in the living room.
  • Easy to maintain - just like plastic, laminate tables and chairs only need a good wipe down to keep clean. There’s only one other thing you need to remember when caring for laminate furniture and that is to always keep them dry so the top layer doesn’t warp.
  • Durability- laminate furniture can’t carry too much weight which means they’re less likely to grow with your child.

Best Toddler Table and Chair Sets

Now that you’re familiar with the materials used for kiddie table and chair sets and you know what their strengths and weaknesses are, it’s time to pick from the best ones out in the market.

1. Baby Relax Hunter 3 Piece Kiddy Table and Chair Set

This children’s table-and-chair set is trendy yet simple and cute. It’s great for those who want a kids’ table and chair set that will fit right in with the rest of their regular furniture.
We like
  • Design - the design is simple and elegant. It’s something that most parents wouldn’t mind having in the middle of their living room. It comes in gray and in white which can both easily blend in with any interior design.
  • Spacious - the table top is plain and simple which leaves your child tons of space, whether it be for playing, writing, making art, or eating.
  • Easy to clean - because its design is simple, keeping this table and chair set is simple as well. You can simply wipe it down and because it’s wood, you can also use your favorite wood cleaner on it.
  • Customizable - think white and gray are too boring? You can always repaint this table and chair set since it’s made of wood.
  • Kid-friendly height - the table stands at 17.9 inches while the chair seats are 11 inches in height.
We don't like
  • Too light - even when assembled, the table remains light so kids can move it around whenever and wherever they want which could be dangerous. This also raises the possibility of the legs scratching up hardwood floors.
  • Not too sturdy - the main material used for the construction of this table and chair set is MDF wood which isn’t as sturdy as solid wood. It doesn’t have the ability to hold too much weight either.

2. Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table & Chairs

Melissa & Doug are known for their award-winning toys and their simple but high-quality play furniture. This set from this All-American brand looks like a miniature version of any regular wood dining table. It’s cute and classic — definitely made to last.

We like
  • Sturdy - made of solid wood, this table and chair set can accommodate up to 150 lbs. which means that parents like you and me can enjoy sitting on it too. No need to worry about the table or chair collapsing during the inevitable days of rough play, your child can stand on it with no problem.
  • Timeless look - this table and chair set has a natural wood finish. It’s pretty on its own and without further customizations. It’s also something that your kids can surely pass on to their own kids as well.
  • Easy to assemble - the set comes with instructions and assembly only takes a few minutes to do.
  • Safe for kids - because it’s made of hardwood, you can be assured that there are no toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC, and the like present in your child’s furniture.
  • World-renowned brand - Melissa & Doug is a world-renowned brand that a lot of parents from around the world trust and adore. They not only have great products but they have amazing after-sales support as well so you can be sure that any issues with damages or missing pieces will be resolved.
We don't like
  • Pricey - for a three-piece kiddie furniture set, the price on this one is a little higher compared to its competitors in the market.
  • Loose screws - the screws on the chairs tend to come loose so you need to check them regularly and screw them back on when necessary.

3. eHemco Kids Table and 2 Chairs Set Solid Hard Wood

Need a durable table and chair set that you can customize and personalize to your heart’s content? Check this out.
We like
  • Sturdy - both the table and the chairs included in this set are made of real hardwood so you can rest assured that it can stand a bit of rough play which is inevitable with kids. Since they’re sturdy, they’re able to hold heavier weights as well so you can also let older kids sit here with their younger siblings.
  • High-quality - this set is made from high-quality materials that can last for a really long time.
  • Customizable - this particular model comes in 5 variations including an unfinished one that allows you to personalize and customize your child’s set however they like.
  • Safe - aside from being sturdy, this set has great safety features as well such as the rounded corners on the tables and chairs.
  • Easy to assemble - assembly is usually what turns most people off about kids’ furniture but, with this set, you don’t have to worry about that. The tables and chairs are easy to put together and it only takes a few minutes to assemble.
We don't like
  • Small - I know it’s not supposed to be the same size as regular furniture but, even when compared to other kiddie furniture, this table and chairs set seemed a little too small.

4. KidKraft Aspen Table and Chair Set

It’s a cute and simple table and chair set that’s perfect for doing arts and crafts on as well as for having tea parties.
We like
  • Easy to assemble - assembly for this particular chair and table set only takes a few minutes. There are instructions included in the package and there are no special tools needed to get the job done.
  • Simple design - this is the kind of table and chair for toddlers that you can easily put anywhere around your home. It will blend right in and it’s really easy on the eyes as well.
  • Perfect size - the size is just right for toddlers to fit into. The set can accommodate kids up to 8 years old but it’s sturdy enough to have an adult sit on it as well.
  • Softly rounded corners - the table’s corners are safely rounded so your little ones won’t cut themselves when they bump their heads on it and it won’t hurt too bad as well if you accidentally bump your hips.
  • Easy maintenance - it’s made of rubberwood so its surface is smooth and easy to clean. You can use a cloth to wipe dust and dirt off of it and you can use a damp rag to deal with stains.
We don't like
  • Cheap material - it’s not solid wood but rather rubberwood so it’s not as sturdy. It’s able to support a regular adult’s full weight, but it feels flimsy and doesn’t feel like it will last a long time.

5. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set

This 3-in-1 toddler table and chair set can be used as an activity/craft table, a building base, and a water table so the activities your kids can do and enjoy here are endless.
We like
  • Bang for the buck - if you’re the type of parent who likes to get the most bang for your buck, you need to check out this set. It’s clever features and design makes you feel like you’re getting three kinds of table and chair sets for the price of one.
  • Colorful - this is one of the most colorful sets we tried out and we believe it’s going to be a sure hit among toddlers and older kids alike.
  • Block base tabletop - say goodbye to the days of wandering blocks. This table has a reversible top with one of the two sides having a built-in building blocks base.
  • More storage - another neat feature you’ll see from this table and chair set is the storage space underneath the table top. You can store books, toys, activity sheets and more under the table so you can easily access it later.
  • Lifetime warranty - this table and chair set comes with a 1-year warranty which you can extend to a lifetime warranty by simply registering online.
  • Easy to assemble - there’s really not much assembly required for this set. Just pop the legs on and it’s ready for use.
We don't like
  • Blocks don’t fit snugly - one side of the tabletop is made especially for building blocks but after trying to pop a few blocks from different brands on, none of them fit perfectly.

6. KidKraft Modern Table and 2 Chair Set

The Nordic/Scandinavian theme has been so popular lately. If you’ve decorated your kids’ room/playroom with the same theme, you’ll love this table and chair set from KidKraft.
We like
  • Modern design - the modern minimalist design blends easily into any home. It may be considered as children’s furniture but it’s definitely something the adults won’t mind seeing and, maybe, even using from time to time.
  • Perfect size - the height of the table and the chairs are just right for toddlers.
  • Easy to clean - this set’s tabletop was surprisingly easy to clean. We tested it out with different materials that kids usually use while on the table like crayons, washable markers, and pencils and the stains were easily wiped off.
  • Sturdy - the chairs look small but, when assembled right, are actually quite sturdy. We, the adults, tried sitting on it and were amazed by the fact that it can hold our weight.
  • Rounded corners - the table’s corners are rounded so it lessens the risk of injury when using the table.
We don't like
  • Not-so-easy assembly - assembling this table and chair set wasn’t as easy as others say it would be. Tightening the screws was extra challenging since you need to make sure you don’t overdo it lest the wood cracks.

7. Costzon Kids Wooden Table and 4 Chairs Set

This 5-piece table and chair set is great for those who have more than 2 kids or those who always host play dates.
We like
  • Affordable - this is one of the most affordable table and chair sets we’ve found. It comes with 4 chairs is which is great since most sets only come with 2.
  • Rounded edges - the table’s edges are rounded so if your kids bump their heads on it, the damage wouldn’t be too bad.
  • Well-made - it’s well-made and very sturdy. It can hold a full-grown adult’s weight with no problems at all. The materials used can take quite a beating, too, so you don't have to worry about easily scratching and denting the surfaces.
  • Lightweight - despite being sturdy, the tables and the chairs from this set remain lightweight. This is because they’re made of pinewood.
  • Great size - the table is neither too big nor too small and the chairs are the perfect height for toddlers.
We don't like
  • Bolts keep coming loose - for some reason, the bolts at the back of the chairs keep coming loose. This can be dangerous since the bolts hold the pieces of wood together.

8. Kids wood Play Around Activity Table and Chair Set

This cute and dainty set comes with its own storage side bag that’s big enough to hold kid’s toys, crayons, pencils, and mini books for easy access.
We like
  • Cute design - the crown-shaped chair backrests add an element of cuteness to this set’s overall look.
  • Tip-resistant chairs - the chairs are designed to be tip-resistant so it’s great even for restless kids who just can’t stay still for long periods of time.
  • Easy to assemble - putting the table and the chairs together only takes a few minutes. Most of the things you need are either included in the box or already in your home.
  • Hanging storage bag - the mini storage side bag is perfect for holding kids’ toys and/or writing accessories as well as some stationery.
  • Scratch protector sleeves - the table and chairs that come with this set have scratch protector sleeves so you can move them around freely without worrying about the wood scratching up your floors.
We don't like
  • Challenging to maintain - maintaining this table and chair set and making sure it looks like new all the time can be a real challenge. White is such an easy color to tarnish and soil and kids don’t hold back when it comes to doing that.

9. Tot Tutors TC715 Collection Kids Wood Table & 4 Chair Set

Whether it’s for homeschooling or for having fun mini tea parties, this wooden table and chair set is sure to be a top contender for you.
We like
  • Colorful - this table and chair set comes in different color variants, each one showcasing 4 different chair colors and a neutral color for the table.
  • Toddler-sized - this table and chair set was definitely made with toddlers in mind. Its size is just right for kids as young as 24 months up to 8 years which means you won’t need to buy a new one unless this one breaks which is quite unlikely.
  • Durable - this set is made of solid wood, making it strong and sturdy.
  • Customizable - the chairs come in different colors and if you want to make the whole set even more colorful, you can mix and match different chair parts to get that “rainbow” look.
  • Easy to put together -it may look overwhelming at first but this table and chair set is actually quite underwhelming to put together. It’s so easy, you can do it without a manual or any tools.
We don't like
  • Paint chipping - one of the biggest issues I’ve had with wooden table and chair sets like this one is paint chipping off of the surface and this one is no exemption.

10. Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set

This cute table and chair set is great for kids who are into a cartoon character.
We like
  • Exciting design - if your little one loves Mickey and Minnie mouse, they’ll surely be excited to use this table and chair set, be it for eating, playing, or doing crafts.
  • Scratch-resistant finish - worried about the design rubbing off and fading away? Don’t! This set has a scratch-resistant finish that helps prolong the design’s bright and exciting colors and graphics.
  • Easy to clean - like many of the children’s furniture on this list, this one is also easy to clean. The smooth finish on the table and chairs make clean-up a breeze.
  • Easy to assemble - no special skills or tools needed. This table and chair set is something that even people who are not very handy can put together.
  • Good quality - it’s not flimsy and it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s lightweight, but not so much that the chairs tip over easily and it’s not too heavy either so kids can still move it around whenever they like.
We don't like
  • Slippery chairs - unless used on the carpet, the chairs are a little too slippery which can result in minor accidents.

The Winner

The clear winner for this roundup is the eHemco Kids Table and 2 Chairs Set. We appreciate the fact that this set is budget-friendly and that it’s made of solid hardwood. This is a great option for those who are looking for something simple and natural with the possibility of personalizing and/or customizing it in the future. It’s also a great find for those who love getting the most bang for their buck since it’s durable and will surely last for quite a long time.
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