Best Toddler Bed Rails in 2020 – Unbiased Reviews & Comparison!

Buying the best toddler bed rails can be quite the challenge. After all, the most effective toddler rails have to serve the function of keeping your toddler in bed and safe all night while also not being too bulky or have places that could potentially hurt the child during the night.

When picking out a toddler bed rail, there are more options available than you may think. This is why doing the research before purchasing is extremely important.

For example, there is the swing down toddler rail that is able to be used as a rail at night and swing down against the side of the bed during the day so the child can still play on their bed. 

There are also fixed bed rails that do not move and the child has to climb around them to get out of bed. A newer option is the "bumper rail" that just sits in bed with the child.

This is probably best for older kids because it does not provide as much of a barrier as the other rails mentioned do. 

Best Toddler bed Rails in 2019

Today I would like to share a few bed rail reviews for you to make the buying process easier for you and your family.


Product Name


Material Type


Regalo Swing down Bedrail

0.32 Ounces


KidCo Children’s Bed

1 Pounds


Regalo Hide Extra Long Bed

0.32 Ounces


Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail

7 Pounds


Bumper Toddler Bed

12 Ounces


Safety 1st Mattress Bed

5.6 Pounds


KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail

8 Pounds


Regalo Swing Down Extra Long Bed Rail

0.32 Ounces


Bed Buddy Bed Rail

8.8 Ounces


01. Regalo Swing Down Baby Bed Rail

The Regalo Swing down Bedrail is just like the one that was mentioned previously in this article.

The main advantage of the swing down bedrail is that it can easily be moved each morning so that the child will not trip on it trying to get out of bed and can still play on the bed during the daytime.

Easy to Assemble

This is a metal bed rail that does not require any special tools for assembly. It is 43-inches long and 20-inch tall for added safety and your toddler's bed does not need to have a box spring to support this rail.

Works on a Variety of Beds

In addition to being used on a toddler bed, this rail can also be used on larger beds if your child is sleeping with you. If the child is sleeping in a bunk bed, this rail will easily fit on the bunk bed.

The mesh is also very breathable so it will not make the child hot while they sleep which is really important to a good night's sleep!

Strong and Durable

Once installed on the bed, the Regalo Swing down Bedrail is strong and durable. You will sleep soundly at night knowing that if your child rolls over onto this rail they will still be secure in their bed.

02. KidCo Children’s Safety Bed Rail

The KidCo Children's Bed Rail is a mesh bed rail that is constructed of a durable steel and will reach part of the child's bed.

This bed rail is perfect for toddlers aged 2 years and up.

Works with a Variety of Bed Types

One of the perks of the KidCo Children's Bed Rail is the versatility. This bed rail will work on mattresses without box springs, twin beds, and beds that sit on wood slats.

The mesh rail will also work on trundle beds as well as king sizes! This versatility means that no matter the type of bed, this rail will work to keep the child from falling out during the night.

Partial Length

Another perk of this rail is that it does not extend the full length of the child's bed. This is a perk because it means that you will not have to remove the rail each morning so the child can safely get out of bed.

All the child has to do is crawl down to the end of the bed and they can hop right out because the rail only extends to part of the length of the bed.

Extra Tall

When compared to other rails, the KidCo Children's Bed Rail is a little taller than the rest. This means that you will have peace of mind knowing that if your child is a wild sleeper they will not end up flouncing over the railing in the middle of the night.

The mesh on this rail also will not hurt the child if they lean into it during the night.

03. Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail

The Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail is perfect for the person that likes the idea of a mesh bed rail but wants something that extends to the entire length of the child's bed.

This rail is available in the colors white and pink.

Added Safety

As previously mentioned, this mesh rail is longer than most. At 54-inches long and 20-inches tall, it will stretch to the end of the child's bed. This means that no matter how much the child tosses and turns during the night, they will stay in their bed.

The Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail also includes Gap Gaurd, which works to make sure that the rail does not slip away from the mattress and leave a gap that the child could fall in. This is one of the popular toddlers bed rail because of the extended length!

Great for Larger Beds

Since this rail is extra-long, it works especially well on king beds. This means that if the child is still sleeping with you, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are right beside you and not rolling off the bed during the night or nap time.

Quick to Assemble

You do not need any special tools to assemble this rail. The mesh adds to the ease of assembling and this rail folds up so you can travel with it as well!

04. Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail for Toddler Bed

The Munchin Sleep Bed Rail is perfect for a toddler who is a fairly sound sleeper but rolls around occasionally.

This is one of the smaller rails as it only covers about a third of the bed. This is the best toddler bed guard rail because of its small size and flexibility.

Flip Feature

This rail is awesome because it has the flip feature so it can flip down and lay flush against the bed when the child is playing during the day.

A lot of bed rails will fold at an awkward angle and ultimately end up in the way when the child is trying to play in their room during the day, but this one will not!

Fits a Variety of Beds

Another great feature of this rail is that it will fit most beds as long as the bottom of the mattress sits flat on the bed frame.

Also, if you are looking for the best bed rail to fit a convertible crib to toddler bed, look no further! This rail is the perfect size to fit on the tricky sized bed.

Makes Bed Time Fun

In addition to the great safety features, this rail is available in a variety of colors to make bedtime something that the child actually looks forward to.

Plus, with the variety of colors available, it will be easy to match the theme you have chosen for the child's room.

05. Bumper Toddler Bed Railings 

The Bumper Toddler Bed Rail is something that may not have been around when you were a toddler.

The Bumper is a foam safety guard for the bed that will keep the child from rolling over the edge during the night.

Passive Safety Protection

Developed at Stanford University, the Bumper Rail encourages the child's passive safety response which lets them know subconsciously that they are close to danger and they should roll away from the edge of the bed.

No Caged-In Feeling

Unlike typical bed rails that may make the child feel like they are stuck in a cage, the Bumper Toddler Bed Rail feels like a natural part of the bed and still serves the purpose of keeping the child safe at night.

A Versatile Fit

The Bumper Toddler Bed Rail can be used on a toddler, twin, full, queen, and king size beds. Although, you cannot use this product on top bunks or loft beds for safety reasons.

In addition to the versatility, you can put the bumper rail on any bed in your house (as long as it is not the top bunk/loft) and you will not have to look at a bulky rail sticking out from the bed. It can also easily be moved if you need the bed cleaned off during the daytime. 

06. Safety 1st Top-of-Mattress Toddler Bed Siderail

When they say Safety 1st they are not kidding! What sets this rail apart from the rest of bed rails on the market today?

The awesome feature of this rail that makes it one a great bed rail for toddlers and children is the blinking light feature that will turn green to indicate that the rail is in place and assembled properly and will not slip.

This is such a great feature because you can have peace of mind knowing that the child will not fall in between the rail and the bed like they may with a typical bed rail.

Great for Travelling

Whether the family is on a road trip or the kids are simply going for a night at grandma's house, this railing is perfect for traveling because of the ease of assembly.

This rail can be taken from the box to the bed in just a few minutes without any tools. Its compact size makes it perfect to throw in the car for your next trip.

Perfect for Co-Sleeping

The small design of this rail makes it the perfect fit for co-sleeping with a newborn baby or small toddler additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that the toddler will not end up stuck in a gap between the bed and rail.

07. KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail for Kids

The KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail is the perfect transitioning rail for the child who is getting ready to make the leap to a toddler bed.

Installing this rail will get the child used to sleep in a toddler bed prior to making the switch.

Great for Active Toddlers

Even though this rail may appear small, it is great for even the most active of toddlers. It will keep the toddler in bed at night even if they are a wild sleeper.

This rail will hold up and stay in place if the child is jumping on the bed or even siblings climbing all over it.

Room to Climb Into Bed

If you place the KidCo Convertible Crib Bed Rail closer to the top of the bed (near the pillow) the child will have plenty of room to crawl in and out of bed themselves.

This helps them establish their independence and feel like a big kid, which can help them enjoy sleeping on their own.

Easy to Assemble

This is one of the smaller rails on the list, which means that is extremely easy to assemble. No special tools are needed which means that you can start this project a few minutes before bedtime and be ready before the toddler is ready to be tucked in for the night!

08. Regalo Swing Down Extra Long Bed Rails for Toddlers

If you are looking for an extra-long bed rail that also swings down to be out of the way during the daytime hours, look no further!

This rail is perfect for older toddlers or long babies.

A Great Investment

An extra-long rail may not be necessary within the first couple years of the child's life, but if you make the investment early you could avoid having to purchase multiple rails down the road when the child keeps growing and growing! This is just one perk of starting out with an extra-long bed rail.

Swings at an Angle

The Regalo Swing down Extra Long Bed Rail swings down at an angle so the child will not trip on it when they try to get out of bed in the morning. This is also great because you can simply swing the railing back into place before the child goes to bed that night.

Extra Durable

Since this railing is extra-long, you may be worried it is flimsy. This is definitely not the case. This rail can hold up to the child's flouncing and flailing during the night and is guaranteed to keep your child safely in bed and off the floor.

09. Bed Buddy Guard Rail for Toddler Beds

If you are looking for a softer alternative for toddlers, the Bed Buddy Bed Rail Guard is a great option.

It is less bulky than the traditional bed rail and easy to store.

Set up In Seconds

The days of putting rails together are over! The Bed Buddy Rail Guard can be installed in a mere few seconds by unwrapping it, fluffing it, and placing it in the desired spot on the bed. Simply cover with a fitted sheet once the Bed Buddy is in place and the child can be ready for bed.

Great for Travel

The compact size of the Bed Buddy Rail Guard makes it a breeze to toss in the car for the latest family adventure. Whether you are headed to a hotel, RV, or Grandma's house, the Bed Buddy Rail is easy to bring along for the ride and easy to assemble once you reach your destination.

Easy Transitions

Since the Bed Buddy sits on the bed, it can make the child feel more secure and comfortable in their big kid bed. There is room for a parent to lay beside the child and Bed Buddy while the child falls asleep.

Once the child is ready to sleep in their bed without a rail, the Bed Buddy rail can easily be removed from the bed.

What to Know Before You Buy a Bed Rails for Toddler

There are a lot of elements that go into finding bed rail. This guide will break down the features to guide you through the purchasing process.

How Old Is the Child?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a bed rail is the age of the child. The appropriate bed rail for a newborn is different than the appropriate bed rail for a five-year-old, so thinking about the age of the child is a crucial step.

What Type of Bed is the Rail For?

The next step goes right along with the first one. The type of rail you purchase for a convertible crib is likely to be very different from the rail that you are purchasing for a toddler or king-sized bed.

Having this knowledge is very important because it can impact the safety of the child that will be using the rail!

Are You Concerned with Looks?

If you are concerned about the aesthetic of the bed rail, this may limit your options to only bed rails that come in a variety of colors or patterns.

Take this into account before starting your search to ease the stress of finding the perfect railing and it not being available in the color that you really want.

What Function is Most Important?

Is safety the function that is most important to you when looking for a rail? For most people it is, but which safety feature is at the top of the list?

Is it the elimination of the gap between the bed and the rail, having a mesh rail, or having a non-traditional rail that sits on the bed with the child?

Also, take into consideration if the rail swinging down in the daytime is important to your decision. Thinking about all of these factors before you start looking for a rail will allow you to narrow the search and ultimately save you time!

If you are searching online you can type in these filters and you will only see items that match your specific search.

Other Factors to Consider

Take your budget into account. You may think that there is not a price to be put on the child’s safety, but bed rails can be expensive! Setting a budget ahead of time can ensure that you do not overspend.

It may take your child time to get used to the railing. Not every child will adjust to having a railing the first night. It may take some bribing and getting used to before the child feels comfortable with it. Knowing that this is normal can make your life a lot less stressful.

You can make returns. You may order what you think is the perfect rail online and get it out of the box and hate it. Whatever the reason, remember that you can always return it. Just be sure you do not destroy the box when first opening it so you can easily ship the rail back!

Be open to new ideas. There are many options on the market that are different than the bed rails that you may have had while growing up. Be willing to research new options and find the one that is best for the child in your life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Bed Rail work for all types of bed?
A. Well, most of the toddler bed rails are designed to fit with all types of bed so far as we found during our research. However, the best practice is checking out the features of the particular bed rail you are intending to purchase.

Q. Does it require much assembly?
A. No! Not at all. Almost every single rail in the market hardly requires any larger assembly. Refer to the user manual of particular bed rail for more detail on this.

Q. Should I go for some extra tall rail?
A. It’s true that extra tall rail has some added benefits. However, they are not recommended as always, unless your little one has wild sleeping habits.


Overall, it is important to take into account research on the bed rails you are thinking about purchasing before actually making the purchase.

Sites like this one are perfect for finding out information on products you are interested in before committing to a purchase. Also take into account opinions of friends and families who have had experience purchasing child safety bed rails in the past.

Remember that knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the less stressful your shopping experience will be and the more likely it is that you will be happy with the product! Happy Parenting 

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