Best Toddler Step Stool in 2019 – To Boost Kids Confidence & Height

​Does your toddler crave independence? Do you want to boost her confidence in completing tasks on her own? “Yes”, you say, but my toddler is not quite tall enough to reach furniture designed for adults. A toddler step stool will solve this problem and support your child’s journey to independence.

A toddler step stool gives your child the extra few inches she needs to do things like brush her teeth, reach the sink or climb onto your bed. There are many toddler step stool options available. Which is the Best Toddler Step Stool?

It is important to find a toddler step stool that is safe and well suited to your particular needs and your home. This guide identifies key factors to consider when choosing a toddler step stool and reviews the most popular toddler step stools available. It will help you find the toddler step stool just right for you. 

Best Step Stool for Toddler in 2019


Product Name




Bumbo Step Stool

1.1 Pounds


Dreambaby 2-Up Step Stool

1.98 Pounds


Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

3.25 Pounds


2 Step Stool for Kids

1.86 Pounds


Dual Height Step Stool for Kids

2.2 Pounds


01. Bumbo Step Stool

This popular toddler step stool is lightweight (1.2 pounds) and portable so it’s easy to move around the house.

The holes at the side of the feet mean your child can easily move it around herself without dragging it on the floor.

The Bumbo Toddler Step Stool has many important safety features. Its super stable nonslip feet mean it won’t move or slide around even when wet! It works great on both wooden and tile floors.

The Bumbo Step Stool’s rubber top surface offers a grippy, stable surface without being rough on bare feet. It’s wide enough to be comfortable and safe for wiggly toddlers. Amazingly it grips well even when wet.

The Bumbo’s design is adorable. It looks like cute elephants feet. It’s available in a variety of colors. The base is always white, but you can choose the color of elephant’s feet.

The Bumbo Step Stool is easy to store and can even be stacked if you have more than one. This sturdy plastic stool is simple to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Its light weight makes it perfect for travel.

It’s nearly 7” high (15.125" w x 6.5" h x 11.125 d) and will support up to 110 pounds. The lower height allows easy access to cabinets. 

02. Dreambaby 2-Up Step Stool

The Dreambaby 2-Up is one of the few two-step toddler step stools on the market.

Many of them are no taller than a one step stool, but the Dreambaby is a refreshing change. 

Offering 10.5 inches of height it is one of the tallest toddler step stools available.

It is a good choice if your toddler is the short side or if height of the selected area is particularly tall. It will help your child reach sinks, the kitchen counter and other places not accessible with lower toddler step stools.

It’s made from sturdy, durable and lightweight plastic. The side handles and light weight (1.9lb) make it easy for you or your toddler to move around. Despite its light weight, it is strong enough to support 175 pounds.

The 9” wide top step features a slip resistant surface to prevent slipping or falling. The nonslip base keeps the stool stable and reduces the risk of falls or injury. Its total depth is 14 inches. The base is white and you can choose both aqua or gray top surfaces and handles.

Whether you have found other toddler step stools too short or you simply prefer a two-step option, this is an excellent choice for you. 

03. Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

Many parents love its eco-friendly and attractive design. This beautiful bamboo step stool looks great and adds an elegant accent to bathrooms, dining rooms or any other room in your home.

Made from sturdy, durable wood it will support up to 200 pounds.The Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool is designed with young hands in mind and despite its sturdiness, is light enough for your child to carry around herself.

​Of course safety is always a primary consideration when choosing your toddler step stool for you. The Growing up Green Bamboo Step Stool doesn’t just look good. It will keep your toddler safe when reading higher surfaces.

The nonslip surface with gripping bulbs keep your toddler’s feet from sliding about. Rubber feet at the bottoms of the legs ensure it will be stable and stay planted on the ground. These rubber feet will also protect tile or hardwood floors from scratching.

Keeping it clean is a breeze. Simply wash with a warm cloth and mild soap. It is 7” high, 14” long and 9” wide. 

04. 2 Step Stool for Kids

​The iLove 2 Step Stool for Kids makes it easy for your child to reach places in the bathroom, kitchen and throughout your home.

Since parents find that one toddler step stool is not enough the iLove comes in a two-stool pack priced to give you greater value. 

This toddler step stool is safe and sturdy. The thick slip resistant rubber feet grip floors and ensure the stool stays in place.

A soft rubber grip surface keeps your child’s feet both comfortable and safe - even when wet.

The iLove two step stool has a clean stylish look. The clean white and gray color scheme and unobtrusive product label fits in well with any house décor. This toddler step stool is eco-friendly.

It’s made from 100% non-toxic materials and is BPA free and PVC free.
iLove Two Step stools are made of a lightweight, durable reinforced plastic. They are portable, stackable and will last you for many years to come.

With two steps it offers a total of 10.5” height and will hold up to 175 pounds. It is 12.7” wide and 14” deep. The first step stands at 5.5 inches and is 5.5” deep. 

05. Dual Height Step Stool for Kids

The Dual Height Step Stool for Kids by Jessa Leona will give your toddler the boost she needs for tooth brushing, reaching the potty, helping out in the kitchen and getting to other hard to reach places.

This toddler step stool fosters your child’s independence and confidence in herself. 

The Dual Height Toddler Step Stool is versatile. Young children are always growing and this unique step stool will accommodate toddlers of different ages and heights.

Designed with safety in mind, it features a large non-slip surface with soft grip steps to give little feet both comfort and support. Its slip resistant base keeps it secure on all floor types.

It is both stylish and sturdy. Made from high-quality, lightweight plastic it’s easy to carry around but strong enough to support 150 pounds. It gives your child an extra 10.3” of height and measures 12.7” wide and 14” deep.

The Dual Height Toddler Step Stool’s neutral gray and white colors look great in any home. It even comes with a matching toilet training seat to make potty training easier than ever. 

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Toddler Step Stool


Naturally your child’s safety is a top priority. Grip is a key factor in choosing a toddler step stool. A good grip is important to ensure your child’s safety.

You want a toddler step stool with a non-slip surface that will grip your child’s feet and prevent slipping and falling. Safe toddler step stools also have non-skid feet to keep the step stool in place no matter how much your child wiggles about.


Toddler step stools come in a variety of heights. So first consider your home and the height of the furniture your child needs to reach. If the step stool is too short your child will stand on tippy toes and risk falling.

Before choosing a toddler step stool I suggest asking yourself, “What does my child need to reach?” Then carefully measure to determine the height you need.

If your toddler needs to reach two different heights there are two-step options available, however you may prefer to get two different step stools one for each height and location. I recommend this option if you do not want to move the step stool around the house.

Where Do You Want to Put Your Toddler’s Step Stool?

I also recommend asking yourself, “Where will the step stool stand and what will it be in front of?” Will it be in front of a cabinet that you will want to access regularly? Many parents find inconvenient to move the toddler step stool to access the cabinet.

Your life will be easier if you choose a step stool that allows access to the cabinet while also giving your child the extra height she needs. Again, carefully measure the area and find the height it is high enough for your toddler but low enough to still let you open the cabinet. 

Other Considerations When Choosing a Toddler Step Stool

  • Portability: Is it easy to move around? Can your child move it herself?
  • Weight: Is it lightweight? Can your child easily carry it?
  • Durability: Is this product made of materials that will last and hold up to the test of use?
  • Ease of cleaning: Is it easy to clean?
  • Color choices and attractiveness: Will this step stool look nice in your bathroom or other areas in your home? Is it available in different colors?
  • Money back customer satisfaction guarantee and product warranty: Does the company offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee? Do they offer a limited or lifetime warranty?


So what’s the best toddler step stool? There are many great options and only you can decide what is best for your child and your home.

I encourage you to choose a toddler step stool that gives your child just the extra height she needs to boost to her confidence and independence.

You want one that is safe and offers both secure footing on the ground and for your toddler’s feet. Consider all the factors and features we discussed to decide what is most important to you. For a classic and affordable toddler step stool, I suggest the Bumbo Step Stool.

If you are looking for two steps, The Dreambaby 2-Up Step Stool And the iLove 2 Step Stool For Kids are excellent choices. If you want your child to reach two different heights, consider the Dual Height Step Stool for Kids.

If finding an environmentally conscious and attractive product is your priority, I highly recommend the Growing up Green Bamboo Step Stool.

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