Best Toddler Step Stool in 2020 – To Boost Kids Confidence & Height

For a lot of toddlers, reaching the sink in order to wash their hands or brush their teeth is quite a challenge since they’re usually a few inches shorter than the sink. Investing in a quality stool will not only help your child overcome such challenges, but it will also make toilet training a lot easier. In this article, we’ll help you pick the best step stool for your toddler, so stick around.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Step Stool

Not all step stoops are appropriate for toddlers, which is why it’s important for you to keep a few factors in mind when shopping for one. That being said, let’s take a look at those factors.

What Is Your Toddler Trying to Reach?

The design of the step stool determines how much use you can get out of it. For instance, there are some step stools that have one-step designs, which are good for getting on and off toilets. However, such models can be a little too short for reaching a kitchen bench, which might cause your child to step on his tiptoes to reach it and that can be unstable and risky.
On the other hand, you don’t want something to get something that’s overly tall because it might leave your child hunched over, which can also be dangerous. If your toddler needs to reach two different heights on a regular basis, you can buy in a two-step stool that provides two landings for your child or invests in two different stools if you don’t want to move one around too much.

Does It Have a Non-Slip Stepping Surface?

Since your toddler is more than likely going to use the stoop in the bathroom where water is all over the place, you want to make sure that the stool features a non-slip stepping surface so that you ensure your child’s safety. This will help provide enough grip for your toddler’s feet in order to prevent slipping or loss of balance. But that’s not all.
You also need to look for a step stool that features non-skid feet. This will help provide balance for your child so that he doesn’t kick out the stool from underneath him. This also grants the step stool the ability it needs to stay put on any household surface. Using a step stool should be safe and completely stress-free, so make sure that this is at the top of your considerations list.

Can Your Toddler Easily Move the Stool?

In other words, how portable is the step stool? You don’t your toddler to call for you every time he needs to move the stool around. You need to make sure that you buy a stool that your toddler is able to move on his own so that he can move it from the toilet to the sink with zero trouble. Also, a portable stool will generally be easier to clean and maintain than a heavier model.

How Durable Is the Stool’s Construction?

Unlike adults, children aren’t very careful when using their stuff and can be quite hard on them. It’s important that the stool features a sturdy construction that won’t fall victim to your toddler’s shenanigans. Ideally, you want to look for step stools that are made from high-quality wood or durable plastic. Also, the base of the stool should be equally rugged to ensure stability.

Best Toddler Step Stools

With the wide range of products on the market, finding the right step stool can be a challenging task that requires quite a bit of research. To help make it easier on you, we’ve done the research on your behalf and came up with the 9 best toddler step stool available today.

1.Bumbo Step Stool Black

The Bumbo Step Stool is the ideal stool for potty training. The elephant-feet design is super cute and it’s extremely sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about your child breaking it somehow. Also, it’s one of the easiest to carry around because it’s lightweight and it has a hole on each side that makes it easier for your toddler to carry it around without having to drag it across the floor.
This stool ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety and stability. It has anti-slip rubber all over its surface and on the feet, which allows it to cling tightly to the floor. The rubber top is especially grippy if your toddler steps on it with his barefoot. And the great thing about it is that even if your toddler’s feet are wet, it’s still able to maintain enough grip to plant your child’s feet firmly.
The Bumbo Step Stool measures at 15.125 x 6.5 x 11.125 inches, which is tall and wide enough for your child to get to the sink or to climb onto his bed. However, this step stool has a maximum weight limit of 110 pounds, which is pretty subpar compared to other stools on this list. So if your child is a bit on the heavy side, this may not be the right stool for you
We like
  • Lightweight and extremely sturdy construction
  • The holes on the side make it easily portable
  • Has a very wide base for increased stability
  • Features an anti-slip rubber surface and legs
We don't like
  • It’s only able to support lightweight toddlers
  • We would have loved it to be a little taller

2.iLove 2 Step Stools for Kids

iLove’s Step Stool for Kids is one of the most popular step stools available on the market with an overwhelming number of positive reviews. This is a two-step stool where the top step gives your toddler 10.5 inches of height and the lower step gives him 5.5 inches. The base has super-thick, anti-slip rubber feet that give this stool remarkable stability on both of its steps.
There’s another thick layer of non-slip rubber on the stool’s surface so that even wiggly toddlers can stand on without worry. And for such a grippy surface, it actually feels pretty comfortable to stand on, which is a rare combination to find in a lot of step stools these days. Further, the steps are pretty wide so that even a toddler with large feet can find it accommodating to stand on.
Unlike many step stools on the market, the iLove Step Stool can withstand up to 175 pounds, so it’s an ideal pick for those who have heavier toddlers. This step stool is available in a 1-per-pack or 2-per-pack deals with an almost negligible price difference, so we’d highly recommend buying the 2-per-pack if you have more than one toddler or if you want one for yourself.
We like
  • The two-step design offers great reach
  • Extremely stable and safe construction
  • Offers a very generous weight capacity
  • Wide lower step is ideal for larger feet
We don't like
  • The design isn’t great for toilet training
  • The top step is a little too narrow

3. Greenco Super Strong Foldable Step Stool

If you’re looking for a step stool that both you and your toddler can use, it doesn’t get better than the Greenco Step Stool. This stool can handle up to 300 pounds. Yes, you read it correctly. With such a remarkable weight capacity, this stool can accommodate pretty much anyone, given that the average weight of an American male is somewhere around 195 pounds.
Many users report that this stool has lasted over three years with them, which is truly impressive and speaks volumes of how durable it is. The design is pretty basic and doesn’t really look like it was made for kids. This stool grants your toddler 11 inches worth of height. It’s hard to imagine not being able to reach a sink with that height.
This stool easily foldable and is designed to save space. All you have to do is pull up the handle and then push in the sides. The carrying handle is very convenient because it allows for ease of portability. The surface of this stool has Polka Dots installed, which allows for a great grip. Best of all, this stool offers all of its value at an unbelievably affordable price.
We like
  • Has one of the highest weight capacities
  • The Polka Dots allow for great grip
  • Easily portable using the carrying handle
  • The price tag is affordable on any budget
We don't like
  • It requires wall support when it’s folded
  • Too easy to close that it can pinch fingers

4.Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

Not a fan of all the plastic step stools showcased so far? Well, you’re going to love this bamboo step stool because it just looks amazing. It’s so stylish that it can easily fit in with the furniture in your dining room. The great thing about this wooden stool is that it’s totally pesticide-free, which is a pretty uncommon thing to find in a lot of wooden step stools on the market.
Being a wooden step stool, you should expect it to weigh a lot more than its plastic counterparts. However, with all of that weight comes incredible sturdiness and a ton of stability. Also, this stool comes pre-assembled, which is a breath of fresh air since a lot of models require assembly. The only problem we have with the design is that it’s too heavy for toddlers to carry around.
In addition to its already stable construction, the bottom of this stool’s legs features rubber pads which increase its stability significantly. We’d highly recommend this stool for people who live in houses that have wooden floors as it’s less likely to damage them. The best part about this stool is that it costs just as much as plastic models do and it looks a lot better.
We like
  • The bamboo construction is very rugged
  • The most attractive design on this list
  • Highly stable and extremely easy to clean
  • The construction is totally pesticide-free
We don't like
  • Can be too heavy for a toddler to carry
  • The design is too small for larger feet

5.Utopia Home Kids Step Stool

The Utopia Home Kids Step Stool is made entirely from eco-friendly materials. It features a few layers of polypropylene plastic which is known to be highly durable. The stool is able to hold up to 70 pounds, making it ideal for lightweight toddlers. The multi-layered design helps protect the stool from wear and tear and it makes it highly resistant to odors.
Apart from having an environmentally-friendly design, this step stool looks so attractive without it screaming “baby gear!”, so it’ll fit nicely with the furniture in the room. The stool also weighs less than a pound, which makes it easily portable. It has a pretty generous width but it doesn’t offer a great deal of height measuring at just 5 inches high. Pretty short compared to other step stools.
We absolutely love the anti-slip design of this stool. It features an in-built dotted mat on top of its surface that enhances its grip significantly, reducing the risks of hazardous slips. This step stool is available in two different color combinations: white and green or white and blue. We’d strongly recommend the Utopia stool for people who are only looking for a reliable toilet step stool.
We like
  • It’s built from eco-friendly materials
  • This stool is highly resistant to odors
  • The design is sleek and very attractive
  • The dotted mat offers great stability
We don't like
  • It doesn’t offer a whole lot of height
  • Not an ideal stool for heavier toddlers

6.Safety Step Folding Recreational Step Stool

Here we have a folding step stool that offers an adjustable height of 7-8.5 inches, allowing your toddler to use it for toilet training, hand washing, and tooth brushing, along with a wide range of other activities. This step stool has a lab-tested weight limit of up to 1000 pounds, which makes it ideal for toddlers of all sizes and for adults as well.
The great thing about this step stool is that it has a platform that’s way larger than usual toddler step stools, which makes it great for outdoor use. When folded flat, the height of this step stool is reduced to just 3 inches, allowing for easy carrying and storage. There are cheaper options than this stool, but we doubt that of them come close to Safety Step’s American build quality.
The thing about this step stool, however, is that it’s way too heavy. It weighs around 10 pounds, which is mainly the reason behind its sturdiness as it features all-aluminum construction. So be prepared to move it around yourself because your toddler will find it impossible to move or even drag. All things considered, the Safety Step stool is by far the most durable on this list.
We like
  • Arguably the most durable stool on the market
  • Features an outstanding weight limit capacity
  • The height of this step stool is easily adjustable
  • The design can be folded for ease of storage
We don't like
  • Impossible for a child to move this stool around
  • It has the most expensive price tag on this list

7. Little Partners Learning Tower Step Stool

While the majority of step stools mentioned above are ideal for toilet training, this step stool from Little Partners is the best you can get for a toddler that wants to help you in the kitchen. With the Learning Tower, your toddler will be safe and secure inside this railed-off stool. Additionally, your toddler won’t fall backward because this stool isn’t open-backed like most models.
This step stool is also great for a toddler who would like to help his mommy wash the dishes or prepare dinner. The assembly process of this stool is very quick and intuitive. The same applies to the disassembly process whenever you want to take it apart for storage. It may take some time initially, but once you get the hang of it, you can assemble/disassemble it very quickly.
We love how incredible the support that the wide base of this stool provides. Even if your toddler is the squirmiest child in the world, the Learning Tower will be able to contain him safely. Also, it has a pretty rugged wooden construction that looks pretty attractive. Overall, this is an ideal stool for spending some quality time and bonding with your toddler in the kitchen.
We like
  • Highly durable and attractive wooden construction
  • This step stool is completely railed off for safety
  • Quick and simple assembly/disassembly process
  • It features a wide base that increases its stability
We don't like
  • One of the more expensive models on this list
  • This is a very heavy stool with a bulky design

8.KIDPAR Potty Training Seat for Kids

The Kidpar Potty Training Seat is a perfect step stool for kids with disabilities or special needs. The step height of this stool is 8 inches while the rain height is 25 inches. It features handles on each of its sides that are easy to reach. Those handles allow toddlers to gain enough support before stepping up the stool itself. It’s also great for children with balance issues.
This stool features an all-plastic design that is fairly durable and easy to clean. However, it’s not a lightweight design by any means, so be prepared to move it around quite often because your child is going to have a hard time moving it himself. But we actually like that it’s a heavy step stool because it grants it great stability which, as a result, grants your child confidence.
There are parents who utilize a potty seat with this step stool for toilet training so that they can skip the floor potty stage completely. The thing about this stool, though, is that it doesn’t come cheap at all. Regardless, if you’re looking for the right tool that will help your child overcome his fear of toilets, the Kidpar Potty Training Seat is your best bet.
We like
  • An ideal step stool for children with disabilities
  • The handles help your child gain support
  • Can help you skip the floor potty stage altogether
  • Built from non-toxic, odorless polypropylene
We don't like
  • Can be hard for your child to move it around
  • Comes at a pretty steep price tag

9. Dreambaby 2-Up Step Stool

This two-step stool offers a height of 10 inches which is tall enough for your child to get to his bed, brush his teeth, and wash his hands. This stool can withstand up 175 pounds, making it ideal for all toddler sizes. Having a plastic construction, this step stool is pretty lightweight and can be moved around or dragged by your child with ease using the handles on the side.
Unfortunately, this dual-step stool suffers from the same problem that all two-step stools suffer from, which is the lack of enough space on the top step. As a result, your child may get a little fidgety trying to stay on top of this stool, which is why we don’t recommend using this stool for tasks that take long because your child may miss a step and lose his balance.
Just like all plastic stools, the Dreambaby 2-Up Step Stool is very easy to clean. You can just wipe it with a warm washcloth and it will sparkle. When it comes to stability, the surface of this stool is non-slip, so you should feel safe about your child being on it. Also, it has a pretty wide base that enhances its stability. Lastly, this is probably the most affordable two-step stool on our list.
We like
  • A two-step stool that’s highly affordable on any budget
  • Has a lightweight plastic construction that easily portable
  • Offers a pretty generous weight limit capacity and height
  • The non-slip surface and wide base make for great stability
We don't like
  • The top step is too narrow for larger feet
  • The construction isn’t very sturdy and can break easily

Final Thoughts

It’s almost impossible trying to pick a winner in this heated competition since most of the stools mentioned above pretty much share a lot of the same features. However, one step stool seems to have everything going for it, from extreme durability to an aesthetically pleasing design. That stool being the Greenco Super Strong Step Stool. If what you’re aiming for is a dual-step stool, we’d highly recommend going with the iLove 2 Step Stools for Kids.
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