best toys & gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys in 2019

It has been proven that toys can help in developing the creative, analytical and motor skills among children. Playing with toys can profoundly affect how young children develop solutions when posed with problems. Children can also carry this knowledge and problem-solving capabilities as they grow older.
As parents and guardians, we need to make sure that we give our kids not only safe but also age-appropriate toys. Common things at home such as cardboard boxes, papers, plastic bowls, bottle caps are often used as “treasures” and playthings. Yet, if you are looking to buy a new toy for your 3-year-old boy, doing research before purchasing is very important.
In a hurry? The test winner after 20hrs of research
  • Magnetic blocks are easier to put together
  • Promotes social play among children
  • Can scale as big as possible
  • Lots of possible building combinations to create
  • Tiles are not sharp and will not cause scratches on children

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Things to Look For When Buying Toys For A 3-Year-Old Boy

As a parent, one of the biggest problems when looking for a toy to buy is making sure that your child is safe from harm when playing. Some toys can be hazardous to children, so it is our responsibility to ensure that we are not putting our children in harm’s way.
To help young parents out, here are some things to look for when buying a toy for your 3-year-old boy.

Safety Features

This is probably the first thing to look at when shopping for toys for a 3-year-old boy. It is very easy to overlook kids and slipping in a small piece of the toy in his mouth can really cause your kid a lot of trouble.
Make sure that the toys are approved for toddlers before purchasing them and avoid those that can be a potential choking hazard. Be wary about the manufacturing process of the toys – especially some chemicals that might affect your kid’s health when swallowed.

Educational and Learning Value

At the age of 3, kids are most likely at the height of their curiosity. Everything around them seems cool and interesting, and their imagination is really wide and free. And you can empower their curiosity and imagination even more! By providing them with toys that have high educational and learning value, you can help your kids develop and grow.
Building blocks, puzzles, and mazes can really help boost analytical and problem-solving skills. These are a few examples of great toys to give your 3-year-old.

Social and Engagement Value

Playing with other kids is a lot more fun than playing all alone, don’t you think? Kids should learn how to develop their social kids at an early age. Toys that promote social and engagement value wins big in our eyes.
Toys that need at least two kids to play such as “pretend toys” are really awesome. These toys allow kids to engage with one another and teach them essential social skills such as sharing and giving.
To help you decide which toys are appropriate for 3-year-old boys, we reviewed a lot of products that may serve as a good starting place to look at. Hopefully, this list can help you decide which toys to buy for your own kids – or maybe to give as gifts to your little nephew.

best Toys & Gifts Ideas for your 3-Year-Old Boys Reviews

1. ETI Toys | STEM Learning | Original 101 Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

At age 3, your child is still on the verge of developing his motor skills. His imagination and curiosity are also high. Toys that make use of your child’s building and imagination skills are definitely something that you should look into if you want to develop these traits as early as you can. From my own personal experience, toys tagged with STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) helps build the analytic skills of children by utilizing both motor skills and thinking skills.

The ETI Toys Original 101 Piece Engineering Building Blocks Set offers your child limitless creativity to build 12 different toys of his own design – which is something that I really like from this toy.
The set contains 101 different building block pieces with a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Also included are screws, nuts, plates, wheel connectors, wrenches, and an idea sheet that your child can use as a reference to look at.
We like
  • Great toy for improving your child’s problem-solving skills
  • Limitless ability to create new shapes and figures
  • Non-sharp screw, nuts and plates to avoid accidents
  • A nice storage box for easy cleanup
  • a bonus eBook for design reference
We don't like
  • Screws and plates are easy to lose when playing
  • Wheel design flaw - can unscrew the wheel rather easily
  • Some pieces are too loose and do not hold together well

2. The Original PlasmaCar by PlaSmart

Kids have a lot of pent up energy that they want to let out by having some good old outdoor fun. My own little boy loves to run around the house while jumping and laughing! And while I do love it when he seems to be having a lot of fun, he can sometimes cause trouble by breaking glasses and dropping furniture. Letting him run around the house is a big no for me because he might cause some accident and hurt himself.
What I truly love about these toys is the amount of sheer fun that it can bring to you and your kids. When I was a little kid, riding go-karts was something that I really dreamt of doing – but it was quite dangerous for me to ride on a fast-moving cart. Now my kid can enjoy pretending to be a Knight from the medieval times riding his gallant horse – all in a safe kiddie car running around the garage.
This toy allows 3-year-old boys to enjoy the art of riding without the danger of falling or hurting themselves – and that is a big plus in my book.
We like
  • Can handle up to 220 lbs of weight
  • Speed can reach up to 10 km/hour
  • Very easy and intuitive to operate
  • No battery needed
  • a bonus eBook for design reference
We don't like
  • Too tight steering wheels
  • The car seems to move very slow when warming up
  • A bit expensive for a 3-year-old toy

3. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

Play-Doh is one of the most popular toys for young kids because of the wide variety of sets that they have in their collection. Whether you are looking for a kitchen set, a building set or an animal set, Play-Doh has something to offer for your kid.
Playing dough is not only great for building your child’s creative side, but it also helps in strengthening your child’s motor skills. Through squishing, shaping, rolling and slicing the Play-Doh, your child’s motor skills are developed and improved. It helps them get ready for other activities such as using scissors, writing with pencils and making art crafts.
Because of the interactive sets of Play-Doh, it can be a good social toy too! For example, my little kid likes to pretend to be a chef or a cook with the Play-Doh kitchen set, and he loves to make other kids “taste” his kitchen creations.
We like
  • Soft and very easy to mold
  • Can improve your child’s grip and muscle control
  • Very accessible and easy to find additional Play-Doh colors
  • Molding tools for shaping and creating patterns are easy to use
  • The soft lever makes it easy to reshape the dough
We don't like
  • Playdough hardens fast when exposed to the open air
  • Can sometimes have rare allergic reactions to kids
  • Little kids might put small toy pieces in their mouth

4. VTech KidiBeats Drum Set (Frustration Free Packaging)

How many times have we heard musical prodigies tell a story going back to their childhood when they first learned how to play piano, drums or guitars? It isn’t a coincidence – kids really do start to develop interest in music at a young age. And you can empower this by giving them toys that simulate playing musical instruments such as the VTech Kidibeats Drum Set.
I like the VTech Kidibeats Drum Set not only because it helps improve my child’s motor accuracy skills when hitting the drums. It develops my child’s auditory sensory skills and his ability to differentiate sounds, follow rhythms, and create music. With so many tempos, rhythms, beats and sound simulations available, this kiddie drum set can be a valuable learning tool for any 3-year-old boy.
We like
  • Improves your kid’s listening and musical skills
  • Drumstick feels solid but is not too heavy
  • 4 Play Modes that your kids can choose from
  • The drum set can be set to different sounds and rhythm
  • Has adjustable volume settings to avoid disturbing the neighbors
We don't like
  • The battery can run out quite fast when played continuously
  • The drum is a bit flimsy when hit too hard
  • No way to use it without constant pre-programmed noise and talking

5. PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set Magnet Building Tiles

Magnetic building block toys are great for little kids because they are easy to assemble and put together. Kids can easily combine a magnetic block – and this opens up their creativity to craft new things.
The Picasso Tiles 100 Piece Set is one of the most popular toys in this category, and I really love it because of its limitless scaling capabilities. With lots of geometric shapes, colors and sizes available, it allows my little kid to develop a strong sense of creativity. And the best thing about it? Kids can scale their buildings as big as they want to because the magnetic blocks are easy to put together!
We like
  • Magnetic blocks are easier to put together
  • Promotes social play among children
  • Can scale as big as possible
  • Lots of possible building combinations to create
  • Tiles are not sharp and will not cause scratches on children
We don't like
  • Magnets tend to lose their bond strength as time goes by
  • A bit expensive compared to other building toys
  • Tile blocks can break because they are made out of plastic
  • The little broken magnets can pose a risk to little kids

Final Thoughts

At the age of 3, kids possess a very high level of curiosity and imagination. It is our responsibility as parents and adults to guide them accordingly by providing them with safe educational toys.
Toys are excellent tools in helping kids become proactive and sociable. They also help kids develop problem-solving skills that they carry on with them as they grow older. The best toys for 3-year-old boys should help them develop different facets of themselves. By allowing kids to develop motor skills, creativity and social skills, toys contribute a lot to a child’s development.
Hopefully, our list has helped you in deciding which are the best toys and gifts for 3-year-old boys. If you have a little kid of your own, or you want to give your nephew a new kid for his upcoming birthday, the toys on our list is a great place to start.


  1. Jeffrey Goldstein , Toys, Play, and Child Development ,Book
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