best toys & gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys in 2020

The age of 5 is one of the most important turning points in the life of your kid. During this critical time, your kid has already moved past being a toddler and is starting to mature as a preschooler. As a parent, one of the greatest gifts that you can give your child during this phase is your time. Spending time communicating, interacting, understanding and playing with your child can help create memories that he will continue to cherish as he grows older.
I have always believed that raising creative, successful and sociable children starts at home. As a parent, spending time playing with your kid during his early years is one of the biggest gifts that you can give him. Memories that form during these early years are important because they define the personality and growth of your children. This is why choosing the right toys to give your child is equally important in his cognitive and emotional growth.
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  • Puzzle pieces are very easy to connect with each other
  • Comes with a guide booklet to help your child with his creations
  • Empowers your kid’s creativity and imagination
  • A good toy to play alone or with friends
  • Great for cold Winter months when your child can’t go out to play

PLUS PLUS - Construction Building Toy, Open Play Set

Things to Look For When Buying Toys For A 5-Year-Old Boy

Provides Learning Experience

At this point in his childhood life, your 5-year-old boy’s cognitive growth is starting to grow at a rapid rate. He will be curious about a lot of things and will ask a lot of questions. The toys that you give your child should not only be fun to play but should also provide him with a learning experience. Playing should complement your little one’s learning experience at school – and choosing a toy that can provide this learning experience is very important.

Easy To Play

From my own experience, I can really say that the less complicated it is to play, the better a toy is. Kids just want to play and have fun, and they want to do it as soon as they open the packaging of their toys. If a toy needs a lot of complicated sets up before he can start playing, it can take away the fun and excitement from your child.

Can Be Played With Other Kids

Playing alone is fun. However, playing with other kids is SUPER FUN! Engaging and playing with other kids not only help your child grow emotionally and socially – but it builds important character traits such as giving and sharing. Choose a toy that your child can play with his friends – playing will be an experience he will look forward to!

best Toys & Gifts Ideas for your 5-Year-Old Boys Reviews

1.Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball

At some point in his life, every little boy will play with either a basketball, a tennis ball or a baseball – guaranteed! So if your kid is not into basketball or tennis, this Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro 2-in-1 Tee Ball might be a suitable toy for him.
What I love about this toy is its height-adjustable tee that you can move up or down depending on your child’s height. With this feature, you can be sure that this toy will grow alongside your child. The bat is light and easy to hold – not too slippery and has a handle grip that suits a 5-year-old boy’s small hands. This toy can help with your kid’s hand-and-eye coordination, so it is definitely something that would be worthwhile to play.
We like
  • Easy grip for a child’s small hands
  • Bat is light and easy to swing
  • Adjustable height means it can be used even as your child grows taller
  • Made out of sturdy yet easy to clean plastic
  • Can help improve hand-and-eye coordination
We don't like
  • The plastic bat can crack on its seams on warmer climates
  • No replacement balls if ever the ball gets lost while playing
  • Not that durable

2. Razor A Kick Scooter

My kid loves the Razor A Kick Scooter because it is such a fun and functional toy. He uses it to go to his friends’ nearby house and he really enjoys sweating it out while playing. The Razor A Kick Scooter is not just your ordinary kick scooter. It is made out of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, which means it can handle the wear and tear. We all know that kids can sometimes throw and kick things while playing, so durability is an important trait for any toy.
Safety is also important, which is why I love the Razor A Kick Scooter’s patented rear-brake fender to help with quick stops. Since this scooter can support up to 143 pounds, I am quite confident that it will support the weight of my 5-year-old boy too!
We like
  • Can be used to travel and visit nearby friends
  • Very sturdy – made with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Patented safety brakes for quick stops
  • 98mm urethane wheels make it drive smoothly even through small rocks and stones
  • Design folds conveniently for easy transport
We don't like
  • A bit heavy to carry around for a child
  • Needs supervision when used on the streets
  • Can be hard to balance at first
  • Wheel rusting can cause squeaking sounds

3. PLUS PLUS - Construction Building Toy, Open Play Set

Building blocks are some of the most popular toys for kids. There are lots of building block toys out in the market right now such as Lego, and they have been part of everyone’s childhood. However, if you want your child to experience something new, then this PLUS PLUS Construction Building Toy might be a good alternative to look at.
With a simple design that fuels creativity, the PLUS PLUS Construction Building Toy comes with 600 puzzle pieces that your child can build into whatever it is that he can think of. From colorful flat mosaics to 3D objects, your child will have his hands full whenever he plays with the PLUS PLUS Construction Building Toy. This toy is really great for building your kid’s imagination and creativity.
We like
  • Puzzle pieces are very easy to connect with each other
  • Comes with a guide booklet to help your child with his creations
  • Empowers your kid’s creativity and imagination
  • A good toy to play alone or with friends
  • Great for cold Winter months when your child can’t go out to play
We don't like
  • Puzzle pieces can be a choking hazard
  • Easy to lose the small pieces
  • Sometimes, puzzle pieces can get loose and flimsy especially if weather is hot

4. Crazy Forts,Purple, 69 pieces

When I was a little kid, one of my most favorite things to do is pretending to build my own castle of the fortress. I’d use blankets and wooden poles to do this – and it was one of the most fun things I ever did! My kids can now relive this experience with the Crazy Forts Building Set. It comes with 69 pieces of geometrically precise solid plastic balls that are joined together by 44 reinforced plastic sticks.
I love this toy because of two things. First, it allows your child to think of ways on how to build his own fortress building by combining the balls and sticks. Secondly, it also promotes cooperative play between kids and it teaches kids to work together. I think this is a really good toy for school kids who are into educational games.
We like
  • Promotes cooperative play between kids
  • Allows different geometric patterns to be built
  • Helps develop creative building skills among kids
  • Sets can be bought and combined together for bigger creations
  • Great indoor toy for classrooms
We don't like
  • Sticks sometimes get stuck in the holes of the reinforced balls
  • Sticks might bend in the middle and it affects the durability of the fortress
  • Inability to stick the pieces properly can be frustrating for kids

5. Green Toys Jump Rope

I have always believed that a child’s physical well-being can be drastically improved by playing. During the old days when toys weren’t readily available, children used to engage in games such as running, hide-and-seek and tag. These games often involve some physical activity that definitely help in the development of your child.
This is the reason why I really love the Green Toys Jump Rope. Not only does it help your child get fitter, but it is also a lot of fun to play! With a length that reaches up to 7 feet, the Green Toys Jump Rope is fully-adjustable and suitable for young jumpers ages 5 and above. More importantly, it is also BPA-free and Phthalates-free – which means it is very safe and non-hazardous for kids.
We like
  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Easily adjustable rope length
  • BPA-free and Phthalates-free
  • Improves the timing, accuracy and precision of your child
  • Uses 100% cotton for a softer-feeling rope
We don't like
  • Needs enough space to be played to avoid hitting fragile objects
  • Handles seem to be a bit flimsy
  • Rope sometimes gets loose so it needs to be tightened up constantly

6. HASBRO GAMING:Chutes and Ladders Board Game

I always loved playing classic board games when I was a child. It was so fun to play, especially when my friends had a sleepover and we had nothing else to do to pass the time. I can finally pass on my enthusiasm with board games to my little kid with this HASBRO GAMING: Chutes and Ladders Board Game. Simple, intuitive and easy to play, it is an exciting way to pass the time indoors when the winter season comes.
Instead of the classic dice that is used to roll the numbers, the HASBRO GAMING: Chutes and Ladders Board Game comes with an oversized spinner. In my opinion, this is great because losing the dice when rolling it can be a problem. I can’t remember how many times we were unable to play the classic Snakes and Ladders board game when the dice we were using dropped into a crevice and got lost. With the spinner, you won’t have to worry about losing dices again.
We like
  • A perfect indoor game during the winter season
  • Can be played with friends and classmates – great for classroom games
  • Oversized spinner instead of dice – no need to worry about losing dice again
  • Heavy-duty board doesn’t get easily scratched or bent
  • Great for kids who are just learning how to count
  • Lots of kids can play at once
We don't like
  • Colors can fade through time and erase the images
  • Hand on the wheel spinner feels a bit flimsy
  • Since there is zero decision making to be made, it can be boring for some kids who want active games

Final Thoughts

At the age of 5, kids need a good mix of learning, education and fun-time – and playing games can give all of that! As a parent, the joy of seeing your kid enjoying the toys you gave him is unparalleled and incomparable – which is why you need to learn how to choose the appropriate toys for his age. Hopefully, this list has given you an idea on the best toys and gifts for 5-year-old boys. Make sure that you mix a bit of fun and learning when playing games – it helps your child develop faster!


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