best toys & gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys in 2019

If you ask me personally, I think that the age of 6 is one of the most important years in our lives. Most of my young childhood memories that I can clearly recall happened when I was around 6-years-old. At the age of 3 or 4, I bet you can still barely recall what happened to your childhood. But I am quite sure that you can barely recall a few memories that you had when you were 6. And I would like to believe that the same thing is also happening to our 6-year-old boy.
Toys play an important role in building these memory banks too. If you look at a toy that you had back when you were still a young kid, I bet you can associate many fun and happy memories with it. For me, it was my basketball. My father and I used to play at our backyard when I was still a young kid. I and my cousins made a lot of happy memories with it!
As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your 6-year-old boy gets access to the right kinds of toys that will help him build his own fun-filled memory bank. And to help you get the right kind of toys for your little one, we have created a list of the best toys and gifts for 6-year-old boys.
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  • Allows your kid to build a glowing garden from scratch
  • Amazing glowing scenery that lights up with one switch
  • You can watch the plants move and grow during the day
  • Fun and educational toy for kids
  • Sparks kids’ passion for knowledge and caring for the environment

Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit

Things to Look For When Buying Toys For A 6-Year-Old Boy

Easy to set up and play

At this age, kids shouldn’t be given toys that are complicated to set up and difficult to understand. What they want to have is a toy that they can play right out of the box so that they won’t lose their excitement. A toy that needs hours to set up before it can be played is not something that I would personally

Coolness Factor

Young boys at this age are still starting to build their identities. And giving them a cool, out-of-the-ordinary toy that they can show off to their friends would be a good way to help them build their confidence at a young age.


This is perhaps one of the most overlooked factors in choosing the best toys and gifts for a 6-year-old boy. At this point in time, your kid is just beginning to grasp the concept of reading, math and numbers. Giving him toys that encourage educational engagement is something that can boost his cognitive development.

best Toys & Gifts Ideas for your 6-Year-Old Boys Reviews

1. Mindscope Neo Tracks Twister Tracks 258 Flexible Track System

Building things together is one of the best ways to make awesome memories with your kids. And one of the best toys that fall under this category is the Mindscape Neo Twister Tracks System. With over 228 pieces of track pieces that you can use to build your own train track, I am quite sure you will have a lot of fun building this set with your kid.
The Mindscape Neo Twister Tracks System comes with a 4×4 toy vehicle that runs with 1 AA battery. After building his own track, your kid can put the vehicle on it and watch it run alongside other accessories such as trees, bridges and poles. What I love about this is that you can buy more sets to make your track go longer and bigger. Your child will definitely develop his building skills through this toy set.
We like
  • Very easy to combine tracks together
  • Comes with different accessories such as trees, poles and bridges
  • Can be combined with other Mindscape Twister Tracks to make bigger and longer tracks
  • Bright colors to keep kid’s attention while building
  • Kids love watching the toys go round and round the track
We don't like
  • The toy vehicle drains batteries rather quickly
  • The bridge accessory is flimsy and falls off too quickly
  • The toy car breaks down easily

2. ALEX Art Draw Like A Pro

Do you know what they say about all young artist prodigies? They all started their interest in art at a very young age! As a parent, you can encourage your young kid to pursue his talents and passion by helping him build confidence in his art. And the ALEX Art Draw Like A Pro set will definitely help you in this matter.
The ALEX Art Draw Like A Pro is a fun, easy and creative toy to help your child draw. It comes with 124 pre-printed slides that will help guide your child’s drawings, and all of this can be adjusted through tilting the projector. Your child can trace characters, scenes and animals on his paper sheets – and he can also combine multiple paper sheets to form one big scene. If your child is into drawing, this is one of the best gifts you can give him.
We like
  • Comes with 124 traceable pre-printed slides
  • Your child can draw on one page, then combine them to form one big scene
  • Easily change the size and proportion of images
  • Very portable and can be carried anywhere with
  • Easy to trace silhouettes
We don't like
  • Batteries run out fast
  • The paper sheets don’t stay firm under the paper holder
  • The device offers no storage for the pieces
  • Projection Light is dim

3. 1/14 Scale Ferrari La Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Remote Control Model Car R/C RTR Open Doors

No matter what age it is, boys love Ferrari! And now your kid can own a miniature version of this famous supercar with this 1/14 Scale La Ferrari Remote Control Model Car. Made out of plastic, this model has a fully-functional radio control that can move the car forward, backward, left and right. It also got an open-door design, which means your kid can look inside the details of the interior.
What I really love about this La Ferrari Remote Control Model Car is the working headlights and rear lights. It really makes the car cool, especially at night. Moreover, the steering wheel design of the remote control also looks really sleek. This is one cool toy that your kid can definitely show off to his friends!
We like
  • The very sleek design of the steering wheel remote control
  • Almost 1:1 copy of the La Ferrari model
  • Easy and intuitive remote control for kids
  • Comes with the independent spring suspension system
  • Comes with working headlights and rear lights
We don't like
  • Batteries can run out fast. Rechargeable batteries recommended
  • The car is made out of plastic so it can easily dent
  • Controller’s range is limited, you can’t go too far away from the car.
  • Quality control needs improvement
  • Lots of reported broken antennas out of the box

4. Casdon - Dyson Ball Vacuum with real suction and sounds - Toy Vacuum

Playing is an activity that is great for your kid. But so is teaching them how to do household chores! Now, imagine if you can put those two things together – wouldn’t it be amazing to teach your kid how to do chores while also letting them play at the same time?
The Casdon-Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy is one toy that solves this problem. By letting your kid play while also teaching him how to do a simple chore such as vacuum cleaning, you can hit two bird with one stone. The Casdon-Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy comes with real suction and sounds that emulate the look and feel of a real vacuum device. If you want to instill good habits on your kid while also letting him have some fun time, get him a Casdon-Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy and watch him clean your floor carpet!
We like
  • Real vacuum simulation sounds
  • Cleans the floor while also letting your child play
  • Easy to operate even for a kid
  • Working suction really picks up dirt
  • Comes with cyclone action and whizzing colored balls to hold kids attention
We don't like
  • Suction doesn’t suck up too strong and might leave dirt behind
  • Batteries don’t last very long
  • Quality needs improvement – some parts keep falling off

5. Mini Explorer Light-up Terrarium Kit

One of the most fun experiences that a kid can have is playing pretend night camp. Just make a tent out of your blankets, use your pillows as pretend rocks and turn off the lights – and you can now play pretend camping with your kid! However, pretend camps aren’t complete without a dim source of light. And the Light Up Terrarium Kit Led Lights for Kids is one of the best lights that you can use.
Terrarium simulates a miniature garden environment scene inside an innovative LED light under the lid. At day, your kid can start making the garden by piling up the layered soil, layer sand, rocks and adding miniatures. At night, your kid can just switch on the light and you can watch Terrarium transform into a beautiful illuminated tabletop garden.
With the Light Up Terrarium Kit Led Lights for Kids, you can now play pretend camping game with a dim source of light to make it even more amazing! Your little kid will definitely make lots of fun memories with it.
We like
  • Allows your kid to build a glowing garden from scratch
  • Amazing glowing scenery that lights up with one switch
  • You can watch the plants move and grow during the day
  • Fun and educational toy for kids
  • Sparks kids’ passion for knowledge and caring for the environment
We don't like
  • Mold can grow inside if moist
  • Can be accidentally bumped or tipped, which can spill the contents
  • Some seeds just won’t grow

6. Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board

Darts is definitely a great game to play with a bunch of friends, but getting hit by its pointy tip is not fun at all. Especially if your kid is just 6-year-old too! So if you are planning to show your kid how to play darts, the Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board is the solution to your problem.
Instead of sharp, pointy arrowheads, Doinkit uses a magnetic dart board. With this, your 6-year-old boy can play darts without worrying about getting hurt. It has all the fun and features of darts. And it even has the faux cracks on the board! But it is much safer to play without too many risks.
We like
  • Helps build your kid’s hand-to-eye coordination and accuracy
  • Plays like a real darts board system
  • Easy to hook to you can play and attach it anywhere
  • Comes with multiple magnetic arrowheads to encourage playing with other kids
  • Arrowheads made out of bendable material to prevent poking accidents
We don't like
  • Dart arrowheads can feel a bit fragile
  • Magnets feel weak and tend to fall off
  • Dart arrowhead might sometimes slide on to a different spot because of imprecise magnetic attraction

Final Thoughts

The age of 6 is all about building and making fun memories that will last a lifetime, and toys can definitely help in this regard. By giving your kid toys that he can enjoy and play safely, you can help him make awesome memories while playing and having fun. Hopefully, the toys that we have on our list can help you and your 6-year-old boy create memorable moments to look back to as he grows older!


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