best toys & gifts for 8-Year-Old boys in 2020

Buying a toy for an 8-year-old can be tricky. Eight is the age where kids are no longer babies but they’re also not teenagers yet. So, when you think of what toy to buy for your boy that’s interesting enough yet still age-safe and educational, it can get confusing. In this article, we’ve included 10 toy ideas that are suitable for 8-year-old boys so that you can hit the mark with your next purchase.

The role toys play in 8-year-olds’ lives

Boys at 8 years old are just starting to develop personalities. They’ve reached that age at school where they’ve learned the very basics and now they have their own curiosity when it comes to further learning. Whatever these kids interact with on a daily basis is bound to shape a huge part of their personalities.
Toys can play a huge role in forming your kid’s personality, especially if it’s an interactive toy. Through play, you can actually help form your kid’s persona and make sure that they soak in all the good qualities that would help them later in life. And since kids are very active at this age, what better way is there to teach them about life and help build their personality than through playtime.

Things you should keep in mind when buying a toy for an 8-year-old

There are three main points you have to keep in mind when choosing a toy for your boy. It can’t be too simple that it ends up boring them, it can’t be too complicated that they quickly get frustrated and toss it out, and finally, it should improve onto their personality, not change it.

Intellectually stimulating

The toy you pick for your kid should fit their age in terms of the challenge it poses. If you buy your kid a simple toy – a stuffed animal, for example – at the age of 8, they’re bound to quickly lose interest in that toy because it simply doesn’t offer something to get excited about; it doesn’t provide enough cognitive stimulation.


However, if you buy them a toy that is overly complicated – a remote-controlled aircraft, for instance – they might not be able to understand, use, or enjoy that toy. They might end up feeling frustrated and insecure because they can’t seem to get around it and figure out how to enjoy it. And similarly, they might lose interest in no time.

Improves on who they already are

A final thing you should keep in mind is that if your kid enjoys hyperactivity and loves to move around, you can’t buy them a puzzle and expect them to enjoy sitting still; it’s not in their nature. Similarly, if you buy your quiet kid a nerf gun like the one mentioned below, there’s a very little chance that they’d actually enjoy playing with it.
Pick a toy that nurtures your kid’s personality and helps improve and enhance it instead of a toy that challenges their own nature in a way that isn’t productive.

Best Toys & Gifts for your 8-Year-Old Boy Reviews

Strategic building toys

Here we have 2 very exciting strategic games that revolve around building models using small items to create a larger whole. With one, your kid has to figure out a building strategy that serves the aim of the game; which is to create a maze for a marble to run through. With the other, your kid needs to work on their visualizations in order to mimic a ship figure with legos.

1. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy

This engineering and building game encourages your kid through a series of 60 multi-level challenges ranging from beginner levels all the way to expert. The objective of the game is to stack and arrange the blocks to form a tower maze for the marble to go through in order to reach the target tower at the end.
The instructions provided are very clear and easy to understand so that your kid could start playing right away.
This game will also work on developing several of your kid’s skills and qualities. It’ll mainly work on their problem solving and reasoning skills but it’ll also develop their creative thinking and visual perception skills.
We like
  • Contains 60 challenges with varying difficulties
  • Develops STEM and creative learning skills
  • Develops logic and problem-solving skills
  • Works on enhancing the visual perception and reasoning of kids
  • The towers can be arranged in several ways
  • Spikes the curiosity of kids
We don't like
  • The challenge can become a little frustrating for impatient kids
  • Pieces don’t fit tightly together and can be flimsy
  • Due to the color coding, kids with degrees of color blindness may face an extra challenge trying to play this game

2. LEGO Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Starfighter 75168 Building Kit

This classic lego ship is the perfect addition to your kid’s Star Wars collection. It comes with both Yoda and R2D2 figurines which makes it 10 times cooler. Yoda fits right into the top opening cockpit and R2D2 fits right behind him and they stay on during playtime.
After your kid puts this ship together, they’ll have the option of opening up the wings or closing them in. The ship also has 2 laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters for fight mode.
We like
  • Features a cockpit for Yoda
  • Comes with Yoda and R2D2 mini figures
  • Has 2 laser cannons and spring-loaded shooters
  • Makes for a great addition to your ship collection next to Yoda’s Jedi Star Fighter
  • Sturdy and won’t fall apart during playtime
  • Has a cool morphing design
  • Very simple to put together thanks to the elaborate instructions
We don't like
  • The whole set is a bit overpriced for its size
  • The ship tends to be more fragile with the wings open
  • You’re going to need a stand if you plan on displaying it with the wings open

Sports and outdoor toys

We have plenty of those on our list; each for a different type of kid. We have group toys that can be played with their siblings or neighbors and solo toys that your kid would enjoy by themselves. The most fun part about these activity-inducing toys is that you can join your kids on them and form teams to play with the Nerf guns, for example, or the Spikeball.

3. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

With this 12-round nerf gun, your kid can spring right into the action and fight back during a zombie apocalypse. With its bright orange color and its two flipping drums, this Nerf gun is the most fun.
It’s very easy to load, point, and shoot. You can shoot up to 12 rounds before needing to reload the gun. Buy several of these and you can join your kids for an all-out war within your house. The darts shoot as far as 20 feet and the gun mostly has an accurate aim.
Since the gun has 2 barrels, you can shoot all 6 darts in one barrel and then flip the barrels so you can shoot the other 6 darts loaded in the spare barrel.
We like
  • Very simple and easy to load and shoot
  • Fires up to 12 darts before needing to reload
  • Has a bright orange color
  • Has 2 flipping drums for easy reload
  • You can buy more darts for basically pennies
  • Shoots as far as 20 feet
  • Has accurate shots
We don't like
  • It might be difficult for an 8-year-old to cock the gun back
  • Darts can get jammed inside the barrels
  • Sometimes the barrels don’t flip all the way and need a little nudge to be set in the right place

4. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Bring the NBA to your kid’s own bedroom with this over-the-door basketball hoop. Designed to replicate the real NBA basketball board, your little basketball fan will go crazy over this one.
It can be easily hung or mounted right onto their bedroom door or walls and you don’t have to worry about scratching the paint off of the door because the hooks used to hang the board are padded. The board comes with a small rubber ball that also replicates the original NBA ball.
We like
  • Constructed out of steel so it won’t rust
  • Can be mounted right on any door or wall
  • Comes with a mini NBA replica rubber ball
  • The board is a smaller replica of the actual NBA game backboard
  • The padded hooks prevent your door from scuffing
  • The hoop is strong enough to withstand dunking
We don't like
  • The bolts need to be replaced with longer ones to keep it secure
  • The hoop doesn’t fold up so it may be inconvenient to move and store
  • The back of the board is not padded so it tends to make a lot of noise when it hits the door

5. Razor A3 Kick Scooter

This timeless scooter has been the favorite among generations for a while now. The L-shaped design allows your kid to ride swiftly and maneuver this scooter with ease. And upgrade from the A2, the A3 Razor scooter comes with bigger wheels and a springless shock-absorption system that allows your kid to ride through the streets smoothly.
The scooter is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s very sturdy and can withstand heavy use. It also comes with their patented brake system for quick stops and tricks while remaining safe.
We like
  • Wheels are bigger than the A2 so it’s more stable
  • The wheels are inlined so they don’t catch debris
  • The front wheel has a shock-absorption system that allows for smoother rides
  • Has an all-new wheelie bar design
  • Made out of sturdy and durable aluminum
  • Patented folding mechanism makes folding the scooter in two and carrying it around easy
  • The handle bar’s height is adjustable to fit your kid’s height
  • Has foam grips on the handlebar for comfort during riding
We don't like
  • Can get stuck with folding and unfolding
  • Your kid will have to deal with the infamous shin blows
  • It’s still less stable than the A5 on bumpy roads

6. Spikeball 3 Ball Kit

Suitable for all ages, the Spikeball kit is a great group game and activity that is bound to get your kids moving. It’s played in a similar way to volleyball and is usually played in fours but can be played with less or more players.
All you need to do is take it out of its pouch and assemble it. Then hook the net onto the frame’s rims and adjust the tightness according to the level of the players – tighter for beginners. And from then, your kids can start playing.
We like
  • Fun for all ages
  • Encourage your kid to play with other individuals
  • Has foldable legs and a fully deconstructable structure that makes it easy to pack and transport
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Net tightness can be adjusted to fit the players’ level
  • Can be a great sports game
We don't like
  • The net stretches out by time and may need replacement in the long run
  • You might need to help tighten the net for your kid in order for the ball to become bouncy
  • The construction will break if one of the kids takes a tumble onto it

Educational toys

Make the best of your kid’s free time and buy them a toy that will help develop their cognitive functions. Here, we’ve included 2 toys that will spike their interest and make learning a fun activity to partake in. They won’t even realize that they’re learning because of how much fun they’ll be having.

7. 4M Solar System Planetarium

With this planetarium set, your kid can learn all about the solar system. They can paint and assemble the pieces themselves and then watch as each planet orbits about their path.
The set comes with the planets, rods, strings, paint, and a fact sheet along with a set of quiz questions so that you can help your kid learn about the planets and later quiz them in what they’ve learned.
We like
  • Provides a fun way to learn about the solar system
  • Comes with a fact sheet and a set of quiz questions for your kids to test their knowledge
  • Does not need batteries for the planets to start orbiting
  • Glows in the dark
  • Comes with stencils, paint, and all the needed assembly accessories
We don't like
  • Design is flawed in terms of space needed for each planet to orbit smoothly around others
  • Comes with only one paintbrush which makes painting the planets a tedious process
  • The set does not include Pluto

8. Osmo Genius Kit for iPad

This Osmo Genius kit for iPad can be fixed right at the top of your kid’s iPad to turn their on-screen time into real-life educational time. It comes with 5 award-winning games including, Tangram, Newton, Numbers, Masterpiece, and Words.

The Osmo encourages problem-solving, thinking, and drawing skills and works on exercising your kid’s spatial and visual learning skills. And with this, they can actually get excited about learning core subjects like math and spelling.

We like
  • Fits right onto any iPad
  • Makes learning, math and spelling fun
  • Comes with an iPad base and all the game’s playing pieces
  • Develops spatial and visual learning skills
  • Combines real-life games with digital games which appeal to modern kids
We don't like
  • Only compatible with iPad
  • Doesn’t come with instructions for each game, so kids do need a little help in order to understand how to use the Osmo
  • The camera can be inaccurate resulting in your kid becoming frustrated

Recreational toys

With these last 2 toys, your kid can get to experience the fun of figuring out their hobbies. They give your kid a chance to tap into their interests and understand them further in order to know whether these interests might be something they’d like to pursue.

9. VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera

This kid-friendly camera takes 2-megapixel pictures and video. It also comes with many built-in games so that your kid can have a variety of activities to do with their camera.
The best thing about it is that it has a rotating lens that allows your kid to easily and simply take self-portraits of themselves and their friends.
The camera is operated by 4 AA batteries but is non-rechargeable. It also has 256 MB of built-in memory that can be expanded up to 32 GB by inserting a micro SD card in the designated slot.
We like
  • Mimics a real camera and takes pictures and videos
  • Has a rotating lens that makes taking self-portraits simple
  • Has a TFT color display screen
  • Has 4 functions; photography, photo editing, movie making, and gaming
  • Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes of no use to preserve the battery
  • Compatible with Mac so your kid can transfer their footage onto their computer
  • Has cool photo-editing ad voice-changing effects
  • Can be attached to a wrist strap for safety
We don't like
  • Battery compartment cover can be easily lost
  • The built-in games can distract from the camera’s whole purpose
  • The user interface may be a little complicated for some kids at first

10. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

With this magic trick set, your budding magician is bound to shine. The set comes with a small hinged box that includes all the props needed for the 10 most popular magic tricks.
With this set, your kid can perform The Disappearing Ball, The Magic Coin Box, The Secret Silks, The Great Escape, The Magic Number, The Prediction, The Money Maker, The Egyptian Prediction, The Vanishing Zone, The Cylinder Squeeze, and finally, The Vanishing Coin.
The set has a simple step-by-step instruction guide to lead your kid through all of these tricks with ease and simplicity.
We like
  • Has a collection of 10 different magic tricks
  • Have all the props needed to perform the trick
  • Included step-by-step instructions for easy and clear understanding
  • Comes in a hinged wooden box to store all the props
  • Has some beautiful artwork to add to your kid’s magic act
We don't like
  • The box doesn’t have any latches to keep it closed so it may flop open and spill what’s inside
  • The construction is a little flimsy
  • It’s very easy to lose all the small pieces since the box doesn’t securely close

Wrap up

And there you have it; 10 toys that are definitely going to appeal to your 8-year-old boy. Whether they’re into sports or they prefer quieter activities, or whether you want to help educate them further or you simply want to teach them how to deal with challenges and maintain their patience and perseverance, you’ll find fitting toys for your boys.
Once you have a clear aim with the toy you’re buying for your kid, it’s only easy from then on out. If they love being active and they love being outdoors but they’re not the biggest fans of group activities, the Razor scooter will make a great gift.
If however they enjoy sports and like to play with other kids, then maybe the NBA basketball hoop is the most fitting option, especially if they’re already keen on basketball.
For kids that are fans of Star Wars, then the Yoda lego set would definitely be appealing to them. And even if your kid simply likes to challenge their thinking strategies, we’ve got a fitting toy for them too – Gravity Maze.
The one piece of advice I have for you when picking a toy for your 8-year-old boy is to listen to what they need. They could be voicing their wants out loud or they may show their wants without even speaking. So, be sure to listen and observe your kid for any signs of interest in certain toys of activities so that you can make their Christmas, birthday, or any other day a special one when you buy them the right fitting toy.
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