Go Glider Balance Bike Review

Teaching a kid to ride a bike is an uphill task. Many children find it difficult to maintain balance while pedaling and steering simultaneously. I have been through a similar headache. And as a parent, I have searched many options for the best balance bikes in the world.

Go Glider Balance Bike stands out among other balance bike models and is worth the money. It teaches the kid first to steer, and then attain balance. All this before they learn how and where to position his feet to start pedaling.

This Go Glider Balance Bike Review will provide more details about what makes this bike an age-appropriate tool for the young cyclist.

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Who Should Buy This Bike?

If looking for a fun, stress-free way of teaching a child to learn balance and coordination, I would recommend this product. Running after a child might give a backache, and the child might still take time to learn to bike.

This lightweight bike with high flexibility and stability can bring in some peace of mind. It can be easily assembled and requires no tools to make adjustments.

What Are Some Tips for Using This Product?

  • Make sure the seat height is adjusted such that the child can put his feet flat on the ground and his legs slightly stretched when he’s seated
  • Tell the child to scoot around by lifting his feet a little above the ground.
  • It’s important to let him balance the bike and parents should avoid holding onto the bike to make the bike steady.

Salient Features of the Go Glider Balance Bike

I’m going to highlight some important features of the bike which make it a dream balance cycle for any kid.

  • Adjustable handlebar – The handlebar is made of steel alloy and is wrapped in rubber which makes it both soft and robust. It can be adjusted up to 35 inches. Also, a child handbrake to ensure safety.
  • Seats – Ergonomically designed saddle to offer comfort. It is adjustable up to 25 inches. Fitted with a quick release seat clamp, the seat doesn’t require any tools for adjustments.
  • Tires and wheels – The mag wheels along with air tires enables smooth movement of the tires so that the child can explore different terrains. Their design gives excellent traction and reduces the chance of slipping on wet roads.
  • Footrests – The detachable footpegs provide great flexibility. Remove them or fix them if the child has to be taught foot positioning for pedaling.


  • Lightweight making it easy to lift and transport
  • Easier and safer to balance on angular surfaces
  • Offers safety and good control of the handbrakes allowing kids to bike smoothly downhill
  • Adjustable components allow children to learn at their own pace
  • Integrated kickstand makes it easier to park
  • Tires allow smooth movement and don’t require pumping
  • Available in five different colors


  • Customers have faced difficulty fitting the handlebar
  • Some consumers might think of the price as a disadvantage, but it depends on how much they want the child to learn

Check Latest Price: Go Glider Balance Bike

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are the wheels made of plastic or rubber?
A. The tires of the Go Glider Balance Bike are made from rubber which is mounted on plastic wheels.

Q. What is the measure from handlebar to the seat?
A. When measuring diagonally from the center crossbar, the seat is about 12 inches away. From the gooseneck, the seat front is 10 inches away horizontally. The handlebars and seat are adjustable, and the dimensions can be easily changed.

Q. What is the range of seat height?
A. For a 16 inches Go Glider Balance Bike, the seat height range is from 16 inches to 26 inches.


I would like to conclude the Go Glider Balance Bike Review by saying it is a perfect purchase to teach a kid the skills of balance and coordination. It offers great flexibility and is meant to grow with the child.

The bike lets the child learn how to scoot at his or her own pace while ensuring the safety of the rider. The product has been receiving positive reviews and feedback from customers for its advantages. I would recommend this bike to all those parents who are looking for a bike that offers durability, safety, and comfort.

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