How to Teach Your Kids Ride a Balance Bike Quickly and Simply Way

Teaching your little one riding a balance bike is indeed one of the most exciting experiences as a parent. It is some kind of challenging task for the parent as well; especially the way one teaches the kid how to ride the bike.
Don’t have any idea where to start and How to Teach Your Kids Ride a Balance Bike?

Don’t worry! We are here to guide you throughout the way. Hopefully, you have purchased the best balance bike for kids considering the expert’s advice.

be the teacher

Now, take the balance bike out on the ground, get your child ready, and let’s get started on the following. Before we get started with riding the balance bike, let us know what it actually is at first.

What Is a Balance Bike?

A balance bicycle or bike, also known as the run bike, is one kind of training bikes made of wood or metal. Balance bikes are designed to keep things as simple as possible. To be precise, balance bikes come without pedals and drivetrain.

From this particular point of view, these bikes can be considered as the basic bikes designed for pre-biker kids. They are extremely child-friendly and help kids learn the basics of riding bicycle, especially how to balance the bike and the art of steering.

How to Teach Your Kids Ride a Balance Bike?

It is always a decent idea to teach your kid riding a balance bike first other than going with a pedal bike straight. As a training bike, balance bikes are truly useful to teach your kid the basics of riding a bicycle. Starting with a balance bike, as soon as your child develop balancing and steering skills, you can easily teach him or her how to use pedals, right?

Balance Bike ride tips

As mentioned earlier, teaching your kid how to ride a balance bike is a thrilling experience. Though it is quite a challenging job, you won’t have any issues as long as you follow the instructions we are going to share below.

All you need to ensure is- your child is comfortable sitting on the bike before you actually begin to teach your kid riding the bike.  Now, let’s get begin the journey in the following without delay!

Adjust the Saddle:

The very first thing you need to do before you proceed to teach your kid riding a balance bike is- adjusting the height of the saddle of the bike. Make sure to set the saddle of the bike lower than the normal bikes.

Precisely, set at such a height that your kiddo can touch the ground easily and lay its feel flat while sitting on the bike. Also, remember to ensure your child is comfortable on the seat before starting to stride.

Wear a Helmet:

Even though your kid is going to ride a balance bike, safety should not be overlooked. Apart from that, you will need to buy a helmet for sure when your kid is ready to ride a pedal bike later on.

So, why should you risk your kid for a few bucks? On the top of that, if you can choose the helmet wisely, your child will be able to use it even when riding a pedal bike within a few months.

How to Teach Your Kids Ride a Balance Bike

No matter whether your child is riding a pedal bike or a balance bike, safety should be given the utmost priority. As there are possible risks that your child may fall off the ground several times during the learning phase, wearing a helmet is always advised.

Teach the Basics:

Before you kid starts striding, it is important to teach him or her the basics of a balance bike. First of all, let your child get on the seat and place its hands on the steering. Now, show your kid how to balance, turn right and left, etc. If the balance bike you bought is having a break, do not forget to teach your kid how to use the break.

For better learning, you can walk along with the kid while riding the bike and ask to squeeze the brake. This will help the kid understanding how to use the break, how to slow down the speed, and even stop when required.

Get Started Riding the Bike:

At the very beginning, it is natural that your kid will not be that confident and go a few steps riding the bike. Even, it might walk by the bike as well. Hold your temper and don’t scold the kid either way. Rather, try to motivate the kid lifting the feet up and roll away.

You can also support your child until it’s comfortable on the seat and steering.
However, try not to hold the handlebars and steer for the kid. Yet, you can always be there to support the kid as well as save him or her from falling. Let your child learn itself.

Keep Practicing:

After the first few steps, if you find your child interested in riding the balance bike, don’t hesitate to provide him or her with a room to carry on practicing. With time, your child will be more confident and progress gradually. As your child learns to manage on its own, allow him or her to go to the neighborhood or anywhere nearby with the bike.

Remember, practice makes a man perfect! Your child might require a bit more to master the biking basics. However, there are chances to become a pro soon when your kid really enjoys the thrilling riding experience.

Teach Your Kid How to Stride:

When your child is a bit comfortable and going few steps riding the balance bike, it’s time to teach your kid how to stride. As mentioned earlier, support your child, encourage him or her to go further. Allow your child to use its power and enjoy the movement. You can also take your bike out and ride along with your kid.

With time and regular practice, your child will come to know that it can even lift the feet up and glide with striding with a bit speed.

Teach Your Kid How to Glide:

As your kid develops riding skills, becomes more confident and gets stronger, teach him or her how to glide longer and faster. You can tell the kid to start with a short distance and increase the speed as well as distance with the passage of time. Once your child masters how to glide faster and longer, you can think about introducing your kid to a pedal bike.

Guide for Parents:

Though teaching a kid rising a balance bike is pretty simple from a general perspective, the whole process actually varies from kids to kids. On top of that, every child also gets different experience riding the bike as well.

Depending on the way your child response, his or her point of interest and experience, it may take a while to get the things right.

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As a parent, you need to be extremely patient and supportive. Never scold your child while it’s learning anything, educational or extra-curricular. Be friendly to the kid and make it feel blessed for having such a great parent. Also, it is your duty to encourage the child for more as it rises and moves to the next step.

Safety Concerns:

First of all, tell your kid to wear the helmet every single time it rides the bike. Safety gives the most concern as always while riding the balance bike. As a concerned parent, tell your kid not to risk or even race with the neighborhood kids until your child is a pro in riding the bike.

Apart from these, there is a very common tendency among kids that they stare at the person who is instructing. Also, looking at the ground is another notable reason for crushes.

It ultimately leads to falls and results in injury. Tell your kid to fix an object at a nearby distance and focus on the object straight ahead instead of staring at the instructor or looking at the ground.

By the time you scrolled down to here, we expect that you read between the lines and come to realize how to teach your kids to ride a balance bike in the easiest way. We hope you won’t have any issue teaching your kid riding the bike as most of them love the thrilling experience.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of information related to parenting. Also, we will indeed appreciate your approach if you want to let us know the progress of your baby biker.

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