How to Use a Humidifier for Babies

Humidifiers are mainly used to balance the moisture level in the air in your home. It has special use to add moisture in the dry air during winter.

According to the pediatrician, dry air irritates the baby, its nose, eyes, and mouth. In such cases, using a humidifier in your child’s room has some noticeable benefits. Humidifier balances the moisture level in the air and makes breathing easier for babies.

However, your duty does not end with installing a humidifier in your baby’s room. You have to monitor it time to time to get rid of bacteria growth within the humidifier that is risky for your baby. Here is how to use a humidifier for babies and let them enjoy easy breathing. Let’s get started!

How to Use a Humidifier for Babies?

As we have mentioned earlier, using a humidifier in your kid’s room has some obvious benefits, i.e. makes breathing easier by balancing the moisture level in the air.

Some easily avoidable risks are also there even when you are using the best baby humidifier. So, you must be very careful while using a humidifier, especially for babies. Here is what to do to avoid the health risks associated with humidifiers and use them in the right way.

Use Distilled Water:

To avoid the health risks, the very first thing you need to do is- Use Distilled Water instead of regular tap water. Tap water contains mineral salts as well as other elements that might affect the baby.

Again, salty tap water can reduce the lifespan of your humidifier to a great extent no matter how often you do some maintenance. Though clean tap water is quite okay for adults, as experts suggest.

You should not use tap water while using a humidifier for babies. So, always go for distilled water as long as you are using a baby humidifier.

Maintain a Handy Distance:

The next thing you need to ensure to avoid risks is- keeping a handy distance so your baby cannot reach the humidifier even when stretching its hands and legs.

So, maintaining a handy distance from your baby’s place is always the best idea. Locate the humidifier somewhere in the room your child cannot reach and at the same time not so far that the moisture cannot reach your child.

Clean Regularly:

You need to sanitize the humidifier on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and mold build-up inside the humidifier. Even if you cannot clean the humidifier regularly, do not just cross 48 hours.

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So, while shopping a humidifier for your baby, make sure to buy one that is easy to clean. As you will need to clean it very often, do not overlook the cleaning guidelines prescribed in the user manual of the humidifier.

Let the Humidifier Get Dry:

Not just to prevent germs and bacteria build-up inside the humidifier, you need to let the humidifier get dry completely before each use.

It also increases the lifespan of the humidifier as well. Apart from that, you need to allow air and light get into the room of your baby to balance the environment within baby’s room.

Other Safety Issues:

Along with these major health as well as safety issues, make sure your baby is not alone in the room playing around the humidifier.

Toddlers, in this case, are at the deadliest risk, as they remain curious about the things around them. The steamer in the warm mist humidifier may cause burns if your child pulls it over.

Final Words.

In the end, we hope that you did go through the safety issues you need to take care while using a humidifier for your dear little child.

By the time you reach this line, we expect you have come to know how to use a humidifier in the right way for babies. If you have any query related to this particular post or on parenting overall, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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