15 Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms To Make Mom’s Life Easier!

The feeling of getting pregnant for the first time is probably the best feeling in the world for a family, particularly for the parents. The mother herself can feel the baby growing up inside her and it overwhelms her every single day.

And, it’s not a surprise that she gets confused with hundreds of advice of her near ones regarding what she should buy for the baby and what not.

Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms

Personally, I experienced the same as above when I got pregnant for the first time. My mom and my friends used to offer me advice very often on what I must own for my baby’s convenience. I ended up buying a lot of stuff as a result. Some were really helpful and some came of no use.

Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms

In this particular post, I am going to guide you to the most essential items for the baby nursery in brief. Here are 15 Must Have Baby Items for First Time Moms that will make mom’s life easier for sure. So, let’s check them out by turns in the following without delay!

Baby Feeding Bottle:

Feeding bottles come in the first place and are very important sometimes. Tough you must try not to give formula milk to the baby, but it becomes a necessary sometimes, especially, when first-time moms feel uncomfortable with breastfeeding in the first few days.

Again, many first-time moms cannot breastfeed their baby when they are in a public place or on a tour. In such cases, the formula becomes the only option, not a choice.

Besides, many working moms hardly have an alternative not to give formula to the baby. For this reason, you need to buy a feeding bottle even though breastfeeding is your priority.

The bottle should be of high quality, of course. Also, make sure to go for Preemie Bottles if you have a premature baby that’s not yet ready for breastfeeding.

Baby Bottle Warmer:

Baby Feeding Bottle

During our childhood, our parents struggled to warm the feeding bottle in the dark. But those days are gone. Technology has made our life easier like never before.

Now you can easily find bottle warmers nearby or online. You just need to put the bottle full of milk into the warmer and switch the button on.

Set the timer and relax, your warming is done within minutes! A bottle warmer can be your nursing best friend if you are to bottle-feed your little one.

Baby Nursing Pillow:

It’s a must to have a nursing pillow if you are a breastfeeding mom. It gives you support while breastfeeding your baby and makes your baby feel comfortable as well. Nursing pillows are fashionable and very convenient.

You do not need to lean forward to feed the baby as the pillow brings your baby closer to you and your back, neck, and arms get relaxed. I had a nursing pillow and it seemed to me that my kid gets sufficient milk supply when I use a pillow during breastfeeding.

Nursing Bra:

Nursing bra, also known as the maternity bra, another must-have thing for new moms, is one of my favorite things. It is a kind of specialized bra designed for lactating moms. You do not need to unhook your bra to feed your baby when you wear a maternity bra.

There are flaps that you can open with your hand to expose the nipple for feeding your baby anywhere. The flaps are locked with a button or hook that is easy to open.

A nursing bra can be of the best use if you are a working mom that needs to go outdoor most often. With a nursing bra, you can even breastfeed your little one in public and on the go without getting them a hint that you are actually nursing the kid.

Nursery Rocking Chair:

Nursery rocking chair is another necessary item in the newborn nursery that I personally believe every mom should have one. Laura, a very close friend of mine, suggested me to go to a nursery rocking chair when my little John was born.

It made my nursing experience way easier. First of all, it gives enough posture support and I feel comfortable to breastfeed my baby while rocking on a chair. I still use this item for nursing my second baby as well.

A nursery rocking chair, also known as nursery glider, feeding chair, etc. is indeed a great tool to make the feeding sessions more comfortable both for the mom and the baby.

Yes, you can think of nursing your baby on the bed or on the sofa too, but as per my experience, I would like to tell you that this item is simply great.

Baby Diapers and Wipes:

Diapers are your best friend when you are in the baby nursery. Choose a quality diaper for your baby and don’t hesitate to use the diaper on your newborn since it is completely safe. I always use wipes in every diaper change as it is really very important to keep the germs away of your baby.

But if you notice any unwanted rash on the baby’s skin, consult a doctor immediately and use a diaper ointment to keep the baby healthy and fresh all the time. Also, make sure to have a diaper pile in your baby nursery as well.

Baby Co-Slippers:

You probably struggle to find a suitable place to keep your newborn around you all the time, especially at night. If that’s it, Co-sleepers are a good choice to solve the problem, for sure.

You can attach them to your regular bed and can sleep comfortably with the touch of your baby. Some co-slippers can also be converted to bassinet or crib later. Just attach it to the bed and enjoy every moment with your beloved baby.

Baby Nursery Humidifier:

As a mother, I can understand how caring you are towards your baby. I know you always try to give your best to keep your baby happy and healthy. For this reason, I would like to recommend you to get a humidifier in your baby’s nursery.

The most significant benefit it provides is that it keeps the air in the baby’s room clean and keeps it moist and prevent dryness. Stuffy nose and sore throat are common problems among babies which make the baby cry out loud.

In this case, can be a great tool to maintain a healthy environment in your newborn nursery and get rid of several health issues as well.

Baby Ring Sling:

Another must-have baby item is the ring sling, also known as the baby sling. Yes, we all use strollers to carry our baby outside but what about carrying your baby with you?

A newborn baby does not like to be away from the touch of mother’s skin, especially in the first few months, right? Baby sling, in this case, is indeed a great option to go for.

With a ring sling, you can keep your baby close to your heart, and of course, in touch with you whenever you step outside. The baby can feel your heartbeat and have your smell as well. Besides, your hands are free to do other works easily when you are using a baby sling.

Baby Stroller:

As I mentioned earlier, strollers are important to carry your baby. You can use a stroller when you go shopping, walking, hangout or anywhere else. It is easy to use and affordable at the same time.

Try to buy a good quality product so that your baby remains free from back and neck pain while sitting on the stroller. I had to change the old stroller of my baby boy as it failed to give him enough back support and bought a new one that is foldable and is very lightweight.

Baby Car Seat:

A baby car seat is very important for baby’s safety when on the road. It is specially designed for babies and gives your baby extra protection when you set out on your car.

It comes with a comfy seat, seat belt, and head support. Plus, it allows your baby to look outside and explore everything as it is higher than the car seat.

Baby Monitor:

Baby monitor is important to keep an eye on your baby all the time. Today’s baby monitors are the smartest unlike what it’s been a few years back. They come with video monitor, sound system and sensor that can track your baby’s movement and breathe too.

All you need to do is to attach the technology to your newborn nursery, sync with your cell phone and you are ready to see and hear your baby from anywhere in and outside the house.

Baby Activity Table:

As your little one grows up, baby activity tables can be the best friend of both of you. They are a great parenting gear invented for babies and the parents.

As soon as your baby hits 6 months, in most cases, it can sit down on the floor and play by itself. If you want your baby to learn things first, you should surely grab an activity table for your baby.

When John was nine months old, he started to stand up grabbing things around him. I rushed to the market and bought an activity table and you will be astonished by hearing that he used to speak out only at the age of 11 months.

These tables come in different colors and shapes. There are buttons attached to the table that make sounds, sing songs and light up. These tables help your baby get introduced to different types of shapes, sounds, colors, ABCs, 123s and so on.

Baby Jumper:

It’s obviously a great thing to pass time with your baby, feed him and play with him or her, right? But sometimes you need to relax and free your hands as well. For this reason, I suggest you go for a quality baby jumper.

The baby jumper allows your baby to bounce when the baby kicks against the floor. It gives a swing that is comfortable for the baby and most of the babies love the motion.

When your baby will remain engaged with fun activities on a baby jumper, you will have free time to get the chores done as well as take some rest if you like.

You may ask me if baby jumpers are safe for newborns or not. Well, the answer is “Yes” as long as your baby is enough aged and ready for the fun and entertainment session on a baby jumper!

Baby Outdoor Play House:

A baby playhouse is another popular pick for parents and a great fun activity space for toddlers. The baby outdoor playhouse contains things that are generally seen in the house like bed, table, cupboard, toilet, basin, kitchen, utensils and many more.

Thus, toddlers become familiar with the household things at an early age and learn to understand what to do with all these kinds of stuff. This improves your baby’s knowledge to make him or her more intelligent and smarter as well.


By the time you scrolled down to this particular section, we hope you read between the lines and came to know of 15 must have baby items for first time moms that will make mom’s life easier.

Now, it’s your turn to get started and go for the parenting gears that you think would work for you. Also, if you are expectant, make sure to go through our nursery check list if you plan to decorate the newborn nursery before your baby arrives. We hope the post was resourceful and you enjoyed reading!

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