6 Most Effective Parenting Goals for Cool Parents

Being the cool parents have never been easier. It requires lots of efforts and engagements to be considered as the coolest parent to the kids. However, setting parenting goals can help you to a great extent towards better parenting.

First-time parents in such cases might find themselves a bit out of water due to the lack of knowledge and experience. Wondering, what should be your parenting objective?

Parenting Goals

Well, in this particular post, we are going to present you 6 most effective parenting goals for cool parents to help you making parenting effortlessly easier and more enjoyable. Let’s jump right in without further due!

Parenting Goals for First-time Parents:

If you are blessed with a little angle for the first-time, we guess, you are having a super busy for taking care your newborn kids & as well as the festive environment in your sweet home!

However, as a first-timer, you might not know lots of things that you are supposed to do in a few days, months, and years, right?

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Don’t worry! You are not alone on the way! If you are yet not sure what you need to do and what not for your kid, don’t be panic-stricken, keep calm and scroll down to the bottom of this particular post.

1. The Three DOs:

As you are going to set your parenting goals, here are a few things that you need to do at the very beginning.

i) Manage Some Time for the Kid:

The very first thing you need to do is- keeping some time aside for the kid from your busy and scheduled life. Yes, you read it right!

To be considered as the “Daddy Cool” you must devote some time for the kids on a regular basis. You can do something fun and engage with the kid in the set time, or even watch a movie or even cartoon together. It depends entirely up to you and your kid and its likings. Do whatever your child enjoys and have fun.

ii) Appreciate Your Kid’s Activities:

It is one of the most important things that a number of parents either overlook or simply don’t any idea. Again, a number of parents think that appreciation costs money buying the kid toys or foods, etc. Though it is somewhat true, verbal praise can also be a decent way to appreciate your kid’s activities and achievements.

Manage your time for kids

iii) Reward Your Kid’s Achievement:

A simple reward from the parents can encourage the kids for achieving newer things and refrain from undesirable activities as well.

No matter how smaller the achievement is, you, as a conscious parent can take it to the next big level by rewarding it. So, don’t ever try to be close-fisted to reward your kids’ achievements to motivate it in all the possible ways. Who knows what the bigger surprise is waiting next?

2. The Three DON’Ts:

As the grown-up kid’s parents, you are more likely to come up with hundreds of issues that you personally dislike. Kids can even do things that are truly undesirable from parents end sometimes. Set your goal to apply this “Three DON’Ts in such cases”.

i) Don’t Scold Your Kid- Never Before Others:

It is one of the most important issues most parents mess up or simply end up with being short-tempered. However, the best practice is- not to scold the child ever.

Even if they do something punishable, have patience and be open-spoken to your child. Let him/her clearly know that you don’t want him or her doing these. Remember not to scold your kid ever, anyway, and never before others.

ii) Don’t Force Your Child Doing Things:

Many parents out there who unknowingly force their child to do certain things as well as avoid certain things. Kids being so tender, soft-hearted, and unconscious, most often forget the dos and dons guided by the parents.

As a parent, you might lose temper and behave rudely in such instances. However, child development experts always suggest not to force the kids for doing anything or refrain from doing anything as well.

Instead of forcing or scolding your child, do behave in a friendly way and encourage them to behave appropriately.

iii) Don’t Make Hard and Fast Rules:

Naturally, children are free will agent and every child born with some instinctive features. Considering this, your family rules (if you have any) must be flexible for the kids provided that you want them to abide by the rules to a possible extent.

Hard and Fast Rules

Conversely, if you assign some hard and fast rules upon them, you are more likely to be disappointed as kids merely care for fixed rules.

In such cases, you can play some tricks instead of fixing rules. To ensure positive parenting, most of the experts suggest tackling the kids with tricks other than making some must-follow rules that most of the kids frankly hate.

3. The Parenting “Three F” s:

Have you ever heard of the three parenting Fs? It’s not a big deal if you even don’t! They are not quotes from the bible that it will be a punishable crime if you don’t know.

However, they are very significant in parenting bible. Yes, you read it right! These 3 Fs play an important role in successful and enjoyable parenting.

i) Firm:

It is very natural that you will have your own set of principles as a parent. To avoid any unwanted situations either in family matters or outside the family, you must state the consequences clearly to the kids and act accordingly whenever any inappropriate behavior occurs.

It might sound a bit harsh, but the reality is- you need to teach your kids to behave appropriately based on different circumstances.

ii) Friendly:

Being friendly and behave in a friendly way is second to none to have smooth parenting experience. In such cases, the best practice is to use firm communication style in a friendly manner to remind the kids that they are behaving inappropriately and what is going to happen to them as a consequence.

It is also a fruitful way to warn the kids as well as encourage them to remember so that they can avoid future consequences. Again, as stated earlier, don’t forget to praise your kids for appropriate and desired behavior as well.

iii) Fair:

Many parents out there behave so rudely sometimes that kids start to avoid their parents. Yes, it happens so often due to a lot of practical reasons. However, the best practice is- being fair all the way, especially with the kids.

And to meet so, you must ensure that the punishment fits the crime your boy has committed. You don’t need to behave so rudely or give them a harsh punishment. Instead, warn the kids what is going to happen to such recurring behavior.

4. Be Your Kids Model:

Being the kid’s role model is one of the most effective practices for easier and delightful parenting. It is not only good for the kids to ensure it’s growing in a healthy and happy environment, but also has some serious benefits that make the parent and child bonding stronger.

Kids learn things imitating the elders. As a parent, you can do the things that you want your kids should be doing.

And, it works far better than merely telling your kids what to do, what not to do, how to behave with strangers, and so on. So, trying to be your kids’ role model should be of your parenting goals for sure.

5. Teach the Social Skills:

A family is the first institution for every child. And, parents become the very first teacher in every kid’s life. So, as a conscious parent, your goal should be teaching the kid of various social skills from home.

For this, you need to demonstrate how your kid should behave with the neighborhood kids, classmates, and people in the society.

Parenting Social Skill

While teaching these skills, don’t expect that your child will learn everything overnight. It is a gradual process, and they need to practice the behavior. After all, as a guide, you need to encourage them all the way.

6. Become the Patient Listener:

To be a very good friend of your little one, the very first skill you should acquire as a parent is- become a patient listener. Yes, you need to be an active listener having a mindset not to interrupt the kid.

Remember to listen carefully whatever your child is trying to explain to you and form a scenario within your mind. It will help you to find out how your kid looks at any situation. Also, remember to encourage your child to make eye contacts while talking to either parents or anyone else.

Along with these preliminary things, time will teach you the rest of the parenting lessons you need to learn to be a cool parent.

When you scrolled down this section, we guess, you have developed the basic ideas of Parenting Goals, right? Now, it’s your turn to set your own parenting goals and prove yourself to be a cool parent to your child.


We hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any query related to the post. Happy Parenting!

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