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Every parent and guardian understands the importance of potty training as a crucial milestone. Nevertheless, no one can underestimate the amount of effort and dedication it takes to make sure that your toddler has passed this stage successfully.
In order to make sure that your baby is progressing the way you want him to, you should come up with creative ideas and rewards that encourage him or her to try again, no matter how many times they miss.

The Struggle of Potty Training: What to Expect

So, you and your little one have finally reached potty training time…hear the drum roll. But some of your friends swear that it was like a breeze while others still get a panic attack whenever you bring it up. So what should you expect?
The truth is that potty training is different for every child and parent. You might successfully do it with your first and second child, and struggle with the third.
If you or your child are taking more time, you should understand that there’s nothing wrong with either of you. Both of you are doing a great job…you just need to try a new technique.
Sometimes, your little one just needs some motivation to keep on trying. Offering continuous support and showering your baby with rewards will let them know that you haven’t given up on them. They can still try and they’ll always receive your love, no matter what they do.

What are Potty Training Rewards?

These are toys, tangible items or little actions that let your toddler feel your love and support when they succeed at using the potty properly. The rewarding system isn’t a bribe because you give your baby a reward after the action. If your child misses, you can refer to the reward system and remind them that they can try harder next time.
To make potty training rewards successful, you shouldn’t postpone the reward. This way, your child can understand the connection and know that their actions lead to these outcomes. Take a look at some of these rewards to use while embarking on your little one’s potty training journey.

1. The Love and Happiness Jar

For this idea, you’ll need a glass jar, paper, and some quality time to spend with your little one.
Before you start potty training with your child, spend some time to write down all the activities that he or she likes to do. Every time your child uses the potty allow them to pick a paper from the jar and do exactly what’s written. Your child can’t read yet, but they know what you’ve written together.
This can be a special story, a trip the zoo, a chance to water the flowers, or an opportunity to host a playdate. You to can always make sure not to include something too dramatic so you’re always able to keep your promises.

2. The Stickers Chart

This is a simple and cheap rewarding system that you can use for potty training, as well as other activities. You’ll need a big chart and a bunch of different stickers.
The idea is quite simple. Kids are visual and nothing beats the fun of sticking stickers on a chart. Seeing the stickers accumulating and piling up reminds your little one of their success story and encourages them to try harder.
Let your kid pick the stickers to stick every time they use the potty successfully. Added bonus? There will be fewer artistic attempts of sticking those stickers around the house.
Stickers time is a great opportunity to keep things more fun for your little one. You can take this opportunity to tell them something about shapes, colors or animals.

3. Use a Potty Doll

These are dolls that drink water and wet themselves, just like your little one. You can find plenty of them on the market.
Use a potty doll to teach your baby more information about the process of urinating. Show them how to show love and support to the doll when it wets itself.
Ask your child to show the doll the right way to use the potty. As they encourage and motivate it, they’ll teach themselves not to miss. Explain that the doll shouldn’t wait until it’s too late before it asks to use the potty. Make sure that neither you nor your child shouts at the doll so the whole experience feels positive.

4. Pick Dyes and Colors

Today you can find several chemical dyes that turn color when the child urinates. If you can’t find any, you can use food coloring.
Kids are fascinated by colors and might feel that urinating is just too boring because they want to play. This is a chance to turn peeing time into fun time because the bowl won’t be clear. Every time they use the potty, they will see how the water changes color.
Using these dyes and colors will make kids so excited that they can’t wait till the next time they use the potty. As a result, they’ll try harder not to miss. For them, it feels like magic.

5. Build a Potty Tower

You’ll need blocks or Lego pieces to bring this idea to life.
Every time your toddler uses the potty successfully, allow them to add a new piece to your tower. Blocks and Lego pieces work perfectly because they will stay intact for a long time.
As the tower grows taller, your little one will take pride in his or her progress. The sense of achievement encourages them to try harder and get better.
You can also promise a cool reward at the end when the tower reaches a certain height. Allow your baby to add more blocks for Number 2 and take the potty game up a notch.


Parenting is a journey. It’s full of ups and downs, laughs and tears. You and your kid will learn together how to do things better so you can both move on to the next milestone. These potty training rewards will make this phase easier and more fun for both of you.
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