Top 10 Pregnancy Myths vs. The Facts You Should Know

Whether it’s your first time or you are already blessed with a kid, bearing the little one inside is always a unique experience. At this stage of your life, as you are to apt with a bunch of newer things with the passage of time, naturally, a bunch of questions will pop up in your anxious mind. For the first-timers, it becomes a daunting job to deal with all those random thoughts.

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Again, there comes the Pregnancy Myths from friends, relatives, even neighbors! Wondering, what to do with all those dos and don’ts? Well, here are the top 10 Pregnancy Myths vs. the facts you should know for better and healthier pregnancy. Let’s jump right in!

Myth 1: NO Sex During Pregnancy

It’s one of the most frequently cast old school myth you may come across as soon as the adults in your family come to know you have conceived.

You may still find a number of couples out there who believe that sex during pregnancy can complicate the pregnancy and even hurt the unborn as well. Again, many take sex as a taboo when they are pregnant, most interestingly, even without knowing the fact.

However, the truth is- sex, as long as you and your partner are not going wild, is not likely to cause any harm to the baby. Yes, some exceptions are there. But, in most cases, physical intimacy doesn’t affect the unborn provided that you don’t have any record of pregnancy complexities.

Then again, both you and your partner should know which sex positions are safe and which are to avoid when you are bearing a little one inside. Plus, consulting a gynecologist for a green signal can be the best practice as always.

Myth 2: NO Exercise, NO Physical Labor

It’s another pregnancy myth you are more likely to encounter if you used to hit the gym before or had a little contact with even stress relief exercises.

Being super excited about the news of your pregnancy, your in-laws may even ban you from the small household chores you used to do as well. Yes, it happens at random to many moms living in such an advanced world.

However, the truth is- a little exercise may benefit the fetus inside your womb. According to several studies, light exercise during pregnancy can keep both the childbearing mom and the unborn healthy and active.

Again, physically active moms during pregnancy are more likely to have healthy heart rates and may give birth to more intelligent kids. Besides, gentle exercises during pregnancy can contribute to a great extent to maintain a healthy weight and prepare your body for the labor and the aftermaths as well.

So, you can certainly do the little workouts you used to do before pregnancy if there are no pregnancy complications. Again, you can always start with gentle exercises even if you were hardly active before pregnancy.

Myth 3: You Should Eat for TWO

Yes, it won’t be a wonder if you are advised by the friends, relatives, and adult neighbors to eat for TWO as soon as you began to show pregnancy symptoms!

They might think that you need more calories and energy to grow the little one inside you. But, it is not medically confirmed that you should eat for your unborn too, though, surprisingly, you may even experience food cravings as well.

However, the truth is- it doesn’t require that many calories as you and your family members might think. Instead, a healthy and balanced diet is all you need to stay sound and fit during pregnancy. Yes, you need to gain some weight (around 25 to 35 pounds) for a healthy pregnancy as well as a healthy kid.

However, it doesn’t mean you need to eat for two. Adding some healthy snacks along with the regular healthy diet can meet all your needs (around 300 additional calories).

Myth 4: NO to Air Travel

A number of moms out there plan to have at least a holiday trip before the little guest arrives. But, most often they end up with a big NO both from the family and the airlines as well. Yes, many airlines are there that don’t allow pregnant women to fly after a certain period of their pregnancy.

However, the truth is- flying can be completely safe as long as you are in good medical condition, and without some serious exceptions.

Anyway, remember to check out your airline’s terms, conditions, and restrictions before you do bookings for a babymoon. Also, make sure to have a confirmation letter from your medical care provider stating your medical condition before the trip.

Myth 5: You Should Avoid SWEETS

As a childbearing mom, you are more likely to be discouraged from eating sweetmeats. As many country women out there believe that pregnant moms should not intake sweets, you might face the same. However, some exceptions are there that you deserve to know.

Yes, luckily, you can have some chocolates, but not a lot of course. Again, having chocolate or chocolaty beverages, within the permitted quantity, can benefit you as well.

According to a study, you can avoid preeclampsia, the risk of having high blood pressure as much as up to 40% by eating five to six servings of chocolate every week during your third trimester.

Myth 6: NO to Coffee

It’s another issue that might make you really upset. If you had the habit of taking 2-3 mugs of coffee a day before pregnancy, you might feel like out of water when your in-laws ban caffeine intake.

It’s true that over-consumption of caffeine drinks can be a bit unhealthy, however; you don’t have to abstain from coffee, tea, or other caffeine drinks completely! Just limit yourself to take not more than 200 milligrams a day. Again, make sure to have a filter coffee, of course.

Apart from that, if you had the bad habit of alcohol consumption, even though it’s occasional and a little amount, you better avoid alcoholic drinks completely.

Myth 7: Stay Away from Seafood

When it comes to eating habit and diets during pregnancy, it won’t be a wonder if you are told to avoid seafood. Yes, they have some practical reasons to ask you to avoid seafood.

For example, you should not have uncooked sushi during pregnancy as chances are there that raw fish may contain bacteria as well as parasites that can lead to foodborne illness and infections.

Again, you should skip swordfish, tilefish, bigeye tuna, marlin, shark, etc. contain more than the recommended level of mercury to be taken when you are pregnant.

However, you don’t have to bade goodbye to seafoods during pregnancy, and the truth is-they are super-healthy provided that you have maintained the guideline. The FDA recommends pregnant moms to go for fishes that are low in mercury but highly enriched in omega 3 and fatty acids.

According to a study, expectant moms that had at least 2-3 servings of recommended seafood (low mercury seafood of course) every week are more likely to give birth to babies with higher verbal IQ, superior motor skills, better communication and social skills, and several other benefits.

Myth 8: Pregnant Moms Should Stay Happy

As a childbearing mom, it is so natural that your family members will expect you to look and feel happy all the time. Besides, it is widely believed that moms that are jolly during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to healthy and jolly baby.

Pregnancy Myths

However, the truth is- pregnant moms are not an exception compared to other women. Rather, they are more likely to seem exhausted coping with the changes with the passage of time. Plus, first-time expectant may remain anxious about the unborn, and the responsibilities come along.

On top of that, mood disorders due to hormonal changes also appear to be a crucial issue. And, according to a report conducted by a group of psychiatrists, more or less 20% of expectant moms at different stages during their pregnancy experience depression and anxiety as well.

If you are a mom-to-be for the first time, you can check out our Week by Week Pregnancy Guide to know more about the changes you are likely to encounter during pregnancy.

Despite all these, you should at least try with all your heart to stay relaxed! As over depression may lead to some unexpected issues sometimes including lower birth weight, and even premature delivery.

So, keep no stone unturned to stay chilled and have fun to avoid the unwanted problems during pregnancy. Also, make sure to stay in touch with your doctor and be open-spoken regarding things associated with pregnancy.

Myth 9: Every Women Can Breastfeed

It is commonly believed that every woman can breastfeed their little one if she wants. Yes, it might be true to an extent. However, things seem a bit crucial when going to experience first-hand.

Breastfeeding could be painful if you had certain breast surgeries. Then again, you may find breastfeeding difficult when undergoing certain medications as well. Read more about breastfeeding for newborn

It is also advised by the old school family folks that you should prepare your nipples for breastfeeding since you conceived. But, the truth is- you don’t need to do anything manually before your baby arrives.

It’s a natural process, and your nipples will prepare itself for breastfeeding when your baby is born. However, for successful breastfeeding, you should have prepared yourself mentally during pregnancy. Check out to learn more about breastfeeding preparation Before Your Baby Arrives.

Myth 10: You Will Lose Your Child’s Weight After Delivery

As pregnant moms are encouraged to gain a certain weight for a healthy pregnancy, many out there believe that they will lose the weight after the delivery.

However, the truth is- you are more likely to lose only 10-15 pounds more or less after giving birth to the kid though you put on 25-35 pounds during pregnancy.

Wondering, what to do to get back to the shape again? Well, it may take a while to lose the rest if you maintain a healthy and routine lifestyle after the delivery.

In this case, breastfeeding your little one may contribute to losing several pounds, and you can manage the rest with workouts after delivery, including Yoga.

By the time you scrolled down to this particular section, we believe that you read between the lines and came to know the top 10 Pregnancy Myths and the facts as well. Still, a number of things are there you need to know about happy and healthy pregnancy.

Whether you are expectant or planning to conceive soon, make sure to consult your medical caregiver time to time along with reading parenting blogs, magazines, and watching pregnancy videos. Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!

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