How to Encourage Your Kids to Ride a Balance Bike?

Teaching your child how to ride a balance bike is indeed a matter of great joy! However, there are chances that it can be the most challenging job as well, especially when your kid isn’t that interested.

It happens so often that parents find their kid not interested in going to the ground. Many children out there also refuse to try the new balance bike you purchased. What to do in such cases?

Ride a Balance Bike

Wondering, how to convince your child and encourage him or her to try at least once? Here goes the hack! Let’s see how to encourage your kids to ride a balance bike in the following!

Figure Out Why Your Child Isn’t Interested:

Children are often unpredictable. Though it is normal that kids show interest in new things, there are chances that your child finds no interest in riding a bike at first. There may be a number of reasons behind. Many children may find it unsafe to ride a bike as it needs balance to ride a bicycle.

Therefore, new environment, new situations, new challenges may haunt your child, and s/he may not be willing to take a ride. Many children get scared of tiny things, and this also may restrain your kid from riding a bike. So, at first, you need to find out why your kid does not want to ride a bike and take steps to root out the problems from his or her mind.

Don’t Become Rude:

Being rude to the children is not actually useful in any case. Children are the most tender creatures, and you need to remember this whenever you talk to your kids. It happens so often that parents are seen demotivating their children by being rude though they cannot figure out what’s wrong.

Always try to motivate the kids and make them believe that your bits of advice will never let them down. If they do not want to ride a bike when you ask them, take your time and allow them to be themselves too.

Afterward, ask them again to go to the ground and motivate them informing the things they are more likely to miss if not riding the bike.

Have Patience:

Patience is the only thing that can bring your champ back on the track. Always try to have patience whenever your child refuses to ride the bike. Motivate him or her by making believe that you can understand the situation and always want what is the best for them.

Tell him or her the story of your first bike riding. Tell your kid how fun it is to ride the bike in mountain slopes. Take your child to the nearby park and show how other kids have adopted it easily. You can also help your child make friends with other kids who ride bikes as well.


Always be friendly and never lose your temper. Once you become rude and furious, your child is more likely to avoid riding the bike no matter how badly you try to convince.

Adjust the Bike Before Your Kid:

It is an essential thing to adjust the bike for your child. If the bike does not let your kid sit and move properly, or if it is uncomfortable, your child will not be willing to ride the bike for sure.

Ask yourself, if you need comfort, doesn’t your kid need it too? Do not forget to measure the shape and size of your child and adjust the balance bike accordingly.

Buy a lightweight bicycle for a smoother experience. Check if the kid’s feet touch the ground or not. Double check the brakes, wheels and the steering and ensure your child’s comfort and safety. Make the best balance bike a bit of fun for your little champ!

Teach the Rules:

To make your kid’s bike riding a joy, make a list of rules. The rules must be related to riding the bike, and they need to be funny at the same time. Always teach your kid that rules help us doing things correctly and smoothly.

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What is most important in this case is- you need to follow the rules first and ask your child to follow you. Children love to imitate things adults do. And, you just need to drag the interests of your child in things you want him or her to do.

The rules may be like the followings;

  • Waking up early in the morning,
  • Taking snacks,
  • Going out with the bike,
  • Sitting on the seats,
  • Wearing the helmet properly,
  • Humming a beautiful song,
  • Keeping the hands on the handlebars,
  • Keeping them tight,
  • Pumping the pedals on and off,
  • Braking to stop,
  • Focusing on the road,
  • Watching his friends,
  • Watching passers-by etc.

Find Out the Right Place to Start:

When you are trying to motivate your child to ride the balance bike, you are to choose a suitable place to start.  At the very beginning, start with a grassy field that can save your child from getting hurt.

When the kid gets used to riding on grassy paths, take him to paths containing small slopes and loops. These small inclines are the best to learn to ride a balance bike for the kids.

Take your baby to his or her friends’ garden and to the parks so that he can ride bikes along with his familiar faces. It will be encouraging to him naturally, and you might not need to push or force your child to ride the balance bike again.

Ride Along with Your Kid:

Children imitate things from others, and it is their innate nature. They love to do what their parents and near ones do. If you wake up very early in the morning, your toddler is more likely to wake up early too, if you wake up late, s/he too will do the same.

Similarly, if you are a cyclist and ride bikes very often, your child will get encouraged seeing you and will show interest in riding as well. It will be a great joy for your kid if you ride along with him or her during the practice session.

You can see how happy s/he becomes by your side. Thus, you two can pass a very joyous moment together which will strengthen your family bonding to a great extent as well.

Have Some Cool Gadgets:

To encourage your kids riding bikes, sometimes you need to be a bit tricky. You may have to spend some extra bucks for this purpose as well, but it will give you the absolute result at the end.

You can pick up a helmet of your child’s favorite color with stickers and lights on, a cute bell that sounds sweet, hand mask, knee mask, a pair of nice bike gloves, a tiny flag of your respected country, a carrier basket with his favorite cartoon character and so on.

These little things will let the baby boy set out along with his or her bike. After all, they are kids! And, you need to be childish too with them when trying to persuade them of anything.

Don’t Practice Longer than 10-15 Minutes:

A 10-15 minutes hangout with the bike is enough for your kid at a time when it begins to learn how to ride. If s/he wants to stay few more minutes, you should never discourage him or her, instead you can advise stopping then so that he can have a ride of another 15 minutes in the afternoon or the evening.

Tell your kid that more than 15 minutes of bike riding can be harmful to a little boy and s/he will be permitted to ride it for a longer time when growing up. Remember, a relationship is essential everywhere to do things right and avoid the mess, so don’t scold your child if it wants to ride a bit more.

Reward Your Kid for Participation:

People become happy when rewarded, so does kids as well. Even, they react more joyously than the adults. Tell your kid that if s/he learns riding a bicycle, s/he will be rewarded with a nice gift and make it a secret.

You can present a beautiful helmet, bike gloves, football, a bat, a teddy bear and other kinds of stuff she or he is interested in. Encourage your child with all your heart. And, never miss a chance to spend times with your kid either in teaching him or her new things or make fun together.

Final Word:

While concluding the post, we expect that you read between the lines and come to know how to encourage your kids to ride a balance bike. Now, it is your turn to take the bike out on the ground and encourage your kids to have the thrilling experience.

If you have any question regarding the post, don’t hesitate to let us know without a second thought. Also, feel free to share us which of the hacks as mentioned above did the best job for you. We hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading.

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