Sex During Pregnancy: Positions to Skip/Follow When You’re Pregnant

Many couples out there wondering. Should I have sex during pregnancy? Is it safe to have sex when I’m pregnant? And so many queries like these that often peep up into the minds, especially among the couples having a baby for the first time. If you are one of those many couples, we assure you that you’ve landed to the right place.

Many couples take Sex as taboo during pregnancy and refrain from going intimate to each other. Again, a number of them hesitate to have sex whether it causes harm to the little champ inside the womb.

However, it is neither taboo nor causes harm unless you do not have a complicated pregnancy. You can surely enjoy the intimacy with your partner. But, you need to be more careful and take necessary precautions.

Sex During Pregnancy

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

As we have mentioned earlier, sex during pregnancy is not completely unsafe as long as you as well as your partner is comfortable. However, it is always the best idea to consult your doctor and consider the safety issues mandatorily.

If your doctor shows you green signal checking up your condition, you can have sex. But, you need to keep in mind that all sex positions aren’t safe when you are pregnant. Again, there are possible risks with some positions as well.

Wondering which sex positions you need to follow and which are to avoid? Keep scrolling! We are going to present you some sex positions that are safe during pregnancy.Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Besides, we will also cover the positions that most of the consultants suggest avoiding when you are bearing a little kiddo within you.

To make things clearer to you, we have divided the total pregnancy period into trimester. Also, we have covered the positions you need to avoid and follow during each trimester.

Before you indulge in pleasure seeking when you are pregnant, we highly recommend you to consult your physician. You are requested to try the positions mentioned below only after your consultant shows green signal to go ahead and enjoy physical intimacy during pregnancy.

Let’s have a look at the following.

Sex During Pregnancy: First Trimester

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, sex can be more fun and enjoyable. At this period, your private parts become ultra-sensitive as a result of increased blood circulation.

Again, the hormones in your body become charged up fully at this stage, and as a result, your desire to be touched and felt become super serious.

Sex during the first trimester becomes more pleasurable as your breasts, as well as other private parts, remain so sensitive. It is so natural that your urge for sex may increase a bit at this stage of your pregnancy.

Positions to Follow:

Almost every single position is safe at this stage of your pregnancy. You can have fun the way you and your partner want. Even the hardest positions can be OK until both of you are comfortable.

However, you need to be careful about having oral sex. Though oral sex is safe during the first trimester, you need to ensure your partner is not blowing air inside you while having fun orally. Besides, you need to keep yourself thoroughly clean after the session.

Positions to Skip:

Although it is said that every single position is safe at this stage, you should never go for a rough or wild sex session. Moreover, avoid anal sex during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

N.B. Scented lubricants are strictly discouraged as always. It is better to have no lubes at all.

Sex During Pregnancy: Second Trimester

During the second trimester of your pregnancy, you may still feel the same as the first trimester regarding sex as your pregnancy hormones will remain full-charged.

In addition, your pregnancy nausea will be almost gone at this stage. So, you will seek to be more on the bed with your partner.

You are more likely to feel the movement of your unborn between 16th-22nd week of your pregnancy. Don’t worry even if you notice the frequent movement of your baby while having sex. It is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

Positions to Follow:

At this stage of your pregnancy, you can try the Women on Top position, as you will have more control over the movement and the depth you like to penetrate.

It will also help to avoid pressurizing on your tummy. Besides, Spooning, Scissor Position, and Doggy Style can also be decent choices to go ahead during the second trimester of your pregnancy.

pregnant Doggy Style sex positionpregnant Doggy Style sex positionpregnant Doggy Style sex position

Positions to Skip:

During the second trimester, you need to skip the positions you need to be on your back and hold your partner on the top of your body. Apart from pressurizing on your belly, holding your partner on top of your body might slow down blood flow to the placenta.

Sex During Pregnancy: Third Trimester

Your physical condition during the third trimester of your pregnancy might discourage you to have sex. Still, you can have fun with your partner as long as you are comfortable.

However, you need to be cautious regarding bleeding, amniotic fluid leakage, cramps, fatigue, back pain, etc.

Positions to Follow:

You can try Doggy style, Woman on Top, Spooning, etc. at this stage of your pregnancy. Spooning in this particular stage can be a decent position to keep the bonding stronger as both of you will have more eye contact while trying this position. 

Positions to Skip:

During the third trimester of your pregnancy, you need to avoid the positions like Anvil, On the Lap, or Turtle that provides a deep penetration.

Besides, you need to avoid the positions strictly that require you to be on your back like the classical Missionary position at this stage.


At the end of our post, we expect that you went through the lines and got to know all about sex position during pregnancy. This post was meant for guiding the parents not to encourage them to have sex if they are not feeling like making it out.

Remember, sex during pregnancy is safe and doesn’t cause harm to the unborn until both of you go wild and pressurize on your uterus.

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  1. Well thanks i have learnt a lot about making love while pregnant in fact i have been experiencing so much of dis comfort while making love with my husband and i dont know way this is so will this discomfort be over once the baby is born. And this worries me a lot.


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