Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse Review for Parents

Looking for a quality playhouse for your little one? This is it! The Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse was built to last. Plus, it has everything I was looking for! My little ones spend hours playing in it.

This was the largest playhouse I was able to find. There is plenty of room for a few kids to play together. The kitchen is cute. I love the bay window and the skylight. It has a cute, little foldout table and a cordless phone.

My little ones also love opening and closing the shutters. They hand each other meals through the window.

I love the welcome doormat. It is gender neutral. I am 5’1″ and I can almost stand up in the middle of it. 

I was looking for something gender neutral so both my son and daughter could play in it.

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I also didn’t want it to stand out in my backyard. The colors of this are great! The teal shutters are a wonderful pop of color.

The door is a beautiful red. The exterior of the playhouse is neutral. I think it would be a cute house in real life! Great for imaginary play!

I was also looking for something for more than two kids to play in. The playhouse is large enough for us to use during play dates. Four little ones can play at the same time, fewer if they are older.

The ceiling is higher than other playhouses I found. I look forward to being able to use this as my kids get older. They should be able to stand in this for years. 

Step2 has always been our favorite brand for children’s products. I know they make quality products that last.

I knew as soon as I took this out of the box that this was another great product made by Step2. I did need to be home when this was delivered. It arrived in two large boxes. They are heavy. I recommend having help with these. It is possible to handle them by yourself, though.

I didn’t find it too difficult to put together. Most pieced snap together. The roof screws on. I was able to put it together by myself.

I recommend having help. I had difficulty popping the window in place by myself. I definitely think that would have been easier with assistance. If you ever need to move it, I recommend keeping it together in the bed of a truck. I wouldn’t want to take it a part. 

The Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse is equipped with a kitchen, folding table, play phone, folding shutters, half door, welcome mat, doorbell, and spacious interior! It also has a neutral color scheme. It is made of durable, hard plastic. It will last for years to come. 


  • It is gender neutral. 
  • It has a neutral color scheme. 
  • It is high quality. 
  • It was built to last. 
  • It has a large interior. 
  • It is large enough for a few children to play. 
  • This will provide hours of imaginary play for your little one(s).


  • Large shipping boxes can be hard to maneuver without help.
  • Assembly is hard with only one person, but possible. 
  • Wouldn’t be recommended taking it apart, can be moved in a truck. 

This will accommodate more than two small children. This will last for years. This can be used indoors. It does not have a floor. It can be moved around the yard/house with help of a few people once assembled.

The plastic doesn’t get hot to the touch in the sun. The windows allow a breeze to come through. Replacement parts can be found on the Step2 website. The shipping weight is 188 pounds. The product dimensions are 66 x 73 x 66.

Final Words:

I recommend the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse to anyone looking for the best playhouse for their little ones. This will last you through the imaginary play years and then some.

If you are looking for something to entertain your kids for hours, this is it. It will keep their interest for years. The way they play may change, but their love for this playhouse won’t. Its durability will withstand through rough and tough play. This is the playhouse you are looking for!

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