7 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape as a Busy Mom

What is your biggest challenge as a busy mum? Many say that it is juggling work, motherhood, and fitness. If you are unable to keep up with your fitness regimen, know that you are not alone.

Luckily enough, there is so much you can do to stay fit even with a toddler who wants to explore the world around him and a career that demands so much from you.

Word has it that mothers are the busiest people on the planet. Well, the crown of being a mother is such a pleasure, and nobody would want to give it up for any reason.

Ways to Stay in Shape as a Busy Mom

That is why we made this list of seven easy ways you can stay in great shape without compromising on being an excellent mother!

01. Quit Dieting and Change Your Lifestyle:

Remember when the no-carbs diet was a thing? Recently, there has been the paleo, juicing diet and the detox diet. Well, there seems to be a new way of staying in shape every other season. While these diets are not entirely wrong, it is hard to keep up with a routine that might change any moment.

When it comes to staying fit, being trendy is not advisable. You will experience better results by changing your lifestyle for the better rather than switching diets. Make healthy choices and stick to them every other day.

For instance, you can work on avoiding sugary and salty junks. Use moderate sauce for your dressing. If you are buying donuts, ice cream or chocolate, ask for those with less sugar.

Avoid soda altogether and replace it with sparkling water. Go for lean meats and avoid the fatty cuts. You can still enjoy wine and coffee, only that you take them with little sugar.

02. Plan Your Meals:

With everything that is going on, you are likely to opt for ready-made meals. Unfortunately, this is one of the most significant fitness errors busy mums make.

A quick run to burger king will save you the energy and time you would have used to cook a meal, but by doing this, you will be compromising your health. No offense, burger king is a great place, but not good if you have to get your daily meals from there.

Your health matters to your family. If you are in good health, you will be in a better position to play your roles. So, spare some time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. You can make food for a whole month and freeze them. Eventually, your efforts will pay off.

03. Make Fitness About Family:

Now that your family is the most critical aspect of your life, why not ask them to join you on your fitness journey? Including your family in your fitness routine will not only make everyone you love to be in good shape, but it will also create extra bonding time. Your little one will want to jog around the park. If possible, find a child-friendly location which features kids’ activities.

04. Figure Out Your Workout Personality and Stick to It:

If you are an introvert, you may thrive by working out alone. As for extroverts, they are likely to miss the social vibe so; they will be happy exercising as a group. Whichever your personality, make sure to recognize and honor it.

Moms achieve the best fitness results by finding a workout that suits them and honoring it. Some thrive when they do cardio exercises while others are fitted for intensity workouts.

Finding what suits you will require dedication and time, but in the end, it will be worthwhile. This will also help you maximize your results, check out garcinia cambogia free trial

05. Flexibility Is Vital:

Being open to change is not something busy mums embrace, but it is crucial. Although you will make plans, the chances are that not everything will go as planned. You should be ready for such changes.

Regardless of how well you have scheduled your week, it only takes one distraction, and everything else falls apart. That is why you should be open to any unexpected occurrences.

If something gets in the way of your routine, consider substitutes. For instance, if your child falls sick and you cannot go to the gym, how about you do some sit-ups in the house?

Having a positive outlook will allow you the freedom to adjust your life as needed. Forgive yourself when things do not go as planned.

06. Live by the 80/20 Rule:

There is no way you will make healthy decisions 100 percent of the time. Sometimes you will skip the gym or snack when you shouldn’t, but that should never make you feel guilty.

Allow yourself to make poor choices a few times. As per the 80/20 rule, you will be living true to your fitness schedule 80 percent of the time and permitting yourself to indulge 20 percent of the time. It does not mean that you derail your efforts by making horrible decisions, but this kind of flexibility is right for growth

07. Be Patient With Your Progress:

You ought to understand that getting back in shape after having a baby takes effort and time. Having your curvy figure again is an attainable goal. Primarily, your fitness goals can be fulfilled over some time as long as you put in work proportional to your vision.

While at it, do not be too hard on yourself. Ditch the stress and pressure of wanting to achieve everything at once, because it is not possible.

Workout according to your energy levels and do not overdo anything as this may harm your body. Remember to make time for your family, such that you do not miss out on the crucial family moments.

Remember your pre-mom days when you thought you were the queen of multitasking? Now that you are a mother, it is evident that juggling a lot of things is inevitable.

The best part is that your efforts are worthwhile, especially when you see the cute smile on your child’s face. Amidst all these, it is possible to stay in fit, and hope these seven tips give you a head start!

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