My Pregnancy Journey: Week by Week Pregnancy Guide!

It is indeed the greatest pleasure to be a mother. Motherhood actually fulfills the true identity of a woman. It is actually a blessing from the God and if you are planning to be blessed, having a child in a few months, a warm welcome to Childhoodist blog.

During pregnancy, each week seems different from another. Zina shared us her Week by Week pregnancy guide. We hope it will help you to understand different phases of your pregnancy journey!

​I’m Zina, a 25 years old currently living in the USA with my husband Henry, and I am a 32 weeks childbearing mother as well.

I thought of sharing my motherhood journey, and I came across Childhoodist. They heartily welcomed my passion for writing and the result, what you are going through now ( Week by Week Pregnancy Guide )

Since I got to know of my pregnancy, I became curious to know all sorts of things related to a childbearing mother, womanhood, and beyond.

I used to Google whenever I could manage time for myself. I really learned a lot from the web I did not know.

Every time I searched and came up with the stories of mothers even from the furthest corner of the globe, I used to tell Henry, my husband, that I would share my story too.

​I was so persistent that Henry could not ignore my plea even after trying for approx. Hundred times or more. Neither I had the experience of running a blog nor had Henry.

However, he managed me this blog where I’m going to share my stories finally, the journey of motherhood.

Thanks Henry for being so loving and caring! Also, thanks to the founder and editor for allowing me on this platform.

Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

​Before I talked more about myself and how I came across this blog, let me accompany you with my week by week pregnancy guide. As it was planned later on when I was about 2 months of pregnant, I might miss some events at that stage.

However, I tried to cover as much as I could recollect. Hope you will find it interesting.

First Trimester Pregnancy Tips

Week 1 to 3:

Week 1 and 2 are the weeks of conception. People usually conceive within two weeks after the last menstrual period. At that moment, I did not even notice the slightest sign about my conception.

I had to wait some more time to be sure about my pregnancy. Like me, I guess, most of the women hardly notice the early pregnancy signs.

However, if you see light bleeding following the end of your last menstrual period yet way earlier than the next period, you can use this calculator to check whether the bleeding is due to implantation and you are going to have good news!

From the week 3, a fetus started to grow within my womb. (Just awesome to feel when I realized I am bearing someone within me)

Week 4:

Week 4 starts with noticeable tiredness. I started feeling tired even after walking a few steps. From that time, a question always came to my mind, “Have I conceived?” as I was not sure of my pregnancy until week 6.

However, I felt something unusual that I have not experienced ever. Something new started to happen to me!

Something, that is difficult to put into words. I kept waiting for the date of my next menstruation. I waited and waited…

Week 5:

Week 5 came with the date of my menstrual period. But neither the period started on the date nor even two days later. My period never delayed after marriage.

It was the first time I missed the usual date. I waited for a couple of days more as sometimes period takes more time to start due to various physical issues.

I began to calculate if anything is wrong with me. I could not figure out, but my tiredness proceeded.

Week 6:

At the beginning of week 6, still, when my period did not start, I became curious to know what happened.

A twisted feeling of happiness and fear began to play with me. I could not wait to do a pregnancy test.

I bought a pregnancy test strip from a medic shop next to our apartment and tested my urine. Surprisingly, the test was positive.

I was PREGNANT! My husband and I became very happy with the little angel I am bearing.

Week 7:

I told my mom that she is going to have the company of a little kiddo. After hearing the news, my family members started to take extra care of me.

They gave me a chance to take rest, as I felt tired all the time. My husband as well as others shared the heavy household chores once I used to manage alone.

My husband bought nutritious food for me so that I could get the extra nutrition for me as well as for the baby it needed. I felt ashamed as well as more special than ever before.

Week 8:

At week 8, I became two months of pregnant. I started to taste motherhood, the feelings every women dream.

After waking up in the morning, I found myself very hungry. It was somewhat unusual and not like the previous days. Sometimes I woke up at midnight for hunger later on.

I began to feel hungry just after few minutes of taking a full course meal. I told my mom about the unusual hunger. She laughed (like a demon) and assured me that it is so natural and there is nothing to worry about.

Week 9:

At week 9, I realized that something is happening within my womb. I made up a routine about how often should I go to the doctor for checking up my condition as well as of the baby.

I have witnessed so many sleepless nights thinking about the little ME within me. I was not looking like pregnant, as my tummy was not still that visible.

However, I could feel its tiny heartbeat inside me. I wished if I could see my baby!

Week 10:

Week 10 came to me with a new thrilling experience. I went to consult a gynecologist for the first time in my life. She gave me some tests namely blood test, urine test, and ultrasonogram, etc.

During ultra-sonogram, I saw a fetus within my womb, which is frequently moving. After diagnosis, the doctor assured me that everything was OK and we both are hale and hearty. There is nothing to worry about!

Week 11:

From the week 11, I started taking the supplements my doctor prescribed. She advised me to take folic acid and Iron tablets. As acidity is a common discomfort during pregnancy, she prescribed an antacid as well.

My only job was to obey the doctor’s advice. And, I did all those things with a great responsibility not only for me but also for the little one inside me as well.

I used to Google to know what are the diet plans during pregnancy. As I was just on the way to be a mom, I did not really know so many things I need to do, follow, and update with every passing day.

diet plans during pregnancy

I searched for the foods contain plenty of iron and folic acid. I ate plenty of bananas, green leafy vegetables, egg, fruits, peas, nuts, meat, etc for a healthy development of the baby in my womb.

Besides, I used to drink plenty of water (more than what my consultant actually said to have). I tried to avoid going to a far way as many times as possible. I stayed home most of the time, took rest, and kept planning for the little champ!

Week 12:

Gaining weight is very natural during pregnancy. I began to gain weight during week 12. Everyone said that gaining weight is very important in this time.

If you are average healthy like me, you may gain 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. However, underweight as well as overweight women may gain 28 to 40 and 15 to 25 pounds respectively.

I could not help looking at my womb several times a day just to check if it is growing big or not. I kept tracking the size of my belly with a measurement tape (literally, I DID IT).

My mind filled with joy when I saw my tummy is just a bit bigger than the other day! Surprisingly, I felt a tiny movement one day in the early morning. I shouted with joy! Did I feel IT?

Week 13:

With every passing day, I was experiencing something new. I started urinating more frequent at the week 13.

I felt dehydrated and began to drink more and more water though most often I had to run to the washroom. Drinking more water keeps the baby and the mother more active.

At this stage, I noticed back pain while sleeping. I told my mom about the back pain, and as usual, she assured me that the pain is natural. She suggested me to change my sleeping position.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Tips

​Now, let’s dig into the second trimester of my journey to achieve womanhood. My struggle actually started in this stage. Hope you won’t bother reading.

Week 14:

I was three months pregnant by week 14. I noticed a visible change of my abdomen. It was growing and sized like a little watermelon.

The dresses I used to wear were becoming tight as my shape was changing. I felt very discomfort wearing those.

So, I ordered some soft and comfortable dresses. I started getting up early and going morning walk. Some physical movement is necessary for a mom to be.

Week 15:

At week 15, I realized something heavy (not THAT heavy actually) within my womb. I searched on the internet, and got to know that my baby just started gaining weight!

I continued to intake Vitamin C. Oranges, and lemon, plums, etc. are rich in Vitamin C. I was having difficulties in sleeping for a few days.

But, sleeping better is very important for the mom. I started to do some light exercises before going to bed, and it worked quite well!

Week 16:

I could feel slight baby movement at week 16. Days were passing very fast. I tried to hear baby’s heart rate through a Doppler.

My heart rate became more frequent. I took rest lying on my left side and could hear my heart-beat through my pillow. I started taking more liquids.

I also counted on my iron intake as I came to know my body needs more red blood cells from this week.

Besides, Milk and Eggs were also in my everyday diet as they are rich in calcium and minerals, which perform in the brain development of my baby.

Week 17:

I became four months pregnant by week 17. One day, I suddenly noticed a dark line in the middle of my belly. I shared it with some of my mates who gave birth to a child earlier.

They laughed and assured that I do not need to worry about the mark. It would disappear after the birth of the baby. Sometimes, I felt heartburn that was very painful.

I could not breathe well at that moment. It was like an ACID TEST for me. I always tried to eat natural foods and avoided all kinds of processed food.

I used to check the magazines and the websites designed for pregnancy all the time. From there I honestly learned a lot.

I always followed the Do's and Don’ts during pregnancy. It really did help me a lot to know what to do and what not during pregnancy.

Week 18:

At week 18, I felt an unusual pain in my lower abdomen. Though the pain was not severe I became worried and rushed to the doctor I visited previously.

She checked up my abdomen, suggested to do an ultrasound scan, and to do ECG as well. I got my second scan ECG. After observing the reports, the doctor smiled at me and said that there were no abnormalities with my baby and me.

She added that there could be many reasons for the pain and would disappear soon. I felt relaxed to hear the assurance. I came back home, and soon I realized there was no pain.

Week 19:

My womb is changing its size day by day. At the week 19, it was visible to almost all that I was carrying a baby. Everyone tried to suggest something for me.

Most of them suggested eating healthily and taking as much care as possible. Some said the myths about the pregnancy.

The care I was getting that I have never experienced before else a few occasions. I was truly feeling very special, and the experiences.

I was going through made me stronger than before. I began to feel the movement of my baby inside my womb clearer than before.

Week 20:

During week 20, I was on the half way of my journey as was five months pregnant. I felt stronger kicks of my baby.

I felt the movements of the little kiddo around three or four times a day. I could not concentrate on my jobs. My little angel was always within my brain.

I started to take more food than I used to eat usually when came to know about my pregnancy as well as after the advice of my doctor.

I began to eat Five or Six times a day as I could not eat a lot at a time. Seasonal fruits were always in my diet. They are on my favorite list too!

Week 21:

At week 21, I felt a bit energetic than before. The problems I felt before became almost invisible. From this stage, I regularly checked my blood pressure as there could be a risk of preeclampsia.

I noticed stretch marks on my belly and breast as my uterus were growing big. The movement of my baby became more frequent than before as well.

Sometimes the kicks woke me up at the dead of the night. I was preparing myself from then for the labor and the hardships I am going to endure later on.

Week 22:

From week 22, I started to face constipation. I knew it could happen and so I took immediate actions. I kept the foods that are rich in fiber in my diet.

Apples, oranges, grapes, brown rice are rich in fiber. I ate those and kept orange or lemon juice every day.

I continued my regular walking and light exercise. I dreamt of my baby so many times by now. My concern was also about the baby to be a baby boy or baby girl.

I usually did breathing exercise to increase the blood flow and oxygen to my baby. Almost every organ formed with my baby and they were developing fast. I imagined a shape of my little one in my brain. The journey, I was enjoying most.

Week 23:

At week 23, I noticed something new. My little one kicked me when I passed by any loud sound, and, also when I touched my tummy.

That meant it grew the sense of sound and touch. My caregiver suggested me to notice the kicks. If the kicks disappeared, I should immediately contact my doctor.

I felt breathless easily. I also felt leg cramps during sleeping. I ate bananas when felt tired and refreshed soon.

Week 24:

At week 24, I started to feel light back pain. The doctor suggested me not to take pain killers. Rather she suggested me to massage my back with an ointment.

I did and felt comfortable. I started with more calorie intake. I just overlooked that I am putting on weight. I took rest lying most of the time as I could not seat or stand for a long time.

I and planned for the next weeks when I should leave my workplace. I became so emotional at this stage.

Week 25:

At week 25, I came up with another problem! My growing womb created difficulty for sleeping as the size was like a small watermelon.

I slept with a body pillow placing in the middle of my legs. That made me comfortable. I changed my diet a bit in week 25. I included bread, fruits, muffins and high-quality cereals with milk.

I thought about quality, not quantity. Almost everyone comes to advise me. Sometimes I felt disgusted to hear them.

I could not think me as an individual. I could not separate myself without thinking about my baby and could not move as gracefully as before.

Week 26:

At week 26, I started to feel faint and dizzy when I got up early in the morning. I went to visit my caregiver.

She checked me and suggested some tests again namely blood test, urine test, and ultrasound. I did everything. There was a little bit scarcity of hemoglobin level. Therefore, she prescribed and suggested to take the supplements regularly.

The other reports were fine. From the ultrasound scan, I came to know there was a baby boy in my womb! Whom, in my dream, I saw often.

Third Trimester Pregnancy Tips

​At this stage, I looked like more pregnant (The REAL Pregnant). I increased to take more liquid than before. Let’s see more....

Week 27:

At this stage, I looked like more pregnant (The REAL Pregnant). I increased to take more liquid than before. I could not sleep well at night.

I started to take smaller meals but with a short break to have a proper digestion. I included avocado, chopped nuts and wholemeal bread for a better source of nutrition.

The movement of my baby was getting more and more frequent. As my uterus was growing too, the stretch mark became more visible on different part of my body.

I began to feel a bit of anxiety because I was worried about everything coming next stage. Talking on the phone, climbing straits, walking fast made me breathless promptly.

Week 28:

My final trimester began. My feet and ankles looked a bit swollen, but that disappeared at the end of the day. I did not stop walking in the morning.

I felt embarrassed when someone asked me about my pregnancy and looked down on my tummy. At this stage, I prepared my routine about my delivery.

I made my plan where should I go when my labor would begin. I felt unpleasant most of the time. Relaxing and sleeping made me feel better.

Week 29:

At this week, I began to feel pressure on my bladder. I also noticed that a small amount of urine coming out when I laugh and cough.

I found myself puffy, and the rings of my finger became tight noticeably. I felt itching on my tummy because of stress marks.

I used olive oil and coconut oil on the marks to leave them soft. I started to feel more leg cramps at night. So, I took the calcium supplement, and it really provided me with comfort.

Week 30:

I was in my seven months pregnant at this stage. Days were coming near day by day. I could not seat on the ground. My shoes became tighter even I could not place my legs into those.

I left the high hills and bought flat shoes. My mood became serious at everyone’s speech. The amount of discharge increased.

I was having the weird dream sometimes. I felt shocked and afraid! However, I tried to be strong.

My legs became heavier than before. I felt trouble to walk then. I began to take more milk for better sleep.

Week 31:

At this stage of week 31, I started to feel heated, as it was summer. I began to sweat more than before. So, I started drinking more water to stay hydrated.

I also felt pins and needles in my fingers. I noticed a small amount of colostrums leaked from my nipples, which are called pre-milk. I became breathless within a short time.

So, I gave up exercising at this stage of my pregnancy. I started to feel extremely exhausted. I was getting worried with every living day as the doomsday was coming near.

Week 32:

I started to feel lower back pain during this time. I was almost eight months pregnant by week 32. I hired a professional caregiver for me when I would go into labor.

I gained more weights by the middle of week 32. I checked my urine and blood again to be more confident just out of curiosity.

Everything was OKAY as usual, and I honestly felt relieved. For the swollen legs, I used to keep a pillow under my feet while sleeping.

The kicks of my baby became stronger than before. With each of its movement, I could feel relaxed and get rid of worries.

​In this week by week pregnancy guide, Did I miss anything that you have experienced? If there is anything that you would like to add for the betterment of visitor, actually a mother, feel free to contact the editor so that can get back to you.

I will love to hear your experience too if you want to share. If you have anything to share regarding motherhood, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Anyway, If you are not pregnant yet but trying to conceive in vain then you are welcome to read our details guide about "best basal thermometer to track ovulation" I hope it helps you to get pregnant right time!

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