YBIKE Balance Bike Review

Did you know that studies and research from reputable sites show that 92% of toddlers can get a lot of advantage when they learn how to balance using a children’s bike? In fact, multiple personal stories will suggest that restoring through biking can improve a children’s formative development to up to 90%.

If you’re looking for the best balancing bike for a child to learn how to balance, the YBIKE Balance bike is a good start. It has everything that one can want a balance bike and more. Why not read this YBike Balance Bike Review to know more about it and to see if it is the one you need?

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What To Expect From Its Features

The YBIKE Balance Bike you can get today comes in plastic form and will provide the best foot to floor ride-on experience to the child. You can also expect an injection-molded construction in the bike.

The YBike Balance Bike also has a front wheel that is considerably shaped in a way that gives it a forward-heavy look, which gives the child a bigger space to make a U-turn. This feature comes handy when you want to avoid the risk of the child falling off the bike.


It’s also noteworthy to say that the YBIKE Balance Bike has been receiving awards for how durable its quality is without compromising its price. The award and recognition it receives may have something to do with the fact that it has a high-impact plastic base that gives the structure of the bike an even more durable quality.

There is also an additional two-rear wheel in the bike that gives it an added layer of stability. It’s also not hard for the child to use the bike because of its high ground clearance.

Safer Wheels:

I recommend this YBIKE Balance Bike mainly because of its larger wheels. The bigger the wheels, the safer it is for the child to use it. We can’t say that the child learns how to balance quicker with larger wheels. However, the safety of a child is something that we should never compromise.

In choosing the right Balance Bike, the parent or guardian should always make sure that the wheels don’t jeopardize the safety of the child. It’s good to know that YBike doesn’t.

Age Range:

It’s necessary for any balance bike to be appropriate in one’s age. Studies show that at least 60% of children who get the right amount of stress can improve their tolerance to challenges. However, if you go beyond the limit, the child may not learn things the right way.

In learning how to balance using a balance bike, you should never go beyond the right amount of training for the child’s age. It’s good to know that the Ybike Balance Bike makes sure that it indicates that it is for a 4-year-old child.

Summary Of Features:

  • To make it easy for you, here’s a summary of the features of the YBike Balance Bike
  • Item Weight is 8.3 pounds
  • Product dimension of 9.4 x 33 x 17.3 inches
  • This is suited for unisex-child
  • It’s made of plastic material
  • It’s got a foot to floor ride-on capacity
  • It’s got injection molded construction
  • Further-Forward Front Wheel Shape


  • The handlebars are durable.
  • Plastic material makes it easy to clean.
  • The durability of the bike is reliable.
  • You can easily use it outside because of its material.
  • The color of the bike is appealing to the child.
  • It’s a fun bike for the child to learn balance.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • The delivery of the Balance Bike may have missing parts.
  • Reports from customers who bought it said that the missing bolt from the delivery made the bike hard to use.
  • Missing parts like bolts of the balance bike are hard to replace.
  • The bike can be too big for some 4-year-olds

Check Latest Price: YBIKE Balance Bike


Q: What’s the actual size of the seat relative to the floor?
A: The real number is 10 inches, which is measured from the seat to the floor.

Q: Can three-year-olds who are taller than average use it?
A: Yes. There was even one person who was 5’3″ who was able to sit on the bike and rode on it.

Q: Where is this bike made?
A: It’s not Made in China. It’s manufactured in the USA, which makes its quality even more reliable and sturdy. You can depend on quality if it’s made in the USA.


Finally, I suggest you buy the YBike Balance Bike for your child to learn how to balance on a bike at an early age. There’s a lot to consider first whether this bike will suit your child’s taste, age, preferences, and abilities, but with the YBIKE balance bike review above, this won’t be hard to do.

I also recommend this bike because of its material. Because it’s made in the USA, you can expect that it is of high quality and made to the most ethical standards of production. Truly, this is the Balance Bike that will provide a lot of fun and training to any kid.

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